Allyni Visit - November 16, 2013

On November 16th, 2013 Allyni entered the chat to share another strange dream, the product of her lost of light. She experiences a memory, but with altered realizations about events that occur. It becomes apparent that she may be able to alter or recall details about past occurrences.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

August 16, 2013

Allyni enters the chat
Allyni: Hi yall…
Chat: Hey Allyni.
Allyni: Hello.
Maritime Faithbound: You okay?
Allyni: Not sure if this is the best time to bring this up, but odd dreamy stuff happened again.
Cheekbones: Again again?
Allyni: Started the same way - kind of wish they'd cut that shit out, but then I "Woke up, at my friends house". And him and my ex were playing video games. And I pretty much relived a day I went over there. But one kinda big thing had happened that day. We went to get snacks up the road, it only took us a few minutes. And when we were driving back there was this bridge we had to pass over. We when we had gotten to the bridge on the way back, there was a car flipped over on the bridge. People were helping them so we kept driving and we were like, "Holy shit! How the fuck!?" But this time when I dreamed it I paid a bit more attention when we went over the bridge and I almost didn't catch it, but there was a deer standing next to the bridge, just kinda eating and being a deer.
Apollo: Weird…
Allyni: And I said to everyone, "Hey, did yall see that deer?" And they were like, "No". And when we were driving past it I said, "I bet that deer ran in the road" but instead they said, "What deer?" And I insisted that I'd told them about it and my ex kind of giggled and said he wasn't paying attention to what I was saying - he use to tease me like that but I tried bringing it up again later and again they didn't know what I was talking about.
Apollo: That's definitely odd. Kinda like the memory's attempting to autocorrect.
Allyni: Maybe if it happens again I should move some things around or something, see if they wind up back where they were.
Apollo: Something important to the memory, too. Like, if you're playing video games, break the TV.
Allyni: Heh, I'm sure that'll go over well but sure why the hell not XD
Apollo: I wonder if these new things you're noticing were really there or your brain filling in gaps.
Maritime Faithbound: Or maybe just spontaneously break up with your then-boyfriend, since he seems to be a constant.
Allyni: Oh, speaking of which, my friend I went to the concert with text me back.
Apollo: Yeah?
Allyni: He says I gave him directions to my grandparents house, not the venue.
Apollo: So it didn't correct in real life?
Allyni: Don't think so.
Apollo: Ok, no time shenanigans then. That's good to know.
Allyni: And the name of the dude his ex ended up with after they split was named Kevin »
Apollo: Ok, so they are true revalations are seeing thing you missed before. I'm trying to think of other experiments to try. I wish there was a way to force dreams about specific memories.
Allyni: Well, I've been able to do it in bits that last a couple seconds. I guess I could try to get it to last longer? I'm just not sure how to will it to last.
Apollo: 'Cause I'm thinking if there's a way to force a memory dream, you could choose which memories to learn more about.
Allyni: Neat. Maybe I'll start small or something then. Like, "Where the fuck did I leave my phoe?" That sort of thing. Now I just have to loose my phone.
Allyni leaves the chat

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