Caught Visit - May 2, 2014

On May 2 2014, Caught entered the chat …

May 2, 2014

Caught enters the chat
Caught: Hey, I will be stopping by in a few hours, just wanted to let you people know.
Caught: I Have some things to attend to at the moment, I will see you later to
Caught left the room
Caught enters the chat
Chat: hi caught
Denitza: you are listening to jazz
Caught: Yes I am. So uh, it's been a while.
Phlogea: Are you still with Natalie?
Caught: Yeah, she's out of the way though. It hasn't rained in a while though, it's been nice and sunny, which is just what we want.
Caught: First of all, I just wanted to thank the person who woke me up.
Denitza: she's not present but we'll pass that along
Caught: Still, you can pass on the message, because I don't know how that all went down.
Hellion: I have a message from her to you
Caught: Yeah, sure. what?
Hellion: "I'm glad to see you well"
Caught: well, I hope that she's well too. I'm not sure how any of that works. apparently it has something to do with this [shows tattoos]
Hellion: She's had a bit of a rough time, but she's doing better now
Caught: good. hopefully the better continues.
Hellion: Here's hopin'.
Andthehatter: So what's been going down? =)
Caught: What’s been going on? Y’know, getting away from a psychopath who decided it would be a great idea to make me an accessory to murder. That was fun.
Laparus & Urbanus: i feel you
Laparus & Urbanus: yeah, I don't imagine Help3r's exactly a gracious host
Caught: I wouldn't use the word "gracious" no. "structured", sure. every day it's "do this at this time, do this at this time."
Tarquinius: almost as if you were a prisoner oh my
Caught: [laughs] yeah.
Caught: But hey, he's gone. freedom, sweet freedom.
Hellion: I'm sorry for prying, but i'm trying to better understand him;
Hellion: what did he have you do?
Caught: he had me read a lot. case files, and like, look through - try and see stuff. He didn't really give me much structure, I wasn't sure what he thought I would figure out. He just threw stuff in my face and hoped I’d make connections on my own. I don’t know if that was the idea or what. Everything that I figured out, I’ve seen what’s gone on on the channel, I don’t know why he didn’t tell you anyways in the first place ???? like I said, the bases are covered in what he told you. It sees you, and you either get taken, or you go insane. That’s fun. and apparently he thinks that like, there’s some kind of resistance or whatever to it, but I dunno. at the same time, he called himself resistant, but by the category you set up, you are not resistant.
Caught: I dunno why it hasn't taken me, but I'm here.
Andthehatter: You don't think you're resistant.
Loxura: Seems like it can't …honestly…
Loxura: The way it gets pissed at you specifically.
Caught: there's no evidence to state that resistance is even a thing.
Denitza: I mean, didn't it try to take you? and it couldn't?
Loxura: I'd say you're evidence.
Caught: maybe it tried, or maybe it's just fucking with me. okay. let's say you have a rat. and you want it to learn to navigate a maze. so you make it feel like it's getting something. and then it goes through the maze to get a treat, and it feels like it's accomplished something. it's still in the maze. it hasn't accomplished anything. you've just made it feel like it has, while doing what you want it to.
Loxura: Well… you compare how it acts around you, to the other times it's been around near others…
Loxura: And there's a huge difference in how it seems to act. So, there's something there I guess, by It's choice or otherwise.
Caught: I could be wrong, maybe I am resistant. it doesn't mean I'm all that good, I'm just here. I'm not going anywhere. I'd rather it come to some end, at this point.
Hellion: It's a slim hope.
Loxura: And you piss it off. Which… is(n't) great. Heh.
Caught: [laughs] I pissed it off? at this point, I don't even care.
Wollastoni: At least, if you are, we know it's possible.
Loxura: Indeed.
Caught: "indeed". [laughs] you're a stark fellow.
Wollastoni: It's good to see you again, Caught.
Caught: *waves*
Hyparete: do you got any plans for the future?
Caught: I'm working on a few things, I can't really talk about it right now. I'll get to that. THere's another reason why I'm here, I'll get to it.
Wollastoni: Maybe you should be an interior decorating apprentice with Natalie.
Caught: [laughs] you don't want me decorating anything, I've been wearing the same black t-shirt for like, four years.
Denitza: oooh I bet it smells ripe
