Jerred Mars Visit - November 15, 2013

On November 15, 2013 Jerred Mars, one of the much-discussed Mars Brothers entered the chat for the first time to make contact with the Butterflies. He thanked them for getting rid of the organization behind Weaver and allowing him the freedom to kill with impunity. He alludes to the fact that the fear of Slender Man is what drives him to kill, and the fact that he is not the first to do so.

"Jerred" occasionally changes his username to "Jarred_Mars" and will begin using all caps. He also refers to this other "Jarred" as though it was another person. It's implied that this is a violent alternate personality. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

November 15, 2013

Jerred_Mars enters the chat
Samuelis: What the hell are you doing here?
Jerred_Mars: Well well boy oh boy what a day. Finally time to talk to the faaaaaaamous butterflies.
Samuelis: Something you want to say?
Goose: If there is then say it.
Jerred_Mars: I thought I should say hi, you know.
"Jerred_Mars" changes username to "Jarred_Mars"
"Jarred_Mars" changes username to "Jerred_Mars"
Jerred_Mars: sorry thats not ice. how rude.
Samuelis: Having…issues?
Haydn: Well nice of you to stop by, do you want to talk?
Jannelle: What do you want jerred?
Jerred_Mars: we are talking buddy pal, friend of mine.
Jerred_Mars: thats what you guys do right, you talk?
Denitza: We are not friends of yours.
Urbanus: Just state your business.
"Jerred_Mars" changes username to "Jarred_Mars"
Goose: Why do you keep changing your name?
Jarred_Mars: TOUGH SHIT
Samuelis: Because he is unhinged
"Jarred_Mars" changes username to "Jerred_Mars"
Jerred_Mars: im sorry man, boy oh boy. You need to calm down mister.
Hesperiaris: choose a spelling man.
Glaucopsyche: I think Mr. Mars may be a somewhat multi-faceted person.
Goose: I think he's making a point, Or there's more than one person taking w/ us. Any particular reason you cam here tonight, Mars?
Jerred_Mars: Oh I've been here before, often you know.
"Jerred_Mars" changes username to "Jarred_Mars"
Charithonia: She's our friend.
"Jarred_Mars" changes username to "Jerred_Mars"
Hesperiaris: No regrets.
Charithonia: You can't have her. We won't let you.
Glaucopsyche: That "brat" is one of our own, so yeah, we're gonna protect her.
Tentyris: How terrible of us to protect our friend.
Urbanus: "Family" and all.
Jerred_Mars: sure, of course, makes sense.
Samuelis: You should understand the importance of family, right? ;)
Jerred_Mars: That I do.
"Jerred_Mars" changes username to "Jarred_Mars"
Denitza: good luck with that.
"Jarred_Mars" changes username to "Jerred_Mars"
Samuelis: That's not very nice.
Goose: You underestimate him.
Jerred_Mars: thats not nice I should not lie…how rude.
Denitza: hell, why stop at one dick. Eat ten.
Jerred_Mars: there wont be anything left to send :D but lets be serious. I want to thank you.
Charithonia: For what exactly? what did we do that's thank worthy?
Jerred_Mars: you wonderful butterflies, you guys are legends!
Goose: Who told you that, dude?
Jerred_Mars: You single handedly took out a group, a tight group that has been in operations for lifetimes all on your own.
Chat: That wasn't us.
"Jerred_Mars" changes username to "Jarred_Mars"
"Jarred_Mars" changes username to "Jerred_Mars"
Jerred_Mars: So, thank you.
Hesperiaris: This begs the question: Since we so effortlessly took out that group, why are you threatening our friend?
Jerred_Mars: Thank you very very much.
Samuelis: Well, not our doing, so don't thank us.
Jerred_Mars: Different sides of the fire my friend. Those people, you got killed, thems people you would call "good guys".
Urbanus: We didn't kill anyone.
Jerred_Mars: of coooourse you didnt.
Wollastoni: We didn't kill anybody. Any they were not the good guys.
Samuelis: And good is all about perspective.
Jerred_Mars: ^_-
Urbanus: We already told you, it wasn't us.
Jerred_Mars: You keep telling yourself that sport.
Glaucopsyche: yanno, if you really wanted to thank us, you could it by not hurting our friends. ijs.
roppop: Then explain how we did it.
Jerred_Mars: Oh we did thank you, by not going after your friends. But they seem to be coming at us. Sooooooooooooo. Sorry babes.
Urbanus: Don't call us that.
Wollastoni: We're not your babes.
Jerred_Mars: Not at all, by all means retaliate. I am not here to ask you not to.
Goose: Then why? Mocking us doesn't help shiit.
Jerred_Mars: I already told you, I wanted to thank you.
Roppop: You did. Multiple times.
Jerred_Mars: Because of what you "didnt" do.
Charithonia: because we didn't.
Jerred_Mars: things have been beautiful, like the old days.
Wollastoni: If this group we supposedly took out was around for lifetimes, how do you have a perspective on the good old days?
