Four Days Remain.

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Four Days Remain was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on August 19th, 2011. It is 0:17 minutes long.

1AmTheHelp3r seems to have hijacked Caught's YouTube account, leaving a helpful message for the fans of CaughtNotSleeping, warning them that their time to solve the riddle and release Caught is dwindling.

Additional Information

The Riddle

This video was likely sent out not only as a time reminder, that almost half of the viewers time was gone but also a notice for those fans that had yet to find 1AmTheHelp3r's YouTube account.


Confirmed Theories

The letters in red in the first screen, "Pardon everyone, my domineering attitude. Sincerely," is the mnemonic device PEMDAS, which outlines order of operations in math.

Working Theories and Observations

Further Speculation

The cough and scream sounds extremely familiar. Could it be the missing audio from "Rule #3" where the audio is covered by a siren? ~ The Archivist