A long night.

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A long night. was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on February 14th, 2012. It is 11:02 minutes long.

Caught calls Natalie out in the middle of night in regards to a RoivasSevil message he was given. Natalie confronts him regarding the events of 1472 Lansing Place, and Caught reveals the truth of his predicament. After uncovering the nature of the RoivasSevil puzzle, Caught claims to be 'done'.

Additional Information

Slender Man Appearances

  • There is missing audio at 1:45, 1:48 and 6:17
  • There is Audio distortion at 10:11 during the rainfall.
  • Also, Caught seems to see something at 3:17, but it's unclear what.

Fan Interaction

Caught mentions the The Butterflies in discussion where he retrieved the message from RoivasSevil. Caught entered the CNS Tinychat a week prior and spoke to The Little Butterfly regarding a message that had been left for Caught in his apartment by RoivasSevil. She decoded it to mean "Take cover, but it won't help you.' After-which she encouraged Caught to bring Natalie. Natalie shortly after tweeted that Caught had contacted her and told her to meet him.

Caught's Memory

This video confirms the theory that Caught has complete Amnesia regarding all events prior to the original Vlog_01. These has led to suspicious regarding who he really is. According to Caught all he remembers is waking up in the apartment, day after day, and not doing anything, nor caring that he knew nothing about himself. It can be presumed that it was the events of 1472 Lansing Place: Five. that caused him to realize this lack of self-awareness.


Confirmed Theories

Caught knows nothing about himself. Including his name.

Working Theories and Observations

It would seem that distortion get worst when Natalie is nearest or approaching Caught, particularly when Caught is angry.

Further Speculation

Umbrella trick makes me think Roivas is doing slendy shit. What with the random rain then fire stuff. ~ Crusergirl on Slendernation

Could Caught be the killer? ~ The Archivist

The burning umbrella and the shelter not doing much good. Maybe "the shelter" is just going to cause more problems rather than protect him. ~ ChewieV2 on Slendernation