CaughtNotSleeping follows the haunting of a man, known to the fans eponymously as Caught, by a mysterious entity known as "the Slender man". It's an immersive ARG, recognized for it's extensive viewer interaction.


CaughtNotSleeping follows the actions of a genre-savvy protagonist with a attitude problem as he deals with continued Haunting. Known as Caught to the fans, he began posting videos, initially in relation to his troubles sleeping, however eventually he would find himself embroiled in a tug-of-war between two different advisers, who both seem dead set on gaining his trust. Though neither has proven themselves entirely trustworthy, or capable of fending off the supernatural entity that seems to have attach itself to Caught. Caught continues to follow the clues left for him in the form of riddles, and relies heavily on the outside advice of those who watch his channel.

Primary Players

  • Caught - The sarcastic and Genre-savvy protagonist. Initially started the channel in hopes of getting some medical advice regarding a sleeping problem but has since become embroiled in a larger investigation.
  • RoivasSevil - Mysterious adviser who often engages in prompting Caught to take specific actions through the veil of riddles and codes. Seems opposed to 1AmTheHelp3r
  • 1AmTheHelp3r - The second adviser character, appearing several months into the series, 1AmTheHelp3r also prompts Caught to take certian actions through puzzles and riddles, but has proven himself to also be far more physical in his methods. He is also more interactive and often engages viewers with advice and "rules". Seems opposed to RoivasSevil.
  • The "Slender man" - Supernatural entity that seems to have attached itself to the protagonist. Typically seen when Caught is unaware of it's presence.
  • Natalie - a fan of the series who approached Caught and aided him in solving the Help3r coffin.

Recent Events

Aug. 26, 2013 - CaughtNotSleeping releases A hole in the ground.
Apr. 12, 2013 - CaughtNotSleeping releases Rule 6
Jan. 4, 2103 - CaughtNotSleeping releases Rule 5
Jan. 3, 2013 - 1AmTheHelper posts G-1467

Important Links

CaughtNotSleeping's YouTube channel
RoivasSevil's YouTube Channel
1AmTheHelp3r's YouTube Channel
Natalie's Twitter feed
Caught's Tumblr
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CNS Tinychat (This chat is password protected, in order to receive the password, please email moc.liamg|moortahcSNC#moc.liamg|moortahcSNC with your intended user-name and any triggers you may have)

Before you decide to join the chat, please note: This is a chat for CNS events to happen in. It is NOT a roleplay chat room… If you would like to start your own game, you must contact and clear it with a chat moderator first before you do. There are three other games that are cleared for using this space, and we can identify each of them when they do…Attempting to represent the actions of any CNS character or creation is grounds for banning, not just from the chat, but from the whole game. The moderators have ways of confirming whether these actions are in fact sanctioned by the right people. Thank you~ moderator Banana/butterfly Glaucopsyche
Please also note that any triggers that you may have are now being noted by the creators in order to prevent any negative reactions to plot events. If you have anything that may upset you, should it occur within the chat space, please send a message to the E-mail address listed above so that warnings may be given to those adversely affected ahead of time.

CNS Timelines - A fan-created and fan-maintained Tumblr featuring separate timelines for each arc and subplot, as well as an Exhaustive and Unabridged timeline

CaughtNotSleeping's Facebook Page
CNS Fandom Tumblr
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Trigger Warning System: "There will be no public trigger warnings to CaughtNotSleeping videos. A building bock of any drama, is the ability to surprise. It is important to us that said value is maintained for those who wish to experience it to its maximum effect. If you have a specific trigger (or triggers), please send an email, listing these, subject line “Triggers” to moc.liamg|moortahcSNC#moc.liamg|moortahcSNC. A message will be sent to your registered email, in the event a CaughtNotSleeping video contains potentially triggering content specific to those you listed. Please check your registered email before viewing any new CaughtNotSleeping updates. Rest assured that your information will be kept private and used only for the sake of protecting our viewers and players. If you feel uncomfortable sharing this information, feel free to create a new email for this system."