Lilly Visit - September 18, 2013

On September 18th, "Lilly" entered the chat for the first time on her own. She admitted that she had recently made a big step forward in discovering herself and was ready to finish something she had begun. She encourages the family to stay strong and warns them that she, and RoivasSevil may not be returning for some time. As a last request, she asks the players to 'tell a terrible secret' and that she, in return would reveal 'where RoivasSevil is'.

Previously, during the August 31st RoivasSevil Visit, Lilly interrupted RoivasSevil's chat. She seemed unaware of RoivasSevil or the Butterflies, and confused regarding her presence there. Lilly may be another aspect of RoivasSevil's personality or another entity altogether but these theories are as of yet unconfirmed. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

September 18th, 2013

Lilly enters the room.
The Chat: Hi Lilly.
thematched: Hi Lilly. New I take it?
Lilly: Hi, not quite, I have been around.
Antiopa: New person?
thematched: No.
Antiopa: Then who's Lilly?
Lilly: That's the question isn't it.
Antiopa: Oh, So it speaks. Hello, who are you?
Lilly: Lilly.
Antiopa: Do we know you? If your new we can help.
Lilly: I am not new.
Antiopa: Are you up to date?
Lilly: Really depends on how you look at it I guess…
Charithonia: What do you mean Lilly?
Lilly: I don't think I can tell you…sorry.
Charithonia: Why not?
Lilly: It's odd, the difference between hearing something, and learning it on your own. How one is okay and one is not. I don't really get that. Why allow it to be found out at all? Unless maybe the information is not important…
Urbanus: Lilly, you said you'd been here before?
Lilly: Mhmm.
thematched: For how long?
Lilly: A long time.
Urbanus: Oh, I get it now. Yes, hello.
Charithonia: Just out of curiosity Lilly. Has everythin' been alright?
Lilly: Things have been different.
Charithonia: Bad different? Or good different?
Lilly: I don't know, but I think we all have to be careful what we say at the moment…
Charithonia: What makes you say that?
Lilly: Just a feeling.
Glaucopsyche: So what brings you over to us tonight, anyways? ouo
Lilly: There is something about tonight. I don't think I'm meant to be here.
Charithonia: Why not?
Lilly: I don't know.
Septentrionis: Are you okay? It seems like it's taking you a bit to respond to questions.
Lilly: Have you ever forgotten something, but then out of no where it all comes back to you. It all makes sense, but it is odd that a moment ago you did not know it. It's like that.
Charithonia: So what is it that you forgot then suddenly remembered?
Lilly: Everything.
Glaucopsyche: That's…a lot o.o
Lilly: Remember what I said about the difference in telling something, and finding something.
Urbanus: Yeah.
Lilly: Some things we can only learn by finding them for ourselves, or so it seems. I don't know. This is all so stupid, and yet I get it. Or maybe I just tell myself I get it.
Urbanus: It's a start at any rate.
Charithonia: So Lully…um…just out of curiosity but, are you home? Or?
Urbanus: Is there anything we can do to help?
Lilly: Maybe, first though, help me understand.
Urbanus: Understand what?
Lilly: Why could RoivasSevil not tell you about say, what was found at Willow's Peak…but he allowed it to be shown. Was the content now what was guarded?
Charithonia: "He"?
Lilly: Why stop it in the first place…
Charithonia: Roivas is a girl dude
Lilly: I know what I said.
Charithonia: Oh Scott, right?
Urbanus: I think she means that tall thing…?
Lilly: Be careful what you say…
Urbanus: I know, sorry, but tbh, we don't know. She tells us things when it's safe to, I assume. We don't have particular knowledge of how these things work.
Lilly: yes, but why are things not safe to say, but safe to show?
Glaucopysche: That would imply it can hear but not see?
Urbanus: Yeah, let's roll with that.
Selene: Words can also be used against you.
Glaucopsyche: Or maybe showing things can be done out of earshot? So to speak?
Lilly: Hey, what if this could be over, with all that has happened, all the danger. What if it could just end?
Selene: That'd be nice…but there'd almost certainly have to be some sort of catch.
Septentrionis: Depends on how you define "End"
Lilly: End well haha
Septentrionis: Like everyone would walk away alive and happy?
Urbanus: It'd be nice if it could end well.
Glaucopsyche: The shit we've seen has made us suspicious of anything that easy xD
Denitza: I'd want to make goddamned sure everyone who's currently in trouble is safe.
Lilly: Yeah.
Denitza: No serