1472 Lansing Place.

Went to the address helper left me, now I'm stuck here.. I thought about leaving the way I came but honestly, I am afraid of what may happen… The doll said: "To make your way through this house, speak up strong don't be a mouse. Every door a single word you must say. To not fulfill this requirement will mean dismay." whatever the hell that means… I was able to upload this with my phone but I cant get any calls out and cant seem to do anything else with my mobile…

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1472 Lansing Place. was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on January 3rd, 2012. It is 3:01 minutes long.

Caught enters the house at the address given to him by 1AmTheHelp3r, and finds himself trapped, likely in the same vicinity as the Slender Man.

Additional Information

Slender man Sightings

  • There is audio distortion at 3:09, 3:39, and 3:46
  • There is visual distortion at 3:09, and 3:46
  • There is also a very simple representation of Slender Man that moves through the house. During the video it travels from a basement room to the stairwell, likely as a result of Caught opening the door before speaking a password.


Confirmed Theories

It would seem the Cellphone given to Caught by the doll connects to the phone number given to YouTube User CheckerValentine by 1AmTheHelp3r; likely for the purpose of relaying passwords.

Working Theories and Observations

There is an old fashioned video camera on top of the piano, which may or may not be relevant.

Further Speculation

Music might be a defensive mechanism against slendy, who uses distortion as a battle cry. We're wondering if the distortion is audible to Caught. ~ CheckersValentine on SlenderNation

The hair on the little Caught doll is probably Caught's. ~ CheckersValentine on SlenderNation