Devin Visit - April 20, 2013

On April 20th, 2013 "Bewise" entered the chat to speak for the first time, admonishing the players for taking risks that may or may not put Warren, his adoptive brother, at risk. He reveals that Warren once broke the rules to aid a group much like the Butterflies, and not only failed to save them, but also was severely affected himself. Bewise warns that Warren will not survive another failure and vows to protect him at any cost.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

April 20, 2013

"Bewise" enters the chat
Chat: oh, hello.
Bewise: How many more must fall? Before you end this?
Urbanus: Man what you want?
Bewise: You worry for your own lives, and ignore those which are ending due to your actions.
Laparus: Perhaps if we knew a little more we'd see ourselves as having more of a choice.
Urbanus: Dude, shut up, I spent all of last night awake because I got some innocent girl killed.
Bewise: No, this is what your lot does. You are selfish.
Laparus: Guys, calm down.
Bewise: People are paying for it.
Wollastoni: Please, go ahead and tell us about how wrong we are for giving a shit.
Laparus: Mistakes have been made. People have been hurt as a result of our actions.
Bewise: Mistakes, are forgivable. You all have a pattern of of learning from these mistakes. This is a problem.
Laparus: People are scared, panicking. That's what happens when people don't know what's happening.
Urbanus: Who even are you?
Bewise: No you do not.
Laparus: If we knew more, understood more, there would be less panic.
Wollastoni: I'd like to just mention the fact that while you decide to deride choices we have made. You are not offering anything of your own right now.
Bewise: I do not disagree with all you have done, calm your defensive retorts. You need not consider me an ally, that is unimportant.
Urbanus: Oh don't worry, we aren't.
Bewise: Your choices are your own. You are not the first. Some rise. Some fall.
Urbanus: Ok I've had it. Who are you. What do you want. Or just, like, leave.
Bewise: This attitude, is why you fail. Arrogance. I have given no half truths.
Laparus: Guys, stop harassing the guy.
Wollastoni: Arrogance is purely the result of fending off attitudes of indifference.
Denitza: Right, and we're allowed to be harassed by him? Double-standards much?
Laparus: Just shouting at a possible source of information just gets us no information.
Bewise: Just because you gain information does not mean it should be spread.
Laparus: It's counter productive and hurts our situation.
Bewise: You all did not even think of this. You got information from an ally, Warren, and instantly spread it. No thought if you should, or should not. This is dangerous.
Laparus: I see what you mean, the documents being posted on tumblr.
Bewise: Yes.
Laparus: Alright that makes some sense.
Wollastoni: There becomes a point between caution and danger where being too cautious can actually harm the way we can respond to difficult things.
Bewise: I don't need an apology.
Laparus: There's also a difference between making sure all of us know and putting information like that on a public website. We probably should have stuck the caps in a private google doc
Wollastoni: If people on our side of things, trying to help, don't have information because we are too cautious, it can become a problem.
Bewise: You all greatly underestimate the strength of your allies. The one who brought you together, yes.
Wollastoni: You seem to think that Roivas is what has brought us together.
Bewise: It is because of this, that others are made to suffer for your mistakes.
Wollastoni: Roivas is a friend, a person who has not betrayed us, and somebody we care about. Roivas is not the reason we are together though. We are together to make sure that friends we have made are safe.
Bewise: Yes, yes you are friends and you care for each other on and on I have heard it before. But this being is what gives you the ability to do what you do. Sorry, you are right. You do not need to explain to me, I am nothing to you. My acceptance is not important. All I ask is that you stop, or be careful. Be mindful of the fact that your choices are affecting others.
Wollastoni: Here's the thing, you may think you are nothing to us, but you must understand that as somebody who we don't know, we are very much willing to hear your side of things, or opinions, so please feel free to voice anything with to us. Just please don't be patronizing in the way you come across, because of reasons.
Laparus: The more points of view we get on this the more informed decisions we can make in the future and thus the safer our decisions can be
Bewise: I am sorry, current events spawned from your actions have colored you all in a bad light personally. I know what you know. I am here for personal reasons. You will have to give me a few minutes to decide if I wish to discuss it.
Allyni: How personal?
Bewise: I was not expecting you to be…like this.
Laparus: That's fair.
Wollastoni: Do you think you'll go by the name "bewise" if you ever come around again?
Bewise: Likely.
Wollastoni: It may help to deflate any attitudes if you come by again.
Laparus: Hey, being wise is a good sentiment.
Chat discusses various victims that have died as a result of their 'actions'
Bewise: The one you know as the unknown never died. Death is not so easily rectified. Yes, I have read your logs. She was bleeding out, and was taken, by your "roivas", and nursed to health. Very different things. Her body was returned.
Allyni: If her body was there the police would have taken it.
Bewise: Consider your Natalie.
Laparus: Roivas was trying to take Natalie to her home and lost her.
Wollastoni: I guess it depends on your definition of 'alive'.
Bewise: Perhaps you are correct, perhaps I am, it is speculation.
Wollastoni: Until words are said otherwise from different sources than either of us.
Bewise: I am going to need insurance before this continues, from this point I am going to have to see the people I am conversing with. For my safety.
