1AmTheHelp3r Visit - January 2, 2012

On January 2, 2012 1AmTheHelper entered the CaughtNotSleeping chat room. He expressed disappointment in the Butterfly's as a whole and their attachment to RoivasSevil, claiming that they were "Diseased". He also expressed disappointment in the publicly voted "Chosen", Checkervalentine, instructing her to remain silent during the discussion.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

January 2, 2012

1AmTheHelp3r enters the chat
1AmTheHelp3r: How noble of you.
Little Butterfly: …hi. Well, you're not what I was expecting…
1AmTheHelp3r: Regrettably, that is not surprising disease.
Little Butterfly: when did you get so worried? You didn't wear any masks before. Now you can't live without one?
1AmTheHelp3r: Explain your logic infection.
Little Butterfly: Rule #2, you weren't wearing your gas mask
Aricoris: What do you want?
1AmTheHelp3r: To enlighten.
Little Butterfly: How can you do that when you don't give answers, or even the questions to ask?
1AmTheHelp3r: You have already taken to the disease, why do you not show yourself?
Aricoris: I gotta question, why do you insist on cryptic bullshit? Ehhhh?
1AmTheHelp3r: You would be misinformed. Archives are filled with what you do not know. Do not waste my time with thoughts of "butterflies" you are but bits to a larger disaster.
Aricoris: Why have you been ignoring my messages helper?
1AmTheHelp3r: You are but a nothing, unwilling to align, worth less than the smallest untruth. You are worth less than nothing.
1AmTheHelp3r: Your persistence is curious. Do not bother calling your comrades they will not come. For now.
Aricoris: you know bitch your all whining and bitching and threatening blah blah xP fuck you buddy
1AmTheHelp3r: I will hence forth ignore the nothing.
1AmTheHelp3r: Repeat. Why are you so unwilling to accept help?
1AmTheHelp3r: so says the misinformed.
Checkervalentine enters the chat
1AmTheHelp3r: Hello Chosen. I am beginning to wonder if allowing you to be the vessel was a miscalculation.
Checkervalentine: I'm just waiting for some instruction, that's all.
1AmTheHelp3r: Continue.
Checkervalentine: Waiting?
1AmTheHelp3r: Yes. Your part has not yet come.
Checkervalentine: Ok, will do
1AmTheHelp3r: Inaccurate assumption.
Checkervalentine: He's gotcha there, technically you can wait forever…
Aricoris: Nothing changes the fact that helper you have not given any answers.
1AmTheHelp3r: Nothing: Ignored. Such matters I would not share with the diseased. What is it you think you are doing? As you are here, alone. As it will end. Alone.
Lycaena enters chat
1AmTheHelp3r: Another of the disease, together, and alone.
Lycaena: Well, hello to you, too :]
1AmTheHelp3r: Infection number two, why do you not show yourself, you have already given into the disease.
Lycaena: I've been warned against doing so. Are you saying I should?
1AmTheHelp3r: And diseased number one talked so negatively of cowardice.
Lycaena: It's not cowardice so much as relying on the word of someone more trusted than you »
Glaucopsyche: has talking to him EVER helped?
1AmTheHelp3r: Yet another too afraid of their own "convictions" to show themselves.
Glaucopsyche: her a derp? Speak plain English if you're talking to me.
1AmTheHelp3r: Does not inspire confidence.
Glaucopsyche: and neither do you.
1AmTheHelp3r: Will hence forth ignore those who refuse to speak audibly. You are nothing, like the other.
Checkervalentine: Are you saying SHOULD show our face?
1AmTheHelp3r: Chosen, be silent. Then you would be learning.
Glaucopsyche: and he doesn't want to talk to the one guy on his side? :<
1AmTheHelp3r: Precisely. Help. Your arrogance stands in the way. You are still here. This one, I can see that they see in you. You know. Pathetic. To help. Precisely . So says the misinformed. Untrue. I need not do anything. Chosen?
Checkervalentine: Aye aye?
1AmTheHelp3r: What do these diseased think is going on?
Checkervalentine: Uhhhmm…I think we're all just trying to help through whatever and any available means?
1AmTheHelp3r: Inconclusive. So they understand nothing. Acceptable. Perhaps the wrong individual was chosen.
Checkervalentine: no no!
1AmTheHelp3r: No, I have no interest in the diseased. You have made your choice.
Checkervalentine: I'm definitely not diseased.
1AmTheHelp3r: Though you are remarkable in ways unknown. It is a shame.
Checkervalentine: Must be true then.
1AmTheHelp3r: Why do you persist? How? Foolhardy yes. Something right, no. All you have proven is my apparent inability to give up on lost causes. Admitted. I wish to understand you. Do you think you have helped anyone thus far? Again, it is a shame you have made such horrid choices…What do you wish to know least diseased?
Laparus: Least diseased? Who would that be?
1AmTheHelp3r: It seems their special one has arrived, hello special infection.
Laparus: Everyone always tells me how special I am. Its so wonderful. I think you're special too.
1AmTheHelp3r: One of you is not speaking, but your mic impairs my hearing. Please mute. Thank you.
Lycaena: My apologies then.
1AmTheHelp3r: Forgiven.
Lycaena: Thank you kindly :]
1AmTheHelp3r: You all, all ready know. Untrue.