Samuelis: looks changed
Tarquinius: please tell me youve washed it
Hyparete: fabreeze ftw
Caught: Febreeze? I'm hoping that my overwhelming stench will keep things away.
Baptisiae: Caught, can I ask about the symbol on your arms?
Caught: What do you want me to tell you about the symbol? It's there. [shows symbols]
Baptisiae: Did Help3r put those there?
Caught: I assume so, I woke up and it was there. [gets up away from the computer and looks back behind him, music turns off]
Baptisiae: oh dear, Caught, are you okay?
Caught: I'm good.
Hellion: radio trouble?
Caught: apparently. I never know when something's really wrong, or just — anyways. How are the people who were in that video? Are they here? with the headphones and music?
Laparus & Urbanus: i'm here
Phlogea: They're alive
Caught: what about the other one?
Phlogea: Maya's at work
Wollastoni: They're recovering.
Caught: good. That's more than I could say for most of the people in those files.
Caught: did either of you get a chance to get a good look at him?
Laparus & Urbanus: no
Laparus & Urbanus: it was pitch dark
Laparus & Urbanus: the vid was the first we saw of him
Caught: okay
Laparus & Urbanus: sorry
Hellion: I'm still trying to wrap my head around that
Caught: what are you trying to wrap your head around? did I miss something?
Hellion: how they didn't see him
Caught: I have headphones on, in case anyone tried talking in here. but we always have music going.
Caught: [laughs]
Caught: Yeah, I was asking if either of them got a look at Showtime. "The Showtime Killer"
Phlogea: sounds like Help3r had you research that guy?
Caught: as much as there was. So, there was a lot of information on a lot of different people, but there wasn't actually much on the showtime killer. there were like two new articles. whoever they are, they're covering their tracks a mite well.
Loxura: He seems to be a freaking ghost yeah
Caught: So, uh.. I lost my train of thought. So I have something I need to ask of you guys, but you guys have done a lot. so- I doubt that there’s anything I can clear up for you, but if you guys can let me know now, Ill let you know what I need.
Laparus & Urbanus: Does the name Lilly ring any bells?
Laparus & Urbanus: even tinky tinkly ones?
Caught: Lilly? no. I don’t know anybody named Lilly. Though, i don’t know that many people [laughs]
Charithonia: memory loss kinda dwindles yer friendship pool
Caught: A little bit. [laughs] apparently I had friends, at one point, according to footage. but I don't.. I don't remember that. I don't even remember ever holding a gun at any point in my life, but apparently I did. It's like remembering dreams, but you end up not remembering because you weren't there, but you were… it's frustrating.
Loxura: I have a question… though I think you know as much as we do..
Caught: The fuck?! [gets up, music stops, returns a moment later]
Dreamerhelps23: You okay??
Wollastoni: What's wrong?
Caught: Something wrong with the player, it's pissing me off… Okay, anyways. Did I miss something?
Loxura: Why did you call the channel "caughtnotsleeping", and yourself "caught"? because you seemed to go by the name in that footage.
Caught: It was funny because I was sleeping and didn't feel like I was sleeping. And I didn't know my name, so I guess it just kind of stuck.
Charithonia: weird how it came up in the footage though
Loxura: yeah, thought so. Yet… it seems to have more to it than I guess. Subconsciously or something.
Caught: [gets up angrily, presumably to fix the music player]
Goose: … anyone know that song?
Laparus & Urbanus: dude just turn it off, it'd gonna keep fucking with
Glaucopsyche: I think silence might be worse though
Caught: yeah I don't.. the sound is good. I'd rather get mad at it than just stop it.
Hyparete: did that just start messing up tonight?
Caught: It's not my music, it's Natalie's. I didn't really get into the "collecting music" hobby while I was trying to figure out why I couldn't remember anything.
Laparus & Urbanus: So yeah, any idea how Natalie tracked you down to casa del Helpsy?
Caught: apparently where we were, was really close by to where he killed scott. so she started searching around that stump, because that had some connection to things, and she figured it out. apparently it's a part of the park, willow's peak park
Caught: I'll be right back [gets up and leaves, clinking glass sounds and suddenly light]
9802: lilly by pink maritini
9802: the song that keeps playing is lilly
Laparus & Urbanus: of course it is

