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_15121216_2415128229_ was uploaded by RoivasSevil on May 8th, 2011. It is 0:59 minutes long.

The video title reads "_LOOK_CLOSER_", and the video codes read, in order "Look Closer, You are [not] alone. Look CLOSER. There is no SPACE for ignorance." The video shows a series of live-action clips, a bird flying and a flower being picked up, intermixed with black screen and white lettering. The tone of the video is vaguely condemning.

Additional Information

The Decode

Youtube user CheckerValentine decoded the RoivasSevil code after this video, posting the solution in video format and replying it to the Caughtnotsleeping Channel. This revealed that RoivasSevil had been using a simple Reversed Alphanumeric Substitution.


Confirmed Theories

It would seem that the hand seen picking up the flower is Caught's, as identifiable by the signature ring worn on his left forefinger.

Working Theories and Observations

The "Indecipherable whisper"? It's reversed audio saying "The more you see the less he knows, the less you hear the more he grows."

Further Speculation

- It's fully possible that this video was a condemnation to the fans who had yet to solve his code. ~ The Archivist.