1AmTheHelp3r Visit - July 4, 2013

On July 4, 2013, 1AmTheHelp3r entered the chat and observed butterfly Allyni discussing a dream that she had, regarding a distinct seperate life of her own. He asked several questions before warning an unseen observer that he was aware of someone stalking him, and that if they did not remove themselves, they would be hurt.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

July 4, 2013

Guest enters the chat
Heliconioides: How is Caught doing?
1AmTheHelp3r: Alive.
Allyni: Hi guys.
Papilio: How are you doing Allyni?
Allyni: Uuuum…long story, but I got a text from Hellion just now. And hi Help3r.
1AmTheHelp3r: Hello.
Allyni: So uh, I just woke up from a really Wizard of Oz-ish thing, but it no you were my manager at my job. I went to sleep and wok up somewhere else as if that's the way it always has been. Went to work, came home, went to bed, woke up here.
Laparus: Where are you now?
Allyni: Home. Like I'm "sound" I guess, other than the voice that won't hush. But it wasn't like that in the "dream". My head was normal, it didn't even play out like a dream.
Loxura: And you don't recognize anything from that dream? Like…it's not a memory?
Allyni: Well, come of you guys were in it but you weren't exactly the same people and I didn't know you the way I do here.
Papilio: Can you elaborate?
Allyni: You looked the same. Kind of acted the same. But you had different names and I knew you as those people. I didn't really know about here.
Heliconioides: Do you mean like real life names that our parent's gave us?
Allyni: Yes. While like I said, Laparus was my manager, but your name was "Russel". And uh…Crusay was my sister. And I shared an apartment with her, her name was Lucy. shrug
Heliconioides: Could you have been projecting us onto the people you didn't know?
Allyni: Well not everyone I knew was one of you. There were other people I knew from here but they followed the same thing. I knew them as someone else. Like my mother wasn't my mother. Thyodamas mom. Only Thyodamas was a pair of twins.
Urbanus: …That's actually understandable, the twins.
Allyni: It feels like a dream now but it was insanely real.
Urbanus: How you doing, bby? Sorry, don't want to distract, just making sure you're okay.
Allyni: Kind of tripping, not going to lie.
Loxura: Maybe it was just…your brain and Light trying to figure each other out or something.
Allyni: But isn't my light gone?
Loxura: Like, you were connection things you know, with things you may remember.
Heliconioides: Maybe it's your light trying to make sense of things?
Urbanus: It could be trying to reconfigure things.
Loxura: Or I mean, if the light theory is right, where ever the light came from it might still hold memories of its past or the past of the person it was previously connected too.
Allyni: But other than the people the "dream" didn't seem confused at all. I was just living out a normal day.
Loxura: What was your job?
Allyni: I worked at a music store.
Loxura: Huh…don't suppose you sold cassette tapes? Like, what year was it?
Allyni: I know we had records. This year. They also had instruments and stuff.
Heliconioides: Did they have CDs?
Allyni: Yeah. A lot of the music we had was used though.
Urbanus: So it was some sort of second hand music shop.
Loxura: What music was on in the background? I imagine there was some?
Allyni: There was a variety. Just like a radio station. They weren't playing anything out of the ordinary . It was on a classic rock station.
Urbanus: Do you know what station it was?
Allyni: Not off the top of my head right now. OH! But I do know where I lived. And it's a bit random. There's a town in the NC mountains called Andrews. It's near a place I like to go camping.
Urbanus: You've been there, I'm assuming?
Allyni: I've only passed through it a couple of times. But I know that's where I was.
Heliconioides: Do you know anyone who lives there?
Allyni: No.
Heliconioides: It's like your memories of people and things and places echoed back and forth in your own mind.
Allyni: Though it's a place I don't give that much thought to really. Like, it's a cute town but it's no the way to a neater place XD.
Chat: I don't suppose you remember any street names…just out of curiosity.
Allyni: God St. was near where I work I think.
Heliconioides: …This doesn't actually get us any further…
Urbanus: I think we're just trying to collect details.