caught: Alright, what else? [room is dark once more]
paradox: When you were unconscious for that year, do you remember anything of where your mind was?
caught: When I first woke up, there were a few weeks where I felt like I did. it’s like when you wake up from a dream, but then the memory tapers, and you can’t remember more of it. I was really messed up for the first month of that. Our friend Help3r wasn’t really interested in tracking stuff down at the time, he only started that about three months in. So I think I did, but I don’t know.

caught: [dances a little bit with the music]
lapared: Laparus: Any tea parties with the doll?
caught: I feel like if I’d went anywhere near that doll, I wouldn’t be here now. if what I’d told scott was anything of an indication. I never got a chance to get near that thing anyways.

rabbit_table: That wall at help3rs, help3r said you were writing stuff on our pictures. Was that just goofing around or?
caught: You wanna know why your face was all blacked out?
chat: Yeah.
caught: Because apparently Showtime is killing people for you, and your guys are dead. Or at least, we can’t find them. They may not be dead.
denitza: well…
denitza: nice knowing ya, steve_b
caught: Or at least I assume so, couldn’t find them anywhere, it doesn’t really ring well, but that’s why…

missanna: steve_b got away I think
paradox: So how many are missing/dead, if you remember?
paradox: Because we are seriously short on that info.
caught: I dunno, when he blew the place up like a damn psychopath I lost all my notes, but I think there were five that were dead, and more that were missing. or something like that.

mayaxpapaya: speaking of Showtime, do you know anything about his latest victim?
mayaxpapaya: the one whose apartment had stuff written in it?
mayaxpapaya: "The show must go on" I think
caught: There’s that one reporter who got in, he was then blacklisted, blackballed and kicked out, he hasn’t been working since then, he wasn’t even supposed to be on that scene but since the news covered it…

lapared: red: what about Finch
lapared: heard anything about her?
lapared: i just wanna make sure she got out

caught: [looks through papers] Finch? Yeah HElp3r apparently thought she was the next victim or something, but there’s nothing else. If she’s not a victim, that’s something right? Maybe that’s good? If I can be optimistic.
lapared: mkay
lapared: thanks

caught: Okay, speaking of that. So, Showtime, for whatever reason, really loves y’all.
And apparently is killing effigies with your names.

banana: not quite
banana: mine was killed in a place that matched my name
sage: not in my case
missanna: or location or hobby or looks, lots of things
denitza: and yep, that's his M.O., similar folks
banana: her actual name was different from mine
banana: and apparently she resembled me >__>
missanna: Sage's had a similar life story, but a different name

caught: mm, I remember you!
banana: HI 8D
caught: I remember because I thought your name was funny.

caught: Here’s a request, and I can’t tell you why I need it. but y’all butterflies are on showtime’s radar somehow, for some reason. so anyone who sees fit to help me out, if you could send your first name to the channel, that would be useful. I can’t tell you why, but it would be very useful.
hellion: Butterflies only?

caught: It only seems to be targeting them, so … ????
caught: speaking of which, how’s ?? spooky thing. Good ol RoivasSevil.

paradox: Roivas…
paradox: Well… odd.
missanna: we're not really sure?
banana: MIA kind of?
caught: that’s encouraging

lapared: red: last we heard from her, she zapped me across the country
paradox: She kind of seemed to remember a shit tone of she was…
paradox: Then vanished.
moogle: Well, she's. going through an identity crisis
lapared: We're not sure, she seems to be reverting to some other personality or something
lapared: Someone called Lilly
caught: So that’s why you asked me, if I knew the name. Well, Roivas apparently contacted you, not me, so why would I know it. But who knows what I now. I wish I knew what I know. That’s a really weird thing to say.
missanna: Roivas apparently knows you. Hoped the name would jog a lost memory.
missanna: guess we'll keep looking elsewhere.

