1472 Lansing Place: Five.

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1472 Lansing Place: Five. was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on January 26th, 2012. It is 5:31 minutes long.

Caught exits the house to find himself mysteriously in the middle of the woods. After a terrifying pursuit by the Slender Man, Caught discovers a pair of binoculars that seem to trigger a memory of Caught's past.

Additional Information

Slender Man Appearances

  • There is visual distortion at 0:55, 1:23, 1:39, 1:50, 1:58
  • There is audio distortion at 0:55, 1:23, 1:46, 1:50, 1:58, 2:05
  • There is missing video at 2:05
  • Audio is missing at 4:20
  • Slender Man appears at 1:48, 1:51, 1:59 and 2:25

The Memory Video

It has been assumed that the video of Caught with the rats and unknown camera operator is a memory of Caught's. The Camera operator is, at this point, unknown but presumed to be a female. It has been speculated that the video represents something Caught has lost, forgotten or needs. Caught apparently has no recollection of the events of the video. Caught later described the memory as 'downloading' into his mind at the same moment it was captured on film.


Confirmed Theories

Working Theories and Observations

1AmTheHelp3r's purpose in bringing Caught to the house would seem to be in order to obtain the video, however the importance of the house is not specifically clear. However, the history of the house, that is seen in A hole in the ground. may be in part responsible.

Further Speculations

It strengthens (nearly confirming) my little pet theory (which I assume many others share) that all of these seemingly random objects are from Caught's forgotten childhood (with a friend or sibling) that (at least) Help3r is trying to remind him of. ~ Val-u-save on Unforum

There would seem to be a connection to 1AmTheHelp3r's repeated reference of birds, and the fact that the memory video involves bird watching. Could 1AmTheHelp3r be the camera operator? ~ The Archivist