Denitza: Well, that's not creepy.
Croesus: Bewise, can I ask…without giving us too much information. I guess you're someone with extensive knowledge of the vault yes?
Bewise: It is typically not a good thing. You are much more "gifted" in ways than I. With your set of friends…
"Bewise" changes name to "Devin_Shroter"
Wollastoni: I would recommend changing your name now Devin. Seeing as apparently your name is information you are being careful with.
Devin_Shroter: You show trust Wollastoni, I will do the same. As I said, I am here for personal reasons. You have been conversing with a "warren".
Hellion: Yes.
Devin_Shroter: I am his brother, bound by duty, not blood.
Hellion: Another seer?
Devin_Shroter: No.
Croesus: So you too have the same career?
Devin_Shroter: I have a different skill set.
Croesus: Warren said it was a family business though…
Devin_Shroter: Regardless I have known him since birth, and he is very dear to me. Warren is a loud mouth. He is impulsive, and reckless.
Allyni: We wish for nothing bad to happen to Warren.
Devin_Shroter: Driven by his irritating need to help.
Papilio: So I'm guessing you are here to hush him/us up yeah?
Devin_Shroter: …much like you.
Allyni: Warren is good people <333
Devin_Shroter: Warren won't be "hushed up", he seems to me drawn to the same fate as his father. I assume he has not told you?
Allyni: He mentioned getting personal didn't turn out well.
Hellion: He's alluded to things.
Devin_Shroter: It does not have to be that way, and yet, for them, it has been. Trying too hard. We are not like you, we have nothing to guard us. The files that were doctored, that should not have been possible. No one in the ranks of the job would have done such a thing.
Allyni: So that wasn't you?
Devin_Shroter: This means they were doctored by some outside means. This is disturbing, haha.
Papilio: So you think he is already in danger because of his interaction with us?
Devin_Shroter: I assumed you.
Satyrus: Do you have an idea as to what may have been the cause other than us?
Devin_Shroter: And on the run. You are dealing closely with something from the vault.
Hellion: Roivas. Or others.
Devin_Shroter: Regardless of the intent of this "Roivas" by doing so you have begun to get the attention of other things.
Laparus: Like Mirrors, SFL, long fingers, Lasaia.
Devin_Shroter: I believe something there, does not want this guys past known.
Hellion: Could it be the person we're helping?
Devin_Shroter: I have no idea, my point is, the more you mess around with things, the more things will be. I understand one of you is already being harmed. One of you is lost, one of you is hollow.
Hellion: Yes.
Satyrus: Thank you for trusting us enough with this information Devin. Would you prefer us to change the way we behave at all? Or suggestions towards helping you figure out information to help your brother?
Devin_Shroter: One thing, do not taunt things you cannot harm. Do not make threats you cannot back up.
Papilio: Yup, understood.
Devin_Shroter: Don't be like Warren, as it were.
Satyrus: That really should be like, bold and underlined. But we will try our best.
Devin_Shroter: In the meantime. Suck it up. You made mistakes, own them.
Allyni: We take responsibility 99.9999999% of the time.
Devin_Shroter: It's too late for ay of you to be guilt-ed by anything. Including me. That being said, the echo of one mistake will surely continue to resonate. As I'm sure the one who is hunted knows. Loxura.
Loxura: Do you know anything else about my situation?
Devin_Shroter: As in more than you know? No. Surely then, the answer lies there. Regardless there have been no recent attacks? The weaver is with you, so you have more than most.
Laparus: I have a somewhat personal questions. If you don't want to answer it then say so.
Devin_Shroter: Yes.
Laparus: Is this a family through blood or just association?
Devin_Shroter: Both.
Hellion: Could we ask you about your "skillset"?
Devin_Shroter: We were raised together, learned together, trained together, and now act our roles separately. The weaver is unbiased, it does not bother with right or wrong, it answers who it wishes and carries out the duty without bias. the weaver is in it's nature trustworthy. People, however, are not. If when the weaver is used for what we would call "evil". It is the personal who has caused it. I take care of that problem. That is my role.
Satyrus: Would you agree with Hellion that the weaver is a tool then? Or at least similar in action?
Devin_Shroter: The weaver is not a tool. It is a gift.
Satyrus: Interesting difference.
Devin_Shroter: Something you should know about Warren.
Hellion: Yes?
Devin_Shroter: There was a time, not too long ago, the weaver was called to another group of people, all for the sake of one. This instance had nothing to do with the vault, it was…much more simple. But still a case of people getting in over their heads. Warren, as he does, tried to help, more than he should have. He failed. There were 14 of them. Now there are none. He is trying to rectify this with you, I believe.
Hellion: Sorry to hear that.
Devin_Shroter: In that struggle with those people, as I said, Warren tried to help more than he should have. In that attempt, over the course of one month, Warren lost his home, his left arm, and the use of his left leg. I do not believe he can endure another failure. I cannot let that happen.
Satyrus: A very quick change of everything for him.
Devin_Shroter: This, was also my failing when things fell apart, this group used the weaver, as you called it, as a "tool". Warren, managed to help me back, and stopped me from doing my job. It is because of this, that he was injured. That will not happen again.