kelvin: Did your music stop?
caught: No, it’s playing. There’s smooth bass playing.

caught: But yeah, if you could send out that request to anyone who’s not here who may be able to help me out, that would be great.
lapared: will do

hellion: Quick question from someone who can't make it
hellion: Does help3r speak like a human being? like with words?
caught: [laughs] How else would one speak? With tickles?
snorlax: So then he does talk?
missanna: we've never heard his voice. Just what sounded like animal growls. »;
caught: He’s got like a deep, deep gravelly voice. I dunno, it’s hard to explain. Serious. I dunno what to tell ya.
snorlax: Any face you can see under the giant hood?
caught: From what I know now, he’s obviously a person. There’s some kind of mask under it, like a cover. But I’ve never seen him without it. He’s kept me in that room until he wanted me to do something, and then he’d have me do it.
caught: After so many months of being there, I started to think “what is going on here” but I managed to knock him out. Must be a person.

paradox: We who have to consider people/things as potentially not human until proven otherwise.
hellion: Had there been any deviations to him, while you were with him?
caught: deviations how?
hellion: acted strange
caught: [laughs] Everything that Help3r does is strange. But he acted pretty much like Help3r. Serious. To the point. ???
hellion: okay, thats interesting
lapared: Red: there was a time, he came in, he was almost nice

[the song skips again] caught, to the music player: Fine, whatever.

caught: I have no recollection of Help3r being nice, at least not to me. I know Help3r takes that doll everywhere they go, always. It’s usually in that case.

hellion: Ahh, I had noticed he acted strangely kind and irrational the few times we saw him
[various butterflies mention sending names]
caught: thank you
caught: Honestly you’ve probably had more interaction with Help3r than I did. in all that time I was there, he only came in to drop food on the floor, or give me more boxes. and when he did bring me out, it was just “walk, don’t talk to me”. he treats me like a dog, essentially.

zero: so why did he blow up his house? o-o
caught: I don’t know honestly. the more I think about it, it was just people knew where he was, it wasn’t safe anymore.
guest_24601: The location was compromised. Makes sense.
caught: [in a mock-gruff voice] “the location was compromised”
hellion: and he does have "properties", so its not like he's out of safe houses
dreamerhelps23: 7.5
missanna: best rule
caught: [laughs] oh, I’m sure he was happy to see that. I have no regrets.

hellion: Wait till you see rule 7.5.5 from help3r "no you"
blue: I might give up my hunt for rule 13 with 7.5 being that amazing

caught: he didn't tell me anything about rules- scratch that, that’s a lie. right before we went into that place with that guy- the place near the water, he told me about everyone being infected who sees it. but that’s the only time help3r ever mentioned a rule. it was right before we got there. we were paddling across this lake and that’s the only thing he said the entire time.

rabbit_table: Has natalie spoken about the thing that was in the middle of the road in Happy Hour?
caught: I’ve seen it. Your guess is as good as mine. I mean it’s pretty clear what it is.

lapared: Laparus: by the way, how's your neck feeling?
caught: [laughs] It’s still attached.

zero: so do you know of all are shit or do we need to update you?
caught: Honestly, dude, whatever y’all are into, I can’t even begin- I’ve gleaned a little bit of it, it’s just too much. I can’t look into it and do what I’m trying to do here. I’m seriously thinking every day that’ll be the last time- because it won’t rain, that’ll be fucking it. so I’m having a hard time concentrating on anything anyways.

hellion: Yeah, thats fair, though i do have one question, if you can manage it
caught [in a doofy voice]: I cannot manage your question
hellion: thats fair
caught: No, I’m joking. Ask your question.
crowmaiden: haha
crowmaiden: goober.
caught: I am not a peanut.

