Followers of Mirrors

"I see you, you see me."

July 31st, 2012, the Mirror offered RoivasSevil's Butterflies a deal with which they could retrieve the remainder of RoivasSevil's message to Little Butterfly. As part of this deal he requested a that five of the Butterflies perform a ritual wherein they breathed on a mirror, wiped away the condensation and repeated the phrase "I see you, you see me". Although the Butterflies ultimately failed to perform this ritual to the Mirror's satisfaction, several players did the ritual and tied themselves to the mirror. Eventually the contents of the package were returned after Butterfly "Thyodamas" surrendered her light to the Mirror in order to protect her friends.

However since this time, The Mirror seems to have been cowed by the efforts of the Butterflies and fellow players. Although he has not denied the desire to acquire more followers, it seems that he has lost his interest in them.

The Followers

The Followers are by definition those who have volunteered of their own volition to join the Mirror



The first of the volunteer Mirror followers BlueMoonLycan seems to have been instrumental in recruiting many of the other followers.

  • Act 1: BlueMoonLycan joins the Mirror



One of BlueMoonLycan's recruits

  • Act 1: Stormbby17 joins the Mirror
  • Act T00: Stormbby17 affirms her connection to the Mirror

Ragon Dicon




The Mirror's Victims

Those who chose to do a ritual of the Mirror under extenuating circumstance


The first to the Mirror ritual, in order to buy Little Butterfly more time to solve the puzzle contained within her RoivasSevil box



One of RoivasSevil's butterflies who performed the ritual in order to try and retrieve the contents of Little Butterfly's package.

  • for yasurc: JustAlittleMessenger does Mirror's ritual to try and help RoivasSevil
  • for laparus: JustAlittleMessenger consents to Laparus' attempt to severe her connection with the Mirror

Thyodamas - "Sweet Sister"


The one the Mirror refers to as "Sweet Sister" and seems to value most highly, Thyodamas of the Butterflies gave her light to the Mirror after being told that he would either take her light or the light of Butterfly Loxura. Since then Thyodamas has been a focus of the Mirror.