925 Cranbrook Dr.

"Scott should have stayed here. We all should have stayed together. We are safe here. We can't hear him here."


The house visited during 925 Cranbrook Dr. seems to be the past home of a group of runners who stayed safe by inundating themselves with media. RoivasSevil sends Caught here to retrieve a journal left by this group, which, paired with several other aspects of the room, implies that one or more of this group came to an unhappy end. This room is also the first place that the three Puppet Caught's are encountered, though their involvement with the original group of runners is unclear. It has become increasingly apparent that Caught once knew the runners who lived in 925 Cranbrook Dr. and may have lived with them himself.


Whether or not the room seen in this video is actually 925 Cranbrook Dr. or if the address was just the warp point is unclear, however the room that is seen is small, and filled with televisions, speakers and computer screens. It seems, given the room features and the journal, that the former occupants used sound to keep themselves safe. At the time of Caught and Natalie's visit however the televisions play nothing but static and the computers are used to play the Puppet videos. Although there is no appearance of the Slender Man during this video, it's implied that he is nearby, and there are several instances of paranormal effect; not limited to the static and distortion in the room, but also in the varied warping that takes place after entering the premises of the address, which leads them to the room. The door to the main room remains locked during the majority of the episode until Caught finds the Journal which RoivasSevil seems to have sent him to find. Natalie remains locked in after Caught leaves, and stays until Caught re-opens the door to find her.


Meloney, the Author, and perhaps Caught and Scott at one point lived in this room. They moved her after a period of time at Meloney's Uncle's apartment, which they may have squatted in without his knowledge.