Lasaia Visit - May 10, 2013

On May 10, 2013, What appeared to be an underscore visit, was revealed to actually be Lasaia, without Thyodamas' Light. he spoke for sometime, but his dialogue was not directed at the chat and he seemed unaware of their presence. He holds a conversation with an unseen, and unheard Thyodamas' Light; during which it is revealed that he has been injured, and that shortly before his "death" in a house fire, he witnessed both his "dead" sister return to life and the Slender Man.

Previously entering chat under several variations of an underscored name, this visit revealed that this represented the Light of Butterfly Thyodamas, which was previously abducted by The Mirror. It exists in the Dark Place and has developed sentience. Its conversational style mirrors that of Thyodamas. The Light played a video of misty smoke. Lasaia, is a resident of the Dark Place who was given a name by Thyodamas in the same style that Butterflies are renamed. He has since been able to speak directly to the Players. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

May 10, 2013

e enters the chat
Banana: I'd like to buy a vowel.
Twelve minutes pass, then "e" chances name to "ec"
Chat coaxes "ec" to continue.
"ec" changes name to "ech"
Polyommatus: Echo?
Hellion: Sooo…not going to talk?
Glaucopsyche: I think they might be "buffering", the way a certain glowy friend of ours does.
"ech" changes name to "echo"
Glaucopsyche: aha!
Thyodamas: We have a winner.
Hellion: Hello Echo.
"Echo" changes name to "_"
"_" Changes name to ""
"_" name to "_"
Thyodamas: Come on Light!
"_" changes name to "Lasaia"
Chat: general surprise
Hellion: Hey Lasaia,
Antiopa: Are you ok?
Hellion: Oooh, Echo, his thing, the tuner.
Lasaia: Relax…I don't think they know where we are.
Antiopa: Guys, I don't think he's talking to us.
Lasaia: No I don't think so. Just relax. Then come over here then. I want to be where I can see them.
Allyni: Lasaia, can you hear us?
Lasaia: See? They are just standing around. It's not your fault. heh, I'm fine. Sop…floating in circles…just come here. Relax. It is fine, I have had worse. Leave it alone, hey o_O … Actually…yeah…that does feel better…Calm down, it's not your fault, it's not even my good arm. I don't think they are going to be leaving…At least the big one doesn't seem to be around…a what? No I am fine here. -_-* fine. …calm down. o_O Alright fine, I will come over, give me a second. About what? …I…>.> I just don't like to talk about myself. I have told you…o_O ok damn just,…stop twitching…I told your friends…I don't exactly know. I have been here a long time…Normal enough…there is nothing special about my life…It is not a fun story Light. Yeah…I had a sister, that's it. Me, Jenny and our parents. Leave it be! It's fine, it's not even that deep. Yeah, we were born in Connecticut, but we lived in Korea. Dad got work there when we were both really young. Government, I dunno, I was never close to my dad. My sister pretty much raised me, even though we were the same age…stupid huh? Well I think so. What is with the doofy grin? o_O I don't care if you have no face I can tell you are smiling. Yeah…well, Jenny took care of me, I was a bit of a pain in the ass, and like I said, I was never close to my father. And for the record, I am not fourteen xP. Yeah, I'm skinny but I'm not fourteen @_@. Im se-well, I was seventeen before I got here. You don't want to know this story. Trust me. I was thirteen when she died. Well, presumed…but Jenny would never just leave, so she died. That's the only possibility. Anyway, my dad lost it, when she was taken and they never found anything at the site of any help, just signs of a struggle, or whatever. Dad lost it, he was never nice but, after that, anyway, one night, he and my mother had a fight, I remember it…pretty clearly. Three was years later, when I was SEVENTEEN -_- anyway, I don't know how it happened…but mom took off in the car and left. I just went to sleep. That night, there was a fire. I don't know, I just woke up and it was everywhere. I tried to get out the window, or at least get it open to let the smoke out, but it would not budge. I remember, by the trees in the back yard, there was someone standing there looking up at me. I tried to get out of the house, but the place was full of smoke…I could not breathe…I remember the chest pain…like hot metal shaving…in my lungs. I fell down the stairs and then…heh, look where we are. Standing there, coming towards me, Jenny, she was still young…she walked towards me, and…I remember vomiting…just…it was too much, but…she touched my face…and I could breathe…it was like the smoke moved slower…and the heat was gone…she said something I don't remember, and I passed out…woke up here. I told you it was not a fun story. No. No, it doesn't matter. STOP. I don't care. Since I have been here, I have been chased, and almost killed every day…and then…you. I don't know…that does not seem like something to ignore. Yeah, I got hurt, so what? I'm still here. Look, I don't care. You can curb your "risking your life for someone you have even seen" crap too. I see you, just fine. You care about this person, and they are in danger. So we will take care of it. Together. Dont WAH O_o. You are…weird to hug…you all…sparkly…heh…it's not like that, you seem to think this is all about protecting you…I was along here. I need you too. We should move…they have gone over the hill. Quit rubbing my arm! Let's go.
"Lasaia" changes name to "Echo"
"Echo" leaves the chat.

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log