Hesperiaris: Eh, eventually, some one else will start yet another group to do what Weaver Co was doing. Like weeds.
Goose: Eldritch-wrangling weeds.
Jerred_Mars: the good old days were before they noticed us, we had dozens of people hanging in the work room then. only tree at the moment. but its progress.
Urbanus: How the fuck do you live with yourself.
Samuelis: You can shut the hell up about that.
Hesperiaris: I assume at least one of these poor bastards is someone we know?
Wollastoni: Well it's a little hard going unnoticed when you're doing shit like this.
Jerred_Mars: Sick, yeah I will give you that, but it does beg the questions…Why? Was I always a demented fuck, or did that never ending dread make me that way…I go back and forth on that.
Baptisiae: Dread of what exactly?
Jerred_Mars: Oh but it does help. It's the only thing that does.
Wollastoni: What're you dreading?
Jerred_Mars: when these three beg, and die. The dread calms. Even for a moment.
Charithonia: What dread?
Jerred_Mars: It's beautiful.
Urbanus: At least, that's what you think.
Charithonia: What makes you so scared?
Haydn: This sounds like an addiction.
Septentrionis: Is tall dark and slender after you?
Roppop: Something in your head that makes going without unpleasant?
"Jerred_Mars" changes username to "Jarred_Mars"
"Jarred_Mars" changes username to "Jerred_Mars"
Jerred_Mars: woah there tiger, you need to calm down. im so sorry. Im being rude again.
Denitza: Stow your fake apology.
Baptisiae: …You're not making sacrifices to him, are you?
Jerred_Mars: you don't seem to get it…
Hesperiaris: It is a tad bit rude to your guests to tie them up and kill them.
Wollastoni: How eloquently put. Anyhow. What makes murder alleviate your "dread of the beast"?
Jerred_Mars: it IS what protects us.
Hesperiaris: Perhaps you should be polite and let them go.
Haydn: How do you know it IS what protects you?
Jerred_Mars: it's the only thing that does.
Glaucopsyche: What makes you so much more worth keeping around than anyone you've killed? Why not just fuck off and die already?
Jerred_Mars: yes indeed, we arent the only ones use your heads. We may not be connected per se…but there are other who have found the same solution. it works.
Haydn: You need to be weaned off all the killing. Find something else to take your mind off of things.
Septentrionis: Just because it works does not mean that it is worth doing to save yourself.
Jerred_Mars: oh yes?
Wollastoni: So killing gives you some sort of weird high that makes you unafraid of the beast. Makes sense. Except now.
Jerred_Mars: But doctor I have headaches and this terrible burning sensation in my toes. Here let me lay on the couch.
Urbanus: Oh fuck off.
Roppop: That might be athlete's foot.
Hadyn: Ultimately it's a tossup between the deaths of countless innocent people and you.
Jerred_Mars: its cute I think you actually think I feel what we do is just? It's not, its not fair, its just what it is.
Hesperiaris: No, I feel you do what you do out of fear. And self-preservation.
Hadyn: Do you feel guilt?
Goose: It's cute that you think we caaaaaaaaarrree what you think of yourself.
Charithonia: So you kill to live. and you hate it eh?
Jerred_Mars: Bingo.
Urbanus: You're being a jackass and letting others pay the price for your fear.
Baptisiae: Okay, so you hate the actions you've taken.
Wollastoni: Why not search for alternatives?
Jerred_Mars: We have. Nothing else works darling.
Wollastoni: Why not search again? Search harder?
Urbanus: Then you should give up.
Charithonia: no basically your not really trying.
Jerred_Mars: besides those days of hoping for an alternative passed long ago.
Baptisiae: Mr. Mars, how long have you been doing this? How long have you been searching for another way?
Wollastoni: There's always hope. There's gotta be.
Urbanus: I'm not helping this fucker find an alternative.
Jerred_Mars: Word on the street about you guys is right haha.
Wollastoni: What word would that be?
Jerred_Mars: You are just full of fire ready to help scouts to the end.
Denitza: Ohana motherfucker.
Wollastoni: We just don't want to see innocent people get hurt.
Samuelis: Helping others seems better than standing by and watching other people suffer.
Jerred_Mars: I'm very proud of you.
Chat: We don't want your approval.
Jerred_Mars: Like I said apparently your buddy is coming for us now so, I wouldn't expect to hear from him again.
Glaucopsyche: Pride goeth before a fall.
Wollastoni: We beg to differ.
Jerred_Mars: I would love to talk it up with you crazy kids.
Urbanus: no srsly. Leave. There's the door.
Jerred_Mars: But well-diddly elp look like my girlfriends in the other room are-a-stirrin, time to load em in the truck and well, you know. Thanks again.
Glaucopsyche: Have fun getting murdered, I'll see you in hell~
Jerred_Mars leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log