Extreme Circumstances

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Extreme Circumstances was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on March 21st, 2014. It is 1:44 minutes long.

After several months of radio silence, Natalie appears in the woods. She seems to be searching or running from something. Evidence suggests that she is in search of 1AmTheHelp3r's hideout in order to find and rescue Caught. After 1AmTheHelp3r appears, Natalie hides, watching him as he detonates something in the distance. Natalie flees, encountering Caught, who engages 1AmTheHelp3r, injecting him with a mysterious substance and allowing them to escape together.

Additional Information

Slender Man Appearances

  • There is Visual Distortion at 0:24, 0:45, 0:49, 1:08, 1:40
  • There is Audio Distortion at 0:00,
  • Slender Man is visible at 0:24

Player Interaction

Natalie briefly entered the fanchat prior to this video, announcing her intention to rescue Caught from 1AmTheHelp3r. The players encouraged her to wait and take things carefully. She eventually left the chat, ambigious as to her next course of action.


Confirmed Theories

The explosion in the video was 1AmTheHelp3r blowing up his own safehouse or base confirmed in Happy Hour


Further Speculation

So, Caught stuck a syringe in him. Does that imply that he is affected by drugs like normal people? ~ Shadow Heart on Youtube