Allyni Visit - November 15, 2013

On November 15th, 2013 Allyni entered the chat, reporting on a lucid dream that seems to have returned her to a memory. Though the significance of the memory is unclear, she is suddenly able to influence some minor events within the memory to change the sequence of events and her understanding of what happened.

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August 15, 2013

Allyni enters the chat
Allyni: Hmmph :|
Denitza: Eh?
Allyni: I had that same dream again last night, only it ended a little different.
Denitza: Oh?
Allyni: Yeah, it was the same deal where I was getting terrorized by Mirrors in that room and then I felt that hand again, heard the whispering and felt better. But then I woke up in the back of my friend's car…Sitting next to his ex.
Denitza: Still in the dream?
Allyni: Yeah. My then boy-friend was int eh front seat and our friend was driving and then it dawned on me that we were on our way to Ozzfest.
Dido: You remember that scene happening in the past?
Allyni: This was YEARS ago. It was when they did free-fest. And it legit felt like I was there cuz it was hot as hell that ay and the air in his car SUCKED but I KNEW I had already done this so I'm just sitting there for a second like, Ooookay. Surrounded by woods. And I said to him, "Dude, you missed that forever ago."
Apollo: That's odd. o_0 What'd he do?
Allyni: And he's like, "Fuck, why didn't you say something!? and I had to go "I don't know I just know you've gone too far." And we find the road earlier than we should have…
Apollo: Is there anything particular about that memory that would makes sense why you went back to it?
Allyni: Iiiiii don't know yet. Because it was fun? Here's something a bit funny though. Nearly the whole time his Ex was sitting next to me. She was texting someone. But i didn't think anything of it at the time. But this time I sort of leaned over and looked at her screen and I see the name, "Kevin". They were abut how hot it was and how she wished she was at his house, So when we get out of the car I sort of nudge my friend and say, "Who's Kevin?" And he says kind of blankly "Why?" and I'm sort of like, "Oh shit." But I don't lie, I just say, "She texted a dude named Kevin. I thought he might be coming." And he just says, "no".
Urbanus: Drama-bomb XD
Allyni: Keep in mind, NONE of that conversation actually happened and right after that he didn't really react as if I had just told him that. Instead I guess it went back to what had actually happened. A dude with a handful of water bottles walked up and handed them to us saying "God bless you!" with these cards that said "Jesus loves you." ad we accepted the water but when he left my friend ate his card and then he stole my boyfriend's card and ate his. Now originally I wouldn't let him eat my card because I wanted to keep it but this time I wanted to see if I could let him. And he did and his then girl-friend said he was going to mess up his stomach and they got all huggy and I'm thinking, "But I just told you she was texting her ex…" And it kind of kept going on like that. Everything that happened that day up until I actually woke up. It was like I was really there. I even accidentally got smoke in my lungs again.
Apollo: huh…Can I suggest something really odd? Are you still in touch with these people?
Allyni: Yeah >/> I was with my then boyfriend after all.
Apollo: Would you feel comfortable sending a message to one/some of them, just asking if they remember that day, and purposely mention 'remembering' one of the things that was different int he dream to see if they correct you?
Allyni: Iiiii haven't spoken to them in a while but I could think of a reason to message my friend.
Apollo: I'd like to rule out time shenanigans.
Allyni: Not my ex for reasons »
Apollo: Cool, that's fine.
Allyni: Right.
Apollo: If even one person corrects you, then time shenanigans are ruled out.
Allyni: he was int he military so I'll think up some kind of, "Hey can the Navy do blah blah?" thing.
Urbanus: Allyni, did it feel like those alternate reality dreams you used to have?
Allyni: I guess you could say that Urbanus, but only int he sense that they felt like they were really happening. Otherwise I was fully aware of what was going on. It was more than a bit creepy but I kind of just ran with it. Because otherwise I'd have been in the back seat going "WHAT YEAR IS IT!?"
Hellion: How are you feeling?
Allyni: I feel fine now.
Hellion: Is that calming effect carrying over?
Allyni: Well it started out as that damn Mirror nightmare.
Urbanus: Has anyone talked to Loxura?
Allyni: Not me.
Chat: Nope, not today.
Urbanus: If Allyni had a bizzaro dream, then he probably did too.
Allyni: Kind of funny thing, him and that girl did break up shortly after that day but I don't know for sure if he knew who she was texting in the back seat.
Apollo: So kevin was her ex, or someone else?
Allyni: I don't know for sure, I know she was with another guy when they split. but I'd only heard what my then boyfriend had told me about it.
Apollo: mk…I tried searching through some of our stuff from the past for the name and nothing came up.
Allyni: No one ever told me the name of the dude she left him for but the name on her phone clearly said Kevin. But for all I know she could have left him for someone else. I'll try to work that name into my next text some how »
Apollo: I'm still trying to figure out why that of all memories would come back to you, Allyni.
Allyni: Well it's happened in my dreams before…uh, when I was possessed. but I don't think I am. I feel fine.
Urbanus: Check your camera, see if creeper's been taking selfies.
Allyni: Oh lord. Okay XD Not unless she influenced me to take pictures of my cat.
Apollo: I think if we can get a hold of Loxura, we should see what the similarities and differences are.
Allyni: He's doing awesome Loxura things with coffee probably. Speaking of which, I need to do some Allyni stuff real quick. I'll be back for a little bit later.
Chat: Bye Allyni!
//Allyni leaves the chat

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