hellion: well its related a little bit to our situation
caught: ask it or don’t ask it, that’s your choice. [starts looking off behind him]
hellion: Do you know why Roivas would say that you are necessary to getting rid of a creature named mirrors?
caught: I have no idea about anything that Roivas says. Anything that Roivas has ever said has not helped me figure out anything. I cannot imagine that I would be integral to getting rid of anything. Maybe I could help you forget things [laughs]
hellion: A bottle of spirits?
caught: What about a bottle of spirits?
paradox: Hah, I'd take you up on that maybe.

lapared: red: back on showtime stuff, but i still have the crap he sent me, did you want a look at it when i get back home?
lapared: since you seem to be on his case a bit
caught: That’d be great. Just take some pictures and send ‘em.
lapared: will do, but i might be here a bit

dreamerhelps23: Caught, do you still have the stuff that repels the beast??
caught: I have nothing that I didn’t have on me when we got on that boat. I have nothing. Nothing. Apparently somebody else moved into my apartment, and all my stuff got trashed.
lapared: so you lost the slenderbane, damn
caught: “slenderbane” [laughs a lot] That sounds like something out of a bad comic book. “That’s our guy. he has the slenderbane, he’ll take care of it!” [laughs more]

lapared: you can thank my late brother for that name
crowmaiden: well what would you prefer it be called? XD Slendy away?
caught: I like this idea. “Slendy-Away”. from the makers of “Bigfoot Be Gone”.

caught: [looks off screen] Really? What the hell?
9802: countdown to lilly playinh
denitza: there it is again
dreamerhelps23: Jeez louise mac n cheese

caught: i even lost my sweatshirt when natalie came around, because it was still in the room when natalie came around. so I’m losing more and more things.
starling: Do you have shoes finally?
hellion: and it was exploded
dreamerhelps23: You need us to get you anything??
caught: Nah, don’t send me more things. WE know what happens to people who get more involved.

lapared: sounds like something really fucking with you
moogle: too late
loxura: Well we're already involved dude.
loxura: have been for three years. haha
caught: well you’re dumb like natalie too
loxura: Seemingly so. Heh.

caught: Regardless, I’m good. I have a way of getting what I need.
crowmaiden: fists?
caught: yes, I go into walmart and windmill my fists about until they give me things.
blue: you gonna beat up another dude for a coat
caught: I didn’t beat up that guy for his coat. he just *had* a nice coat. Crap, I don’t have that coat anymore either.
missanna: aw crap. That was a great coat
lapared: laparus, Dude, you want one of mine? I have too many.
starling: Puppet suggests stealing one of Help3r's. >w>
caught: Yeah, I’m gonna go up to help3r and steal his coat.
kelvin: Help3r had a stylin' coat

hellion: I will say, that dive, not a good idea
caught: Oh no, the dive was a fantastic idea. I can’t beat Help3r in a fight. You think that was the first time I tried to get away? So I let him lay me out, and then I stabbed him with the syringe. Not a great idea? Fuck you, it’s why I’m here now.
snorlax: Caught, a backyard wrestler you are not
hellion: absolutely fair, it worked
laparus: Can't say I woulda done much different
caught: I tried to get away before, the guy’s just stronger than me. And he’s better. But I beat him. I won.

zero: so caught i hafft to ask you do you think natlies telling the truth about her job?
caught: What, about her being an interior designer? Yeah. She’s working on it like, almost every day. If not here, then going out and shopping for stuff. She had to drive down to portland last weekend to go look at some walls. It’s a weird hippie job for weird over classed people, but it pays the bills apparently. so who am I to argue about it, or rather, to degrade to on?

dreamerhelps23: Any suspicions at all about Natalie? hate to ask
caught: suspicious about natalie how? I’m willing to suspect that she doesn’t need those glasses to see. We’ve had a few conversations about that [laughs]
dreamerhelps23: Was she drinking in the video or acting drunk..
loxura: Is the fact that help3r freaked the heck out when he was at her house and found a bunch of stuff.
caught: She’s sleeping, so [whispers loudly] Natalie’s a bit of a hipster!
caught: I don’t remember much about that night, so I couldn’t tell you. sorry.

