Allyni Visit - November 17, 2013

On November 17th, 2013 Allyni entered the chat, her attempts to lucid dream specific events having started to successfully pay off, as she recalls a specific memory. But the memory is slightly warped and is difficult for her to maintain.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

August 17, 2013

Allyni enters the chat
Chat: Hey Allyni!
Allyni: Hello. My head really hurts, I might have done a bad. I don't know.
Chat: *hugs*
Glaucopsyche: Are you okay?
Allyni: I didn't have another happy whispery dream. But I was kind of playing around with making flash backs happen.
Hellion: Oh?
Allyni: And I got it to work for maybe 10 minutes?
Heliconioides: o.o
Allyni: It was one of the last times I saw me great-grandmother. I like to watch people eat » and I was watching her eat and her and my mother were talking to her and near us there was this lady sitting by herself and my grandmother was looking at her plate and she asked what one thing on it was and the lady says, "That's a potato." But it wasn't even close to being a potato, and she wasn't even looking at us so I had to keep from laughing. And then as we kept talking to my great-grandmother, the lady would keep chiming in but not as if she were talking to us, if that makes sense.
Septentrionis: Just making random comments about your conversation?
Allyni: And that is how it happened but since I was aware I thought I'd try to talk to her, yeah. But when I went to talk to her I ended up back in that room with Mirrors for a few seconds. And then a bunch of memories just started happening one after another. It stopped fairly quick but I feel like crap and my head really hurts.
Chat: *hugs Allyni*
Allyni: *hugs* I think I'll be alright. The headache isn't as bad as it was before but it might be a little while before I try that again.
Allyni leaves the chat

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