Lycaena: Care to elaborate »
1AmTheHelp3r: Why would I when you all ready know. Do not waste my time with questions I know they have answered for you.
Lycaena: What if we ask questions we believe on you can answer?
1AmTheHelp3r: Your arrogance blinds you from the truths I am providing.
Lycaena: Regardless of our affiliations, we do want to know what you have to say :/
1AmTheHelp3r: I am incapable of understand your arrogance.
Lycaena: Our "illness"?
1AmTheHelp3r: I never implied a desire to help you.
Lycaena: who implied that you had? That's abundantly clear. Nor did we expect you to.
1AmTheHelp3r: You all have made your choice. You are lost. I had hoped I would be alone here. While you are lost, I refuse to aid in your further destruction.
Lycaena: Unless he's here to help Caught. In which case he believes we have conflicting interests.
1AmTheHelp3r: I wish to know why you have not stopped along this path.
Lycaena: He tried to stop us though.
1AmTheHelp3r: I never implied a need for you to aid me. Never have I met such a group so willing to dive into the fire…
Laparus: I've a LOT of experience with fire and how to handle it, it holds no fear for me. Both metaphorically and literally.
1AmTheHelp3r: for you, there would be no fear yes. Yes. In that your fear should truly lie. Nor would you. Chosen. Silence. You should be afraid, that you have no need to fear. Irrelevant connection.
1AmTheHelp3r: It is nearly amusing the most powerful in this room are showing their power and they do not seem to know it.
Glaucopsyche: You sure tho?
Lycaena: "Showing…"
1AmTheHelp3r: I have said, you know this answer. Yes. Yes infection, do pay attention.
Little Butterfly: You're not being interesting enough.
Lycaena: Which in turn leads to provoking "people with purposes"?
1AmTheHelp3r: What purpose would that serve? Irrelevant. Re-examine how you define disease.
Lycaena: Disease - exposure. Our association with a certain someone. Who in turn deals with a certain someone else /: And Roivas has made it clear that they'll "never let us go". So we're effectively diseased for life.
1AmTheHelp3r: You. Simplified suggestion is omitted. Wonderful…
Lycaena: Maybe something happened that wasn't supposed to -_-
1AmTheHelp3r leaves the chat
1AmTheHelp3r enters the chat quickly thereafter
Lycaena: Welcome back. Issues?
1AmTheHelp3r: Am I to understand you are unwilling to save yourselves?
Lycaena: I thought we were beyond saving.
1AmTheHelp3r: To that who is safe (addressing Laparus). I wonder if it will be as amusing, as all your friends die. There is no revenge for such an action. If it were there would be a chance of stopping it. There on way you and I differ, is I have experience, you do not. Optimism is the liquor of the child. True. I have given you your way. Your arrogance stands in the way of helping you.
Lycaena: He's not here to help us though.
1AmTheHelp3r: The essence of arrogance is in ones inability to see it. Do not think this is only as big as you. You are amusing.
Lycaena: Speaking of others being affected…
1AmTheHelp3r: It truly is a shame you have made the choices you have made.
Lycaena: Is it alright to ask about them?
1AmTheHelp3r: Ask about what?
Lycaena: Well. I don't believe anyone's brought up Scott and Melaney yet. Is that an alright topic?
1AmTheHelp3r: What do you wish to know?
Lycaena: well, first and foremost. How did you come into possessing information about them?
1AmTheHelp3r: I watch your golden calf very closely.
Lycaena: The one we follow without question.
Laparus: We question the hell out of Roivas.
1AmTheHelp3r: Your monstrosity is but a common cold, to be wiped from this place. Only treatment. To what you meant as a snide comment: precisely. No, you are but a common disease, to that who can not be touched.
Lycaena: Help3r, are you diseased, too?
1AmTheHelp3r: As you have earned your inevitable end.
Lycaena: I'm guessing that wasn't a valid question then. /:
1AmTheHelp3r: No.
Lycaena: But you know of them now.
1AmTheHelp3r: Know of them, I always did.
Lycaena: How?
1AmTheHelp3r: I know of you.
Lycaena: Is it alright to assume they were in the same position at one point?
1AmTheHelp3r: Inaccurate, words have power, learn to use them wisely. No, it is not.
Lycaena: Thank you. Well, wait. Maybe some clarification would help.
1AmTheHelp3r: If you wish to know your differences you should ask your venomous host. I would advise against it. Shame. Perhaps you should learn to care for your own.
Lycaena: Speaking our own. There's someone else missing that we're concerned for.
1AmTheHelp3r: The beginning?
Lycaena: Yes.
1AmTheHelp3r: What of it.
Lycaena: The address.
1AmTheHelp3r: So what is your question?
Lycaena: Do you know where he is currently?
1AmTheHelp3r: You have set yourself up as his keepers, it seems to me, you should.
Lycaena: Thank you.
1AmTheHelp3r: You're welcome. Don't test me infection.
Lycaena: Our apologies then.
1AmTheHelp3r: If you continue down this path, untouchable one, you WILL watch your friends die. One has already been chosen. Good luck.
1AmTheHelp3r leaves the chat.

Special thanks to AvatarSatsuki for compiling this chat log