1472 Lansing Place

"I think that we should have gone to that house, at least to see what that psychopath wanted, it would be better than waiting around here…"


Caught first receives word of 1472 Lansing Place from 1AmTheHelp3r after he is left a torn fragment of the Runner's Journal during the events of sleepwalking. The slip of paper indicates that the inhabitants of 925 Cranbrook Dr. knew of the Lansing Place and they are seen in the basement room during the events of "A hole in the ground.". Caught is drawn to visiting the address on 1AmTheHel3per's advice however Natalie strongly disagrees with visiting the unknown location. Eventually Caught goes without her, prompting Natalie's search in Dead End, but she is unable to locate the house. Evidence would suggest that the house is only visible or present for some.


1472 Lansing Place is a variable location, which is only visible to some and seems to change layout depending on the password given upon the opening of doors. If the wrong password is given, the door will open into the forest and audio/visual footage becomes badly distorted. Also, the Slender Man, which is present in a scale model 'dollhouse' representation of Lansing Place, changes location if a door is opened without a proper password. This dollhouse is present in each room, with small effigies of those present inside the house. Rooms in the dollhouse are representative of the rooms Caught visits, thought several remain mysteries; most notably the top room which seems to change slightly from room to room, until it becomes a representation of the forest that Caught visits in 1472 Lansing Place: Five. The house itself is cluttered and most furniture is covered or seemingly unused. There is also the presence of many bird symbols including bird images on the walls, bird sheets over the piano, and a large hanging goose in the bedroom.

Rooms visited include:

  • Living room: Right inside the front door, featuring a brick fireplace, upright piano and several bookshelves. In here there is also 1AmTheHel3per's doll, who bears several messages and the small jar of water given to Caught in the coffin. The doll sits among many torn and burnt pages of "Winnie-the-Pooh" by A. A. Milne.
  • Sewing Room: There is a maroon dress form, and sewing machine, and many unseen pieces of furniture which are covered by large sheets. This room is considerably smaller than the rest of the rooms, and has several child-drawings on the walls. In here is also the small electronic pig toy seen in A brand new day.
  • Hallway: or thin room, there are several doors that are open. Here, also, the dollhouse indicates that the Slender Man is near.
  • Dark Room: Appears to be a bathroom of some kind; there is a large mirror and bathtub. Bird images are present on the walls.
  • Bedroom: There is a bed and several pieces of furniture. There is also a large goose or swan decoration hanging from the ceiling. The bed is uncovered and there are several pillows stacked near the base. 1AmTheHelp3r's violin case sits on the bed, which is largely empty.
  • The Cement Room: A basement or garage of some sort, this room is considerably darker than the rest and the sounds of a radio can be heard throughout. The walls are cluttered and a large boat hangs from the ceiling with a child's drawing and message attached to it. There is a single light.


The origins or the importance of the house are yet to be explained, but The Cranbrook Runners, Scott, Meloney, Caught, and perhaps the videographer, all once visited this site, presumably before the events of CaughtNotSleeping. They are seen inside The Cement Room, with Slender Man only a room away. Scott is also taken by 1AmTheHelp3r through a backdoor. 1AmTheHelp3r presumably brought the runners here much in the same manner he brought Caught in the 1472 Lansing Place arc. It is mentioned in the Runner's Journal that the Author was thinking about visiting 1472 Lansing Place to "see what that psychopath wanted". It is unclear how, or if, the Runner's successfully exited the house.