Caught's Apartment

"Do you take girls back to your child coffins often?"


Caught's apartment is, predictably, one of the central locations of the series. Apparently a small, single room; he has existed in this space since before he can remember. His first awareness was of waking up in his apartment and nothing prior. It is therefore unsure how long he has lived in this particular place but it has been established that he at one point paid his rent far in advance, and signed his lease under the pseudonym "Adem Denhin". He doesn't seem to remember doing this though.


Caught's apartment seems to be a small, single room style dorm apartment. It has two windows and a small couch on which Caught has been seen to sleep. The most important aspect, seemingly of the apartment, though, would seem to be Caught's wall of information, on which he has posted three categories (Roivas, Help3r and ?) under which he keeps track of viewers loyalties and the evidence that he collects regarding the events in his life. RoivasSevil and 1amTheHelp3r's categories mostly seem to list the viewers who seem to have allied themselves on one side or another; whereas the middle column bears some discussion of The Slender Man and his role.

Caught has also several times stated that he feels more comfortable in his apartment than anywhere else, particularly when there is rain outside. This has not, however, prevented trespass into the apartment by 1AmTheHelp3r and possible RoivasSevil. Caught's apartment has repeatedly been ransacked while he was not home, once after 141888 1422? and once again while Caught was missing prior to Dead End. 1AmTheHelp3r has also been filmed entering Caught's apartment and leaving an address on Caught's pillow in Sleepwalking. The Slender man has also been repeatedly spotted in the vicinity of Caught's apartment in "Sorry." and operator symbols have been marked in an apartment close to his. Paired with Caught's nightly symptoms of paranormal activity, and Natalie's portaling to his doorway; his apartment is not wholly without activity.