A hole in the ground.

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A hole in the ground. was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on August 26th, 2013. It is 9:10 minutes long.

After months spent 'in the Dark Place', Natalie reveals the nature of her visit there, and her journey through a mysterious series of memories involve Caught and the Cranbrook Runners. She is also pursued by the angered memory of Scott, one of the runners, before finally returning to the alley.

Additional Information

Slender Man Appearances

It should be noted that most, if not all, appearances of the Slender Man in this entry occur in a memory. It is unclear if Natalie was in danger or not at these times.

  • There is Visual Distortion at 0:25, 1:06, 1:22, 2:16, 2:30, 2:55, 2:57, 3:02, 3:49, 3:57, 4:07, 4:11, 4:41, 5:00, 5:17, 5:33, 6:03, 6:31, 7:31, 7:51, 8:06, 8:15
  • There is Audio Distortion at 0:25, 1:06, 1:22, 2:12, 2:51, 2:57, 3:57, 4:07, 4:11, 4:41, 5:00, 5:20, 6:03, 6:31, 7:31, 7:51
  • Slender Man is visible at 1:10, and 4:06

Player Interaction

The video begins with several voices singing "You Are My Sunshine"; these are taken from player videos. Players were encouraged by RoivasSevil to sing in order to draw Natalie to her. The song heard in the beginning of this video was also played in the CaughtNotSleeping Tinychat by an unknown visitor known only as "___". Also present, before the videos were released for a period of several days, the banner on the CaughtNotSleeping channel changed to match several cryptic screen caps from this entry including Scott playing chess with Caught, Scott drawing on the porch, and an image of the gun.

The Memories

There are several "memories" visible in this entry. RoivasSevil describes them as 'being like dreams', in that Natalie just has to let them play out. Several of them are from recognizable places or events. The first 'memory' seems to be from "Learn to Play". The rest seem to be from events that don't necessarily correlate with Natalie's life. Natalie sees a crying girl in the Dark Place which RoivasSevil describes as not for Natalie to see. Also, in the Runner's memories, Scott's presence frequently demands that Natalie "Get out".

The Cranbrook Runners

The Cranbrook Runners were initially introduced in the "Runner's Journal" found at 925 Cranbrook Dr. The Journal describes a series of days in the lives of several Runners, "Scott" and "Meloney" as well as the anonymous author. Scott is depicted briefly as antagonistic and untrustworthy, he seems to be "keeping something" from the other runners. He is last referred to halfway through the journal on Day 35: "I'm safe here. Scott insisted on breaking that doll, even though I told him not to. He left a bunch of messages but we aren't going to answer him. He can stay out there by himself."

Meloney is also frequently referred to throughout the journal. The Author seems to fixate on Meloney, covering an entire page in nothing but her name, and insisting that they are "happy here". The Author also mentions that Meloney has been talking to RoivasSevil, and seems to be displeased by this.

There is no mention of Caught in the journals.


Confirmed Theories


The floating lights in The Dark Place look very similar to the floating lights seen in Out of options.

The runners acknowledge the camera, implying that there were in fact four members of the Cranbrook Runners

Caught already had memory-issues back then, also he was called “caught” several times, which implies that he already has forgotten his real name back then. ~ tailsthefoxy on Tumblr

Further Speculation

Roivas and Help3r could be mad at each other because of the happenings with the runners…something might went very wrong and both might think it´s the fault of the other…. ~ tailsthefoxy on Tumblr

(Regarding the fourth doll in the dollhouse) Reasons why I do not believe the tiny doll is Help3r: First of all because of the position in the room (the tiny doll is all the way across the room from Scott, whereas we see Help3r take Scott from behind). Secondly because in the Lansing videos a doll representing Help3r never showed up in the doll house despite us knowing he was in fact there. Also the doll is teeny tiny, like potentially Roivas or Natalie. ~ samuelis on Tumblr