1AmTheHelp3r Visit - August 28, 2013

On August 28, 2013, 1AmTheHelp3r entered the chat and re-iterated his distaste for RoivasSevil and everyone associated with her. He asserts his disappointment that Natalie and RoivasSevil have found their way back from having been lost in the Dark Place. He informs the chat that he does not intend to allow the players to see or speak to Caught ever again, but vows to leave Natalie alone so long as she does not interfere.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

August 28, 2013

1AmTheHelp3r enters the chat
Chat: Oh. Hi Help3r.
Charithonia: What do you need Help3r?
1AmTheHelp3r: Congratulations. The infection is in full form once again.
Charithonia: You mean Roivas? Of course you do.
Hypsina: So I saw.
Selene: I assume you mean the quarantine lift?
1AmTheHelp3r: You all have made the infection much harder to contain, yes.
Selene: How did we do that?
Charithonia: Help3r just how exactly did that happen?
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not know. The infection should not be able to do that.
Charithonia: Why shouldn't she be able to do that?
Tarquinius: So you're blaming us?
1AmTheHelp3r: You are what powers the infection, so yes.
Tarquinius: So how exactly did we power her enough, just by more people flocking to her?
Hellion: Fair.
Hybridkylin: Recent concerted effort?
Allyni: You may have answered your own question Tarquinius.
Nim: Butterbatteries.
Tarquinius: Yeah <_>
Charithonia: What do you want help3r?
1AmTheHelp3r: How are you Brittany?
Allyni: I'm well considering.
Charithonia: She's healing nicely.
1AmTheHelp3r: Good.
Allyni: Thank you for the doll and the flowers.
Charithonia: Is that all you came to ask? Or is there something on your mind? Like do you need something?
1AmTheHelp3r: Understand that our business has concluded on your case. If the infection gets int he way of my work with the sheep, I will have no choice but remove the obstruction.
Tarquinius: Remove the infection how?
Charithonia: Like kill?
Allyni: I understand…
Hellion: Help3r, I actually have a bit of news for you, concerning The Beast.
1AmTheHelp3r: Explain.
Hellion: We got news that "Weaver Co.", the people following you…
Charithonia: Got murdered.
Hellion: Almost completely. An offensive measure by "The Beast".
1AmTheHelp3r: Murdered? Or Taken?
Chat: Taken.
Charithonia: Most of them.
Tarquinius: "Just gone" was the exact wording we got.
Glaucopsyche: All but one, and that one poses no threat to you.
1AmTheHelp3r: When?
Glaucopsyche: Monday night.
Hellion: Same night the infection made it's presence known. Got through the quarantine I should say. I was actually about to send you a message, asking on behalf of everyone if you and caught were okay
Charithonia: Speaking of the sheep, Help3r, how is he?
1AmTheHelp3r: Alive.
roppop: Is he well?
1AmTheHelp3r: That is all the information I will share with the infected. He is no longer your concern.
Allyni: Won't stop us from worrying unfortunately.
1AmTheHelp3r: You do not seem to understand. You are never going to see the sheep again.
Chat: What? Why?!
1AmTheHelp3r: You are infected. Unstable, and clearly unwilling to look at the reality of your situation.
Tarquinius: We're pretty clearly only trying to help.
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not claim you do not care.
Glaucopsyche: Is this all you came to tell us?
1AmTheHelp3r: This changes nothing.
Segecia: So are you here to tell us that then or something more?
Allyni: What advice would you give us at this point, to keep things from getting worse?
Selene: I'm sorry I spoke out of turn. Why though, specifically, must we never see Caught again?
Glaucopsyche: We're a bad influence Selene, that much is obvious :/
1AmTheHelp3r: It's not a point worth arguing, you are a liability.
Tarquinius: And if we somehow find a way to contact Caught?
1AmTheHelp3r: Now the beast has taken a large group of people, on the day your infection returns.
Samuelis: I have a feeling Caught doesn't exactly go along with this…
Tarquinius: What happens then?
1AmTheHelp3r: Do you feel this is coincidence?
Allyni: I think it's very connected. Yes.
Mari: There are no coincidences.
Allyni: More butterflies are probably feeding more than just Roivas.
1AmTheHelp3r: Incorrect.
Tarquinius: Then care to explain?
1AmTheHelp3r: Your connection to this individual is specific. This is the point I am making. The infection is dangerous, a fact you refuse to see.
Tarquinius: How exactly does roivas put caught in danger? Can you please answer that. We refuse to see it because you refuse to show us.
1AmTheHelp3r: It is very simple. The infection is dangerous. You empower the infection. I told you all, long ago to stop.
Tarquinius: But how is the infection dangerous? She's done nothing but help and you go around killing and kidnapping people.
Selene: And to whom? Just Caught? Or all of us?
1AmTheHelp3r: The infection is dangerous to everyone.
