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- was uploaded by RoivasSevil on July 19th, 2011. It is 0:45 minutes long.

The video description reads "Tick Tock", and was a replacement video after the original footage was taken down. The original - video depicted a poem matched with several child-like drawings articulating a story. The new - video is an extremely simple black and white text upload invoking a Silent Hill meme.

Additional Information

There Was A HOLE Here…

The video invokes an infamous Easter egg from the PlayStation 2 game, Silent Hill 2. In the game, if the player enters an old abandoned "Neely's Bar", they will find a wall plastered with newspapers, over the newpapers is written in blood "There was a HOLE here. It's gone now." If the player returns later in the game they will find a second message reading:

This quote, infamous on the internet, could be a nod to Stephan King's "Langoliers", in which characters search for a hole to bring them out of the nightmarish semi-reality they find themselves in.

The Original Video

The original RoivasSevil video, uploaded roughly around July 13th, also called -, was a live action video wherein a story was told in pictortial formate. The original video translated roughly to:

Welcome to the game, let's play.
Once we were alone
No one likes to be alone
We tried and [illegible]
All we wanted was a friend after all
And then could it be? Yes it was true!
Being alone wouldn't do.
We are so very few
Not anymore
Now we see you.


Confirmed Theories

It is speculated that the removed video was possibly uploaded by the (unofficially named) Mirrors/Yasurc Character and removed by RoivasSevil. The date of posting roughly coincides with the period of time Mirrors/Yasurc claims to have first been contacted. Many lines of the poem are similar to Mirror's speech during visits to the CNS TinyChat. -Hyparete
(Confirmed by the Mirror)

Working Theories and Observations

Further Speculation

The removal of the original and the effort put into creating such a simple replacement video seems suspicious. Is it possible that RoivasSevil was sending a message that was recieved and, thus, no longer necessary? ~ The Archivist (Debunked by the Mirror)