"You ever do something that you knew wasn't going to help, but you did it anyway?"


Caught first introduced himself to the internet with a grainy video in which he described a sense of sleeplessness and exhaustion, despite sleeping 10-12 hours a night. He expressed frustration with the situation and a signature sarcastic attitude, admitting that he had little faith in the internet community to provide him with any useful information. Over time he began to deal with increasing evidence of Slender man's presence, culminating in the Alleyway Encounter in 21129 21269 922518224. Since then he had been haunted not only by Slender man himself, but also two others known as RoivasSevil and 1AmTheHelp3r, who seem to be attempting to sway him two different directions. He has pledged to continue going deeper until he can figure out the answers to his predicament.

It has been recently revealed that Caught knows very little about himself, and remembers nothing before the events of the first Vlog_01. He uses the moniker Caught, as he doesn't remember his real name. There is evidence the 1AmTheHelp3r and/or RoivasSevil possess some information regarding his past and are trying to lead him back to himself. RoivasSevil has repeatedly stated that Caught is a part of her old family, and the memory videos and hidden images are from a period in her life when they were together. It is unclear 1AmTheHelp3r has similar associations.

Appearance and Behavior

Caught is a notoriously ill-tempered protagonist, often greeting situations with sarcastic humor. Despite his attitude, Caught has revealed his fears regarding the situation, most notably in "Sorry." and a lighter edge, through his interactions with Natalie. He tends to charge into situations, regardless of danger, and often his sense of humor can get him in the most trouble, as evidence in "a gift for the slenderman".

Caught has also shown himself to be an unreliable narrator for multiple reasons. Firstly his admission that he has kept secrets from the audience in "sorry." has rendered his perspective suspect. Furthermore there are multiple questions regarding himself that he has yet to answer, many of these may be due to his identity amnesia. He has often proven reluctant to admit to the audience exactly what he is experiencing, partly, perhaps, do to his inability to understand it himself. Many of the things that he reveals are due to the combined insistence of viewers and other characters, such as the epiphany that Caught does not feel rested at night as he does not seem to sleep (see Sleepwalking.) Also, his amnesia seems to have completely wiped his memory of all events prior to being in his apartment; which is leased under a false name. The memory videos and hidden frames seen in Lansing Place: Five and 26 2326916 1115262422 seem to be reminders of his mysterious past.


Caught is almost always recognizable wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt. Often slightly unshaven, with curly hair, Caught's appearances changed after "brand new day" when 1AmTheHelp3r gave Caught a haircut during his captivity. He is most recognizable by the rings that he wears which identify him as the cameraman.


Caught will often interact with fans when they ask him questions or inquire to his safety. He has often shown himself to also be willing to listen to the advice of viewers, noting that they seem to have a more extensive knowledge of what's happening than he does. In "coffin contents" he leaves his next course of action up to the fans, he also takes fans suggestions such as inviting Natalie to 925 Cranbrook Drive, as well as leaving Slender man a 20 dollar bill in "A gift for the Slenderman".

Caught has also very occasionally appeared in the CaughtNotSleeping Tinychat. His visits are typically short and curt. He only seems to enter when he's looking for answers to a riddle; and he often displays odd behavior when he is in chat such as staring off into the distance for long periods of time or repeating questions over and over.

February 2, 2012 - Caught enters the chat during a RoivasSevil visit and asks for information before becoming distracted and logging off. Is followed by a visit by 1AmTheHelp3r.

February 18, 2012 - Caught requests Little Butterfly decode a RoviasSevil message he recieved.

March 13, 2012 - Caught has a bizarre chat with Glaucopsyche, wherein he discusses some of the weird things that have been happening to him, before ending the chat in a extremely peculiar way.

April 11, 2012 - Caught discusses the nature of the butterflies and expresses annoyance that he is being asked to revisit the alley.