Satyrus: why did he stop you? What was he afraid of?
Devin_Shroter: He was not afraid of anything. He wanted the best for them, even though they did not deserve it. As I said, we do not have the protection that you do. Warren is a dumb ass. No, it won't. I have. Plenty. Hence why I came here, under the name "bewise". It is all I can ask of you all.
Laparus: The girlfriend and everyone is okay though right?
Devin_Shroter: No, he as a convenient life. He does have friends, and family, what have you. But that took a long time. I don't think he could go through that again. I won't let him.
Satyrus: Is it possible we could somehow extend the protection we have to include you and your brother was well?
Devin_Shroter: No. It is a kind thought, but no.
Allyni: Warren is a cute kitty but we can't keep him.
Devin_Shroter: Warren will do what he is going to do. He is not a toddler I can boss around. I respect his affinity to help, even if I do not agree with it.
Allyni: Stay focused on what he's here for.
Devin_Shroter: Allyni is the hollow one?
Allyni: Yep.
Devin_Shroter: How have you been feeling?
Allyni: Good, nothing odd.
Devin_Shroter: Ok good.
Allyni: Thanks for asking.
Satyrus: What might you have been expecting?
Devin_Shroter: I don't know…Warren is night much of a believer in what you call "light". I am. We have different takes on what has happened to her.
Hellion: What is your take?
Devin_Shroter: I don't believe one can kill that force, not while life still resides in the shell.
Allyni: Interesting.
Devin_Shroter: But that is up for debate. With no conclusive evidence. Your hunter, as it were, seems persistent. Give me a moment to look something up. Do you know where it resides? Where it lives?
Thyodamas: OH MY GOD I DO TRY
Devin_Shroter: That is where you will find it.
Thyodamas: Well then I guess it's a party at Roivas's; HEY IM TRYING TO WALK THERE EXCEPT OTHER ME CANT WALK. IM TRYING THOUGH.
Devin_Shroter: Oh, so you are the lost one. Ok.
Thyodamas: Who me? Yeah other me is kinda lost.
Laparus: Thyodamas' Light is the best thing we have for finding out about the Dark Place.
Loxura: You've seen what it's done to me, yeah? Multiple times? I'm not happy about it.
Devin_Shroter: Yes, as you should not be.
Satyrus: I don't think anybody is happy about anything happening to Loxura.
Devin_Shroter: Unless you are some kind of weirdo.
Loxura: By which I mean, Thyodamas' light going after it; I'd rather do it my fucking self.
Thyodamas: Well, I'm bold and stupid, that is just how I am.
Devin_Shroter: Then I have bad news for you.
Loxura: Bad news is I have no choice in the matter.
Devin_Shroter: It's more than that.
Loxura: Really?
Devin_Shroter: If the weaver could get hold of this attacker, it would be taken care of by now.
Wollastoni: So we called it for now reason?
Devin_Shroter: No, if the weaver was not blocking it, your friend here would likely be taken by now.
Devin_Shroter: Let me see the lost one. Wow…you are loud. I am beginning to understand why Warren likes you lot. So I asusme you wish to end this hunter?
Thyodamas: Yes I do! But I can't do it yet.
Devin_Shroter: Warren told you how to do so, but together he and I have figured out more detail in that matter. Firstly, you will have to get something born of it, this you know. Second. You will have to use this to pull the thing out of the vault, to you. The haunted one must do this. At which time you will have to shove it back into the vault to a specific locations. The weaver can and will do this.
Urbanus: Do you have a specific location in mind? Or does "really far away" work?
Devin_Shroter: That is up to the one that has to kill the creature. that is the lost one.
Devin_Shroter: Go where it lives, and find what you can is you best bet. It is far from a perfect plan, but whatever this thing is…it is complex. It knows how to hide, in the meantime, don't give it satisfaction.
Laparus: Satisfaction: Feat, acknowledgement of the paint, that kind of thing?
Devin_Shroter: Yes. It seems to be what it wants. The more you don't show, the more it will want you. haha you don't seem to understand how large the vault is…
Loxura: How am I supposed to get it here, once we have something born of it?
Devin_Shroter: heh…well then you break the rules, in a way, and taunt it.
Loxura: I can do that. I really wish I knew what I did to it that pissed it off so much. It said I hurt it.
Devin_Shroter: there are different types of harm.
Laparus: Do you have a list of rules anywhere?
Devin_Shroter: In my head. And I don't have rules as much as ideas that don't get me killed.
Hellion: The rules we get seem to follow that detail Devin.
Loxura: So how does the Weaver work?
Devin_Shroter: I can't tell you that. Not if you want the weaver to stick around.
Loxura: An idea of how it comes through in the end?
Devin_Shroter: You called the weaver to protect you specifically right? Yes, so when you are in danger, that is exactly what the weaver will do. Good luck to you all.
Hellion: And good luck.
Laparus: I understand how it feels to let a brother down.
Devin_Shroter: Than you understand my reason for extremes. Please be careful in your decisions, I do not want to have to meet any of you under different circumstances.
"Devin_Shroter" leaves the chat

Special thanks to Wren for compiling this chat log