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1813712 71922 2326916… was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on November 18th, 2012. It is 6:34 minutes long.

The video title reads "Into The Dark…". Natalie successfully enters the alleyway to search for the tools mentioned by RoivasSevil, but is transported to the forest from 1472 Lansing Place: Five, where she has another horrific encounter with one of the Puppets. After recovering, the recently-revealed Mirror attempts to attack her, but RoivasSevil steps in to protect her as promised.

Additional Information

Slender Man Appearances

  • There is visual distortion at 0:00, 0:17, 1:00, 1:22, 5:05, 5:13, and 5:20
  • There is audio distortion at 0:00, 1:00, 4:00, 4:35, 5:35, and 6:31
  • There is missing video at 4:20
  • Natalie warps at 1:00 to the woods, and into the "Dark Place" at 6:00

The Forest

Natalie is transported to the area where Lansing Place's exit was located in 1472 Lansing Place: Five. The door can be seen 1:22 minutes into the video, and appears to be broken beyond repair.

Further Interaction

RoviasSevil had repeatedly urged Caught, then Natalie to visit the Alleyway where Caught first saw the Slender Man. She claimed to have left 'tools' there that would aid them. When Caught refused to go, and was later put into a comatose state, Natalie vowed to go but repeatedly delayed the trip. RoivasSevil was asked by the Butterflies to protect Natalie when she went, and performed a ritual that involved the burning of flowers to "open a door" from the dark place where RoivasSevil exists. After this was done, she was unable to contact the Butterflies, or leave the Alleyway until Natalie arrived.

Prior to the release of the video, Natalie engaged in a series of text-communications between the Butterfly Apollo. According to her instructions she would text every few minutes to let them know she was ok. If she was to stop texting, Apollo was told to call her phone. After four texts wherein Natalie detailed her enterance to the alley, the texts stopped. Natalie's voice-mail has been assumed to have been hacked by the creature known as "The Mirror".

Around the time the video was released, RoivasSevil entered the butterfly chat. When several butterflies appeared on camera, they posted a link to the video before promptly leaving. It was presumably uploaded by Roivas due to the title and abrupt ending.


Confirmed Theories

The Mirror is not only a canon character, but an unhuman occupant of the Dark Place, and either controls, or is the Puppet Caughts.

Working Theories and Observations

Further Speculation

It is unclear whether the fairy jar that appears to Natalie is the same one she acquired at Willows Peak. It is believed that the happy Puppet's assault was fatal, but the jar's latent properties revived her; according to RoivasSevil, the jar could serve as a "second chance", and "to use them fully, one must die". ~ Killsthebeat