Heliconioides: Oh yeah, details can be of the essence but I feel like right now we're running into a direction with a dead end.
Allyni: that's fine and all but I'd still love to know what on earth just happened to me.
Heliconioides: We all do…what did you do before going to sleep?
Allyni: I ate. Hung out in TC and did a few more "tests". Watched a couple YouTube videos and then went to bed.
Heliconioides: Did you wake up at any stage during the night?
Allyni: No.
Heliconioides: Did you have any other dreams?
Allyni: No.
Heliconioides: What was the weather like? In your dream?
Allyni: Mostly sunny
Heliconioides: You didn't have anything like a sunburn when you woke up, did you?
Allyni: No.
Heliconioides: Where there any physical effects on you transgressing from the dream into reality/waking up mode?
Allyni: Don't think so, it was about the same deal. I laid down, dozed off, woke up back here.
Loxura: I take it you don't remember the name of the store?
Allyni: Shining Melodies, loxura.
Heliconioides: Help3r, I don't know but do you know a way to fix Allyni's situation? I mean, you've got to be in here for a reason, and I get the feeling that this reason is at least partially Allyni.
Urbanus: He's not gonna answer.
Laparus: AH, I'm sure he's just in a conference call with somebody.
1AmTheHelp3r: If these dreams continue, catalog them in detail.
Allyni: Ok, I will. Is there anything I can do right now about the voice I've been hearing though?
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not know.
Allyni: That's fair.
1AmTheHelp3r: I need more info before I can help you. Again if these dreams continue, catalog them in extreme detail. If you speak to someone in the dream, see someone, shake someones had or see them across the street, it needs to be on record.
Allyni: Thank you.
Loxura: Looks like you're keeping up your dream journal Allyni.
Allyni: I'll do my best.
Urbanus: Allyni could probably sell her dream journal as a novel jfc
Allyni: If it was anything like what I just got back from it'll be boring as crap XD But if it's needed, I'll do what I can.
Urbanus: I have a bad feeling about these dreams because they seem so normal.
Heliconioides: I just hope you won't get hit by a bus and have similar repercussions as before.
Allyni: Don't worry, we're on the same page there.
Dido: I'd rather she not get lost there…
1AmTheHelp3r: Did you eat in this dream?
Allyni: Yeah
1AmTheHelp3r: Did you wake up hungry?
Allyni: I don't usually wake up hungry.
1AmTheHelp3r: Did you hurt yourself in any way? Paper cuts, stubbed toes etc. If so, did the minute injuries pass over?
Allyni: I don't think I did anything serious. Might have bumped into some stuff but I don't feel sore or anything.
Laparus: In that case, did you remember anything from waking life int he dream?
Allyni: No
Laparus: Right, so we can't get you to clip a nail or cut off some hair in the dream then.
1AmTheHelp3r: In this dream you traveled from place to place correct?
Allyni: Yes.
1AmTheHelp3r: Overall, was this a pleasant dream?
Allyni: I guess you could say that. Nothing bad happened.
Heliconioides: Do you remember how you were feeling? As in, did you like to work in the store? Were you perhaps feeling slightly ill in the morning.
Allyni: "Russell" made me a little nervous because he came in in a bad mood but overall was nice. And I didn't feel sick or anything.
1AmTheHelp3r: Yes, but did you experience joy? Sadness? Frustration? Appropriate emotional responses to the events that occurred?
Allyni: Yes.
1AmTheHelp3r: Who else did you speak with?
Allyni: Customers. Some of which I know from here. Like I said my mother's two daughters were a pair of twins that looked like Thyodamas.
1AmTheHelp3r: What did you speak to these twins about?
Allyni: They bought some CDs. I asked their mom how things were at the gift shop up the road because she owns it. She was frustrated about some stuff not arriving on time.
1AmTheHelp3r: So these were your mothers, daughters.
Allyni: Yes.
1AmTheHelp3r: So, they were your sisters?
Allyni: no no, my mom wasn't my mom. Sorry.
1AmTheHelp3r: I see.
Allyni: I got confused. My mom was someone else I know from real life but I didn't see her in the dream. She lived somewhere else.
