Dead End

There. You happy now?

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Dead End was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on December 30th, 2011. It is 5:44 minutes long.

Natalie reveals that Caught is missing and that there have been interactions between viewers and RoivasSevil, who are now referred to as "Butterflies". Natalie reluctantly visits the address left by 1AmTheHelp3r in search of Caught on the insistence of the butterflies, but discovers nothing where the address is supposed to be.

Additional Information

Appearance of 1AmTheHelp3r and RoivasSevil

The music played between 5:08 and 5:44, also heard in Unknown Footage would seem to have some connection to 1AmTheHelp3r and it is possible that 1AmTheHelp3r was present during the events of Dead End. Also RoivasSevil's red note card, with the Butterfly icons represents her involvement in the events. It would seem that Dead End is a continuation of the seeming competition between RoivasSevil and 1AmTheHelp3r.

The House

Caught is later seen entering the house at the Address with no issue. It is likely that Natalie was unable to see the house at the time, leading to questions regarding the supernatural elements of the house at Lansing Place.

Fan Interactions

Both Natalie and RoivasSevil's note references , the Butterflies a group of fans who have responded to RoivasSevil's request for faces by making videos. They were encouraged to urge Natalie to seek out Caught once she admitted that he was missing.


Confirmed Theories

The Stickers on the Envelope relate to the Butterflies, and the note directed at them.

Working Theories and Observations

The Laparus Butterfly is sitting apart from the rest on the envelope, indicating user/Butterfly ChewieV2, who is 'safe' according to RoivasSevil.

The note reads: "He has gone in. We have flown to slowly."

Further Speculation

It seems likely that Natalie was hearing the music in the woods the same time Caught did during Lansing Place after opening the door. ~ The Archivist