Complete Plot Summaries

This is a complete summary of various plot events. ARG events occur alongside The Main Channel but are not essential to understanding The Main Channel, which is also summarized here. Summaries are listed in order of occurrence. For a more exhaustive list please visit the Timeline's Tumblr.

Main Events

The Main Channels Ongoing

This channel follows the primary events in the CaughtNotSleeping. Caught, the eponymous protagonist comes to YouTube attempting to solve his insomnia. When he is contacted by two separate mysterious players RoivasSevil, and 1AmTheHelp3r, and shortly thereafter encounters the Slender Man, he begins to reveal to the audience realities of what he has been experiencing; primarily that he is a victim of The Slender Man. Joined by a fan by the name of Natalie, the series follows their attempts to uncover what is really happening to Caught, who can be trusted, and what really has happened to Caught.

A.R.G. Events

The Mirror Sub-plot Tentatively Resolved

After an entity came into the CaughtNotSleeping TinyChat impersonating various players, it revealed itself to be an entity existing in the same realm as RoivasSevil. Taking a antagonistic stance against the players, "The Mirror" began to coerce the Players into sacrificing their "light". As the Mirror began to assemble it's own followers it grew increasingly powerful, preventing communications with RoivasSevil, Natalie and other players. It has since been 'defeated', although continues to interact with other ARG elements in a peripheral way.

The Showtime Interactions Ongoing

First introduced in the background of a main channel video, The Showtime Killer has made infrequent visits into the TinyChat and other Out of Game areas, leveling threats against the safety of the players. Showtime has also been revealed as having murdered several 'Effigies' of various players. Although their identity has never been fully revealed, the Showtime Killer has also been repeatedly referenced by primary players such as RoivasSevil and 1AmTheHelp3r as a dangerous, unstable threat against the players.

Light in the Dark Place Sub-Plot Tentatively Ongoing

Spinning off from the Mirror Subplot, after the Butterfly Thyodamas was coerced into sacrificing her light, the embodiment of what had been sacrificed returned to the chat, existing now in a "Dark Place". The Light bears similarities to Thyodamas and both are subject to the same feelings should they be injured; but the Light has recently begun emerging as an independent entity. Her infrequent visits catalog her journey through the surreal Dark Place with fellow Dark Placian Lasaia as they attempt to understand where they are and where they can be safe.

Searching_For_Loxura Sub-Plot Ongoing

Despite never speaking, Searching_For_Loxura made it apparent it was in search of some sort of revenge towards the Butterfly Loxura. Though it has never made it's intentions perfectly known, it has expressed a desire to hurt Loxura, which have resulted in mysterious physical pain, despite no obvious source. Loxura has also reported hearing music which represents the presence of Searching_for_Loxura, although it cannot be seen. In order to protect Loxura, the players called on the services of a mysterious entity known only as The Weaver.

Waking Caught Sub-Plot Tentatively Resolved

Crossing over slightly with the Main Channel,reporting that Caught, who was comatose at the time, was fading, 1AmTheHelp3r required the light of one of the players. Reacting to Butterfly Allyni's general offer to help, he asked if she was willing to do so. After privately instructing her on the process, Allyni sacrificed her light and began suffering the psychological after-effects therein. Having been possessed by The Mirror, subject to hearing voices, and privy to mysterious dreams. Allyni's symptoms continue, but having woken Caught, the situation appears to be resolved.

The Weaver Company Ongoing

After calling the Weaver in order to protect the Butterfly Loxura, the players were contacted by a representative of the organization that controlled the Weaver; primarily, the Weaver's handler, Warren. Warren advised the Butterflies on the actions of the Weaver, as well as other mysterious entities to which he was privy. After increasingly harsh demands on behalf of the company, (including forcing the Butterfly Laparus to confront a pair of serial killers known as the Mars Brothers), Warren left the organization, which was shortly there-after destroyed, apparently by The Slender Man. Warren has continued to monitor the Weaver and advise the players alongside the runner TheUnknown.