Tarquinius: What does the infection do? Why do you keep dancing around the issue? We won't see anything because there's no evidence of danger.
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not understand the infection's intent.
Samuelis: Then how can you say that? How can you judge what you don't understand?
Tarquinius: Spouting "it's dangerous" without evidence is meaningless.
1AmTheHelp3r: There has never been an instance of the infection doing anything but harm.
Tarquinius: How is helping people fight off monsters and rescuing them from the dark place harm?
Protenor: Is there a chance we can change that Help3r?
Tarquinius: I personally think killing people is more dangerous than rescue
1AmTheHelp3r: Those who were taken monday is a good example.
Hybridkylin: It depends. If the knock on effects of the action are not worth the action, even intended.
Tarquinius: How is the infection connected to the beast? Do you actually know? or are you being paranoid based on trends? And being overzealous?
Allyni: Perfect paranoia is perfect awareness
Hellion: Or is he simply reacting to a science? Trends tell us things.
1AmTheHelp3r: Yes.
Selene: Not coincidence, but just an accident.
Charithonia: 'Yes' To what?
1AmTheHelp3r: History dictates the infection will continue to harm.
Tarquinius: Without hard evidence though there's room for error.
1AmTheHelp3r: True, and doubt leads to death.
Samuelis: Just the history of us and Roivas, or is there more history than that?
Hybridkylin: What kind of history? Personal experience?
Selene: How far back does this history go?
Tarquinius: If you proved roivas was dangerous instead of just hearsay we'd probably help you stop the infection. But you don't.
Protenor: Can we change it use it to help us to save people though?
1AmTheHelp3r: I am not interested in convincing you to disassociate with the infection. You have proven unwilling to do so. I am simply informing you the state of things. You will not see, or communicate with the sheep.
Allyni: Thank you for letting us know.
1AmTheHelp3r: It is in your best interest to stay out of my way. That is all. Good luck.
1AmTheHelp3r leaves the chat
1AmTheHelp3r enters the chat
1AmTheHelp3r: Listen to what I say now.
Chat: Okay.
1AmTheHelp3r: I have learned a level of respect for you. You have always acted out of conviction, and put yourselves in danger for this reason.
Hellion: Thank you.
1AmTheHelp3r: The raw fact is, you see the infection as a person. I see "her" as a disease. This fact, this raw fact, will not change. This puts us on opposite sides of the case. While I may have respect for what you have done, I cannot allow you to jeopardize my plans. It is not personal. This is scientific. I am aware the one I told to stay lost has come back.
Charithonia: Yes. She has. Why would this matter though?
Hellion: You reacted like she was very dangerous…what did you find in her home?
Tarquinius: Please, help3r, we're not children. Actually tell us what you know.
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not understand how you still do not see. Telling you, is telling the infection. This is not acceptable.
Tarquinius: We can only see hard evidence…we need details. I'm sorry we are slow but we need to be shown, blatantly, not just expected to see.
Hellion: Are you saying they are bugged? Acting as microphones, is everything they learn going back to it?
Tarquinius: Help3r, tell hellion then, he's not infected.
1AmTheHelp3r: You say "they" as if you are not among them. Association is a powerful thing.
Allyni: Thyodamas' Light said she felt what Thyodamas felt so it's possible.
Charithonia: You mean those without butterfly names are infected…
Selene: Isn't hellion separate from us? As well as anyone who is not a butterfly?
Hellion: I see…I apologize.
Tarquinius: You never gave us any reason to trust you help3r, but we do want to help. There has to be some way we can be proactive and still help.
1AmTheHelp3r: You have helped. Now, you are done. I will not pursue this girl. This, is a courtesy.
Chat: Thank you, for that.
Allyni: I have a personal question, not at you, but regarding me.
1AmTheHelp3r: Yes?
Allyni: Is there something I can do to keep from getting "occupied again? I would really rather not repeat that, Even if they "ask nicely".
1AmTheHelp3r: Not that I know of, this is part of the price of your actions.
Allyni: Ok. Thank you.
Tarquinius: Help3r, before you go? Can you tell us anything you might know about Natalie, since we still want to help her? Or anyway to protect her?
1AmTheHelp3r: I cannot.
Tarquinius: Okay, thanks anyway. Have you met her previously to videos started on the CNS channel? If I can ask that even?
1AmTheHelp3r: I said I will not pursue this girl, that is not to say I will not be rid of her if she interferes. Our business is now concluded. I wish you all like.
Allyni: Makes sense.
Chat: Thank you.
1AmTheHelp3r leaves the chat

Special thanks to viciouscupcake for compiling this chat log