Caught Visit - March 13, 2012

On March 13, 2012 Caught entered the chat when only Glaucopsyche was present. He speaks with her for a while about his situation, and the weird events in his life. There are many abnormalities in this chat, such as a loud, inexplicable banging noise off screen, and a period of audio disruption. At the end of the chat Caught falls asleep on camera before waking up in a comatose state, walking off screen and disconnecting that chat.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

March 13, 2012

Caught enters the chat
Caught: Do me a solid and don't go spamming the web that I'm here.
Glaucopsyche: can do.
Caught: I'm looking for a conversation not an exhibition.
Glaucopysche: Sure thing.
Caught: Can you tell me about Roivas, Help3r, that box that Laparus received? (etc.)
Glaucopsyche: Roivas comes in occasionally, Help3r is not very nice to us, the box was about Laparus protecting me (etc.)
Caught: What do these Butterfly names mean?
Glaucopsyche: Every Butterfly name has a meaning, i.e. Glaucopsyche, who sees more than she knows (etc.)
Caught: I've been looking into you, well, YOU specifically.
Glaucopsyche: o.O
Caught: I want to talk to Help3r, I'm curious about him.
Glaucopsyche: He comes in here occasionally. Have you tried checking the twitter more often?
Caught: I'll try.
Glaucopsyche: Why do you have that pipe?
Caught: Just in case.
Caught: Look, I don't really trust you guys.
There is a rattling off screen whenever Caught tries to speak
Caught: I don't know why it's doing that.
Caught turns on the lights and shows the camera that there is nothing in the closet
Caught: I'm suspicious it might be that thing from Willows Peak. I think that might be Roivas.
Butterflies: Anything else weird going on?
Caught: My TV keeps turning itself on. I even unplugged it and it's still turning on.
There are random noises off screen
Butterflies: What's that?
Caught: It always sounds like it's raining. It's not though. I feel better when it is raining though. Same with being in the apartment, I'm not sure that 'it' can get in here.
Caught: It seems to be around all the time though. It doesn't always show up on camera though, it only seems to do that when it's angry.
Butterflies: Keep that slender-bane bottle close then.
Caught: I have been, the contents are half gone though.
Butterflies: Have you tried watching the tape from Willows Peak yet?
Caught: It's pretty messed up. Its in the video shop, trying to get it cleaner.
Butterflies: Why'd you use that fake name on your lease?
Caught: Can I get evicted for a fake name?
Caught: Tell me about Adam, Lycaena, and Little Butterfly.
Butterflies: Why?
Caught: Adam is the one who told me to start filming myself, Lycaena records everything, and I've talked to Little Butterfly. I also really want to talk to Rovias, about that picture.
Butterflies: How's Natalie holding up?
Caught: Not so great, she hasn't left her house since Willows Peak.
Glaucopsyche: What do you know about the Showtime Killer?
Caught: I don't know how a serial killer has anything to do with this.
Glaucopsyche: He's been in chat a few times and Roivas's box had some warnings about him.
Caught: I seems to mean something, but I have no idea what. I'm worried about the number of children getting involved in this, Antiopa and Inachis. I don't want them killed because of me. I don't care if they knew the risks of getting involved. You all better protect them.
A guest enters the chat. During this time Caught's Audio cuts out.
Caught: What are your names? Just your first names don't be internet stupid! You look familiar.
Glaucopsyche: Have you been watching my videos or reading my blogs? You would know it already. [Redacted: Glaucopsyche's name].
Caught: I have nothing else to say here but I just don't wanna leave yet…
Caught whispers to himself for a while as he gets ready I.E. "I don't know what to do. Eventually, Caught falls asleep on camera. After a few minutes, Caught sits up, eyes open, looking around, unresponsive. He stares at his hand for a while, then played with his lighter, then stared at his closet. Eventually he rises, walks of screen. There are a series of loud noises then the screen goes black.
Caught leaves the chat

Special thanks to Bananabruises for compiling this chat log