1AmTheHelp3r: When you saw these people, in your workplace. Did you know in your dream, that this woman was actually your mother?
Allyni: No.
1AmTheHelp3r: Did you know these twins by name?
Allyni: Theresa and Meredith. Their mom was Susan.
1AmTheHelp3r: You stated someone you know here, was your sister in this dream yes?
Allyni: Yes. Papilio.
1AmTheHelp3r: In this dream, you knew this person as your sister, in that you had memories of growing up with them?
Allyni: Yes.
Loxura: Most stand out memory? If you remember?
Allyni: Wanting to stop by the tattoo shop to talk to someone I knew but I worked over a little so I had to rush home.
Heliconioides: What kind of thoughts did you have throughout the day?
Allyni: Mostly focused on what I was doing and counting the minutes before I had to leave.
Loxura: I meant about you growing up with 'crusay'? But that's interesting too. I immediately think that the person you wanted to see might have been interrogationis
Allyni: And Loxura, I sort of do have one. O_O A memory abut Papilio/Lucy
Loxura: Oh?
Allyni: I was trying to cross a log over a creek and got stuck in the middle because I was scared and these kids were laughing at me, and Lucy came back across and held my hand.
Loxura: I'm starting to think this association might have had something to do with the experiment you two did. The whole, her guiding you through the stuff. And helping you stay calm. That combined with the temporary potential light mash up, might have resulted in this dream.
Allyni: Urbanus you weren't in the dream but I remembered "of" you I think. Does that make sense?
Urbanus: Yeah. What did you remember me as? Or was it just a subconscious sort of thought?
Allyni: I think you worked at the sports bar across the street from where my job was but I didn't go there. Or at least not that day. I think I had been there before.
Urbanus: What about apollo?
Allyni: I don't know if I knew Apollo.
Loxura: Can you run through the people you remember seeing? Then we can go through them one at a time to get details.
Allyni: My mom, Papilio, Laparus, Thyodamas, and actually Inachis came in, bought a CD and left. We didn't talk much.
Loxura: That everyone?
Allyni: I think so.
Loxura: Oh, actually if you could add the people you knew 'of' as well?
Allyni: Yeah that's what I'm struggling with right now, I only thought of Urbanus because she asked. And I only think I remembered her because I went to the sports bar for lunch and noticed she wasn't working.
Croesus: No handsome Scotsman in your dream? ;P
Allyni: ………..
Croesus: I'm just trying to cheer her up a bit. I'm sorry Allyni.
Allyni: No Croesus, actually that was a good questions.
Croesus: Oh?
Allyni: I feel like I remembered of you again but I don't know from where right now. It's just really freaky remembering stuff that I really shouldn't be remembering. Like stuff that didn't happen in the dream but I knew had happened to the person I was. Like thinking about that is really weird.
Loxura: Was I around anywhere?
Allyni: Um, you're related to Inachis I think.
Loxura: Do you remember Natalie or Caught being in the dream at all?
Allyni: I think he works at the camera store actually
Urbanus: Who, Caught?
Loxura: …Could he work a tripod?
Urbanus: I feel like it's a bit thing that Caught was in your dream. Was Natalie there?
Allyni: No, but once again I feel like I knew of her.
Croesus: Allyni…I know this may be asking a bit much but if you find yourself dreaming like this again , I want you to do your best to remember us…I mean the REAL us. I don't want you getting lost in…whatever that is.
1AmTheHelp3r: I will return shortly.
Loxura: I still think we need to come up with some kind of reality anchor. So that you won't accidentally get all confused as to whats really real. And who's the real versions of us.
Lycaena: So Allyni's dreams are basically a CNS au? O:
Allyni: I was unaware of CNS…Oh you know what? I was aware that "Slendy" was a thing I think.
Loxura: Yeah, because the scary thing is, when you compare the two 'lives' which on seems more likely to be 'real'?
1AmTheHelp3r: As a professional courtesy due to our current affiliation I will do this only once. You have had your panel truck parked near one of my properties for over 12 hours. If you do not remove yourselves within the next fifteen minutes, I will remove you myself. If I find any of you nearby any of my properties in the future, you will get no warning.
