Fouxe Visit - July 11, 2014

On July 11 2014, Fouxe entered the chat …

July 11, 2014

Fouxe enters the chat
Chat: Hi!
Dreamerhelps23: are you okay Fouxe?
Fouxe: I am the picture of health. How are you?
Chat: okay
Fouxe: Guess what?
Chat: what?
Fouxe: I know something YOU dont knooooow.
Loxura: This doesn't surprise me.
Fouxe: Well … specifically you Paradox. I know something YOU dont knooooow.
Fouxe: … well I should say I know something you should know.
Fouxe: but you don't…
Fouxe: At least … anymore.
Loxura: Oh, I was beginning to think you'd forgotten. pardon the pun.
Loxura: yeah no kidding
Loxura: supposedly. suppose it’s wishful thinking for you know why? as well as what?
Fouxe: How are you Paradox?
Loxura: about as good as one can expect to be given the state of his mind these days.
Loxura: in other words, perfectly fine.
Fouxe: and then there is Sean?
Loxura: what about him?
Fouxe: How is he?
Glaucopsyche: last we heard, he was doing alright
Loxura: As far as I know, he's probably not the peak of any sort of health, but yeah. he's around.
Fouxe: You see, that is interesting… and the german lass?
Fouxe: How is she?
Loxura: also fine, as far as I know?
Loxura: … why?
Loxura: what do they have to do with my memory fuckary or whatever?
Fouxe: hmm?
Maraho: You're not very direct are you Ms Fouxe?
Loxura: i'm asking why you're asking? what does it have to do with whatever you know that I should?
Fouxe: I thought you all were working on something?
Segecia: we are
Charithonia: And what about it?
Segecia: if you are talking about all of us that is
Loxura: if you give me a second, i'll have stable internet, maybe then you can tell me what you're talking about?
Fouxe: May want to get that ship on the sea.
Fouxe: If these three are "fine" to you. You are ill-prepared.
Fouxe: anyhoo
Fouxe: Bored now
Fouxe: ta
Fouxe left the room

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log