1472 Lansing Place: Two.

So, it seems that phone the doll was holding connects to you guys… Don't know why… but thanks.

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1472 Lansing Place: Two. was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on January 9th, 2012. It is 3:01 minutes long.

Caught enters the second room, transporting from room to room, and find himself truly trapped, unable to open any door without a password.

Additional Information

Slender man Sightings

  • There is missing video at 0:01,
  • There is audio distortion at 1:07, 1:53, and 2:00
  • There is video distortion at 1:07, 1:53 and 2:00
  • There is also the movement of the Slender Man doll into the hallway.

Fan Interaction

Viewers were given the opportunity to uncover the secret word required to gain passage to the door, and YouTube User CheckerValentine was given the number with which to text the answer to Caught inside the house.


Confirmed Theories

Speaking the correct word allows Caught to teleport to a new room.

Opening the door does indeed seem to cause the Slender man to move, as he was standing on the stairs previous to Caught's attempt to leave.

It's difficult to tell, but there seems to be some different between the topmost room in this video and the previous one.

Working Theories and Observations

There are also several references, or in-jokes, to 1AmTheHelp3r's past communications in this video, in the presence of the stuffed pig, seen in A brand new day and the Sheep print sheet.

Further Speculation