925 Cranbrook Dr.

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925 was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on Oct 13th, 2011. It is 13:30 minutes long.

Caught contacts Natalie after public suggestion that he include her in his trip to 925 Cranbrook Drive. Caught and Natalie enter the building to find that they have somehow returned to Natalie's residence, then they are transported to a third mysterious building where they are contacted by a disturbing recording of Caught, who leads them to an old journal.

Additional Information

Slender Man Sightings

  • There is visible distortion at 0:48, 1:18, 4:51, 4:54, 6:58, 8:01, 10:20, 12:15, and 12:25
  • There is audio distortion at 4:55, 5:40, 8:01, 12:25, and 13:05
  • Audio is missing at 4:41, 6:35, 6:44, 7:17, 7:37, 8:35, 8:47, 9:10, 9:33, 10:20, 12:15, 12: 41 and 13:21.
  • Video is missing at 8:48, and 12:41
  • There are two instances of Slender-Portaling, First when the audio/visual distortion plays when Natalie and Caught first enter 925 Cranbrook Drive and return to Natalie's apartment, and again when the lights go out a minute later, taking them to the marionette room. It's unclear where they wound up.

The Puppets

There are three marionettes of Caught that play on the screens in the room. There is a happy one, who seems to be jokey, and misleading; A sad or scared one, who appears to be warning the two of Slender man; and a Malicious one who directly speaks to Natalie near the end of the video. The purpose of his message is unclear.
The puppets also lead Caught to discover The Runner's Journal.

The Runner's Journal

The Journal contains the ramblings of an Author describing their experiences with fellow runners Scott and Meloney. The Author takes a particular interest in Meloney and rarely mentions Scott, even after his apparent disappearance. The Author seems to become increasingly disturbed over the course of the writing. The characters of this journal appear to have some significance to Caught, as seen in A hole in the ground.


Confirmed Theories

Many fans have pointed out the suspicious nature of Natalie filming herself near the beginning of the video. She claims that her filming herself relates to a past trauma that brought up during her first interaction with Caught. The uncomfortableness with the situation led to herself filming again. confirmed by Ustream 1

Seems like Caught got Natalie's Address from RoivasSevil confirmed by Twitter

Working Theories and Observations

Caught seems to get along with animals, as two different animals, Natalie's dog and the stray cat seem to readily approach him over the course of the video.

The Marionettes never move their lips when speaking, except for the Malicious puppet, when he talks directly to Natalie at the end of the video.

The puppets themselves would seem to suggest perhaps that Caught himself might be a proxy, perhaps one of the two guiding him throughout the series. The Malicious puppet's address of Natalie might suggest that she is a proxy as well, or at least stalked.

In later videos The Three Puppets appear to be controlled The Mirror. It's unclear if that was always the case, or if it started around the time The Mirror showed itself, but if it was in fact always the case, then this would have to count as the first time The Mirror is somewhat present. (Excluding the " - " video that was removed by RoivasSevil).

Further Speculation

It seems odd that RoivasSevil, who is so opposed to 1AmTheHelp3r would give Caught a notebook bearing the same symbol as the one given to him by Help3r in the coffin. ~ The Archivist

At 0:30 there is a reflection that passes the framed photo on the wall, someone else was in that house. ~ YouTube User RunJump360

At 0:57 there is a shadow of a person on the wall that moves right after Natalie asks Tessie what she's looking at ~ Kritus

At 5:35 [Caught] don't seem like [himself]. The camera distortions and the static make me worry. Also the videos, since [Caught was] a puppet it might signal 'they' are able to control [Caught], looks as if they already have…In [his] first videos [he] said [he'd] sleep but [was] still tired, maybe when [he] think [he is] sleeping [he is] awake, blacked out, under control. ~ YouTube User Minorcupcakes