Heliconioides: Help3r, it's none of us.
1AmTheHelp3r: I am not speaking to you.
Laparus: Somebody is spying and he knows they're there.
Croesus: Right I get that. But who else is he affiliated with them?
Allyni: Um…..yeah, Croesus?
Croesus: Make a recording…something important. I doesn't even have to mention the butterflies. Just anything you can think that would mean the most to you and play it when you sleep. I don't want to lose you. I will not fucking allow it.
Loxura: Well, we've said before that certain folks might have ways of keeping an eye on this chat room that we don't see.
Apollo: Whoever it was, they know it was them.
Justlurking: Devin? Maybe?
Laparus: I'm sure the big guy can handle himself. Unless it's Unknown out there.
1AmTheHelp3r: You already know who.
Croesus: I asked you a straight forward question. Five me a fucking straight forward answer for once.
1AmTheHelp3r: I am sorry you are so dim sir. I will spell it out.
Laparus: Dude, I think we really do know who.
1AmTheHelp3r: Who do you know, who you called who is now looking for me? Please try not to convince me that you are not worth my trouble. Also while we are on the subject, lets be clear. If any of you want me, this is an open invitation. Shut your mouth and act. Come and get me.
Croesus: Oh, don't you fucking tempt me.
1AmTheHelp3r: You come here, I will find you. And I will shut you up for your own good.
Laparus: Workin' on it, big guy :D seeya soon
1AmTheHelp3r: One thing has nothing to do with the other Urbanus. I am going to help you with this, because I care about this woman.
Croesus: Think it, I'd saw we have pretty good odds, what with you having that little problem with the follow through :)
1AmTheHelp3r: I have had enough of the others big talk, be a man of action.
Heliconioides: …guys this is hardly the right time to get into this discussion. Help3r wants to help Allyni, and so do we. That's what we should focus on right now. Okay?
1AmTheHelp3r: As I have said, come and see, or continue to talk like a witless child, Your choice.
Allyni: Help3r, likewise, I'm grateful to you for helping but please don' bait them.
Apollo: On another topic, how long has it been since Devin was told to move has car?
1AmTheHelp3r: The truck is gone.
Urbanus: Okay, helper, can I ask a question?
1AmTheHelp3r: I am sure that you can.
Urbanus: Some of us think that it's a possibility that Allyni could forget that THIS is the reality and the dream is fake. Do you think there's anything we can do to prevent that?
1AmTheHelp3r: There is not enough info to say.
Urbanus: Alright. Thanks anyway.
Apollo: Can I ask for something kinda stupid and sentimental?
1AmTheHelp3r: What?
Apollo: Can you make sure Caught has a proper holiday today? Kid deserves it. Watch the fireworks, eat hot dogs, stuff like that.
1AmTheHelp3r: This is an american holiday.
Apollo: Yes it is. Any excuse to celebrate is worth it.
Loxura: Is there any chance we'll get to talk him again, sometime soon? If at all?
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not celebrate. Anything.
Apollo: You don't have to. Just let him do it. Please?
1AmTheHelp3r: You are right, this was a stupid question. Move on.
Urbanus: Help3r you're different than you were.
1AmTheHelp3r: As are you.
Heliconioides: Help3r, let me ask you a question. How are you holding up?
1AmTheHelp3r: I am fine.
Heliconioides: Are you sure?
1AmTheHelp3r: We are not going to speak about me.
Loxura: Can you tell us what Caught's doing these days, as in, what you have him doing? I imagine you've been helping read just and such?
1AmTheHelp3r: I will not speak to the infection about that. When it is time, you will speak with him yourselves.
Loxura: Can I ask you a question about my situation? I'm expecting you know little or care little, but an other view is a good one…
1AmTheHelp3r: Yes?
Loxura: Do you know/can you see, or do you have any advice about what to do about "SFL".
1AmTheHelp3r: From what I understand, it is under control.
Croesus: More like quarantined. Not resolved.
Loxura: Under control isn't gone. Though…The original plan we had for making it gone might be in more danger now too.
1AmTheHelp3r: Some things are never gone.
Loxura: My safety isn't really all that important. But I'd like to avoid what's possibly waiting for me in the future. Do you have nay further information on 'Mirrors', by any chance?
1AmTheHelp3r: That is an illogical fallacy, and unconvincing bit talk. Of course your safety is important to you. This is a core element of animal survival.
Loxura: Important to me, yes. Important to you or anyone else. No.
1AmTheHelp3r: It does not matter how important your survival is to any one else. You live, you fight, you survive. This is life. So survive.
Loxura: I intend to, hence asking you if you had any other information I could use to that end.
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not.
Urbanus: What about The Showtime Killer? Know anything else about him? Even if just his/her previous killings?
1AmTheHelp3r: I know they like you. But you know that already. I know you were fed misinformation. That the body found was killed in your name months before it was found. Meaning the taunt you received was for yet another kill. They were done with you. Now they will kill for you again. If they have not already.
Loxura: You mean a second effigy killing?
Antiopa: Oh Help3r, quick question, you up for finally telling me "ANYTHING" about what ever the fuck happened, yah know, in Seattle.
Urbanus: Is there anything I can do to stop him?
1AmTheHelp3r: One at a time. You know, I was done with all of you. You asked me what changed. I was done, you proved to be a lost cause. One of you appealed to me. I am not happy about this fact, but it is still what happened.
Allyni: I didn't expect you to be but I guess I still had faith in you. I still do.
1AmTheHelp3r: I doubt the showtime killed, is anything more than a broken animal. The pattern is that of a psychopath, someone trying to fulfill something, by ritual, but there is not reason to it. Honestly I do not know, but I doubt they are anything more than that.
Urbanus: So there's nothing I can do?
1AmTheHelp3r: I don't know.
Urbanus: If you think of anything, please let me know. I made a mistake. I need to take responsibility and fix it.
1AmTheHelp3r: I will. To the child, I told you what I did. I saved you.
Loxura: Is it possible for you go further into that through?
Antiopa: Yes I get that.
1AmTheHelp3r: You came here, searching, ignorantly, and something got your scent. I broke that trail. More accurately, I hid it. I should have killed you. As long as you, and it breathe it will want you.
Laparus: Wait, are you saying you helped her? Like not just saved her in the whole "SAVED FROM THE INFECTION" way but legitimately helped?
1AmTheHelp3r: I am sorry I could not manage to end that.
Loxura: What was it? Can you tell us that much?
Heliconioides: We appreciate your help a lot you know.
Croesus: See, this is the sort of thing I'm talking about. If you hate us as much as you say, that syringe would never have been an option but you brought it with you. I think you knew deep down you weren't going to do it. Because you need us.
1AmTheHelp3r: I am always prepared for any option. Your argument is invalid.
Croesus: Sounds like some of that big talk you were going on about. Psh. You're lying to yourself. And you're a bad liar.
Laparus: Help3r, really, you saved her from a real, physical threat?
1AmTheHelp3r: That is what I said.
Laparus: In that case, I have on question. Are you still intent on killing us?
1AmTheHelp3r: If you get in my way. It is not a blanket desire.
Laparus: Then it seems I owe you an apology.
1AmTheHelp3r: Your apology is unnecessary. Protect what you care for.
Laparus: You do the same.
1AmTheHelp3r: I am.
Croesus: I really don't think you ever intended to kill Z.
1AmTheHelp3r: I do not want to talk about this anymore.
Allyni: Did they tell you about the visions I was having yesterday Help3r?
1AmTheHelp3r: Yes.
Allyni: Should I try to avoid those if I can?
1AmTheHelp3r: I believe the course of action you have currently is a good one.
Apollo: We tried testing them a bit, see what patterns we could find. Did you see the log of what happened?
1AmTheHelp3r: Keep clear of negatives, if you can. Other than that, I still need more info to know what to do. I have to go.
1AmTheHelp3r leaves the chat

Special thanks to Mesay20yr for compiling this chat log