loxura: It's not that we don't trust her, just curious about why he would freak out like that.
dreamerhelps23: Yeah, I kinda thought. It's all good
hellion: that was one of those jumps in irrationality.
dreamerhelps23: we all need to unwind sometimes

caught: help3r murders people and claims they are super resistant, I can't understand that. Even on the news, no I don’t understand that, I don’t fucking understand help3r

caught: what I do know is that I was in that basement for over a year and kept being brought boxes of blacked out people for god knows reasons why and natalie is the reason I am out there and here right now. [AN: Will edit when audio is available]
dreamerhelps23: Understandable
rabbit_table: if those pictures were at her old house though why were they there
zero: well she somehow found him wen all are firends told us he was off the grid and unfindable
rabbit_table: especially if they appear to be before you lost your memory
caught: Show me these pictures of me playing guitar, and we’ll talk about it. Show me the evidence and we’ll talk. Speculation is a valuable tool, but it doesn’t solve things.

dreamerhelps23: speaking of pictures, know anything about that creepy painting?
caught: I know she hung it right back up like she said she would! I hate that thing. She did come back from portland with some quaint gothic frames and stuff, I guess that’s their style.
starling: Does it have an artist name on the picture?
starling: Or a title or date for it?

Caught: here, hold on, I'll get the painting, I'll get it!
Dreamerhelps23: if it's important
Laparus & Urbanus: guys i tink we're reading alittle too far into the painting
Dreamerhelps23: maybe
Caught: here's your painting! [shakes painting]
Charithonia: I still think it's creepy as shit
Antiopa: spooky
Caught: Yeah, I agree.
Chat: is there a signature on it?
Caught: it's a Margaret Kane.
Denitza: the name of the painting is "a little kiss"
Samuelis: looks changed
Denitza: yeah, I think the eyes got scratched out or something
Samuelis: Not odd at all
Caught: hang on let me get it out of the trash [leaves and comes back with it]
Goose: That's … cute.
Philenor: Yeah like it's bleeding black from its eyes or something
Wollastoni: if you click your heels three times maybe you'll get your memory back
Phlogea: makes it more goffick
Goose: Maybe they commissioned a different version or some such
Wollastoni: ohmygod I tabbed back in from checking email and I see that shit
Wollastoni: spooky little girls instead of happy little trees
Caught: Bam! trash can. I dunno, they’re weird people. In the closet, they had one bunny slipper, and the other one was a zebra or a cow. But they’re what I got. I’m wearing them right now, and they are cozy.
Wollastoni: if you click your heels three times maybe you'll get your memory back
Caught: I tried that, Blue. You know what I got? sore heels.
Caught: alright, I gotta take care of something real soon, so anything you guys gotta say
Segecia: Give Natalie our love
Phlogea: Does Marcellus Help3r look like a bitch?
Caught: [laughs] I dunno. Like I said, I never saw under that.
Dreamerhelps23: Oh, Caught, did you get my message about prom?? :3 sorry had to
Caught: And I don't think that you need that in your life. I'm old and gross.
Phlogea: he apparently stink
Phlogea: Stink bros
Guest_24601: I believe I have the market cornered on old and gross
Hellion: OH. Do you have a pair of shoes now?
Caught: got a pair of boots now. sturdy boots. this is a good thing to have. sturdy boots are much better than no shoes.
Caught: alright guys, unless there's something else, I gotta go or I'm gonna miss this.
Chat: Bye, stay safe and give Natalie our love and come back soon.
Baptisiae: When will you be back?
Caught: I don't know, it depends on plans and I don't want to go into.
Caught: Just, let the other butterflies know to send in your name - first name. It would be very helpful.
Dreamerhelps23: We'll do what we can
Hyparete: its nice to be working with you and not through outlines or brickers «
Samuelis: Stay safe and take care!
Wollastoni: We missed you a lot.
Baptisiae: It's been good to see you
Caught: I'll try not to get dead. No one here get dead either.
Caught: alright. i'm gonna go. please be safe in your … creepy Roivas thing. I'll talk to you guys later. bye.
Caught left the room

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log