A brand new day

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A brand new day was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on August 21st, 2011. It is 19:35 minutes long.

Caught finds himself released from 1AmTheHelp3r's clutches. He awakens in a body bag in the middle of a graveyard with a concussion and a haircut. Given a camera and a set of clues Caught is then led into the woods and forced to dig up a message from Help3r.

Additional Information

Slender man Sighting

  • There are audio and visual distortions at 12:13, 12:27, 12:34, 12:44, and 12:45
  • There is missing audio at 3:07, 3:49, 4:27, 4:40, 5;09, 5:19, 5:26, 6:05, 7:29, 7:51, 7:54, 16:18, and 17:14.
  • There is missing video at 9:25, 11:46, 11:53, 11:55, 12:01, 12:04, 12:08, 12:10, 12:18, and 13:07
  • Slender man can be seen at 12:13 far in the distance Near the upper middle.
  • Slender man can be seen at 12:27, slightly closer but generally in the same spot.
  • Slender man can be seen at 12:34, again near the same spot but slightly to the right and closer.
  • Slender man can be seen at 12:44 quite close behind Caught.
  • There is an additional, unconfirmed sighting at 8:18 when Caught is turning the camera.

Spoiler Controversy

Due to upload errors, "A brand new day" was released with viewing problems and quickly taken down. Most fans were unaware of the brief upload, but Slendernation user Shusshoku viewed the error update and revealed the video's contents on Slendernation without spoiler tags.

Several Slendernation users admonished him (and he quickly remedied the lack of Spoiler tags), complaining that the video had now been ruined while others inquired as to the apparent health of Caught.


Confirmed Theories

Not a huge revelation but we're assuming the coffin is another riddle. Confirmed in The Coffin

Working Theories and Observations

Help3r seems to have given Caught a haircut and a new pair of shoes.

At 2:24 Caught turns and a man in grey can be seen in the distance. He seems to be looking towards the doll. It has been theorized that this could be 1AmTheHelp3r.

The jar Caught finds buried with the coffin would seem to have special significance. Distortion ceases as he wipes away the mud.

The question mark on the coffin is reversed and could be said to resemble some kind of bird.
Both these possibilities can match up with continuing themes both before and after this video, that of things in/from The Dark Place being reversed or backwards, and the sightings/mentions of crows.

Further Speculation

I'd bet some good money that those jars contain pieces of Caught. ~ Crusergirl on Slendernation

I'm pretty sure Caught is the last bird, but Roivas and the Help3r could be two of the others, especially considering how fixated they are on Caught. The tainted bird and the betrayed one are my best bets, though I'm unsure as to which is which. ~ KillstheBeat on Slendernation

The tainted bird could also be Evan, or possibly Alex. ~ Blue Eyes on Slendernation

Or the different birds could be us? ~ CheckersValentine on Slendernation

It's possible that the riddle refers to what RoivasSevil called 'The Past Family', which may have been the Cranbrook Runners, or even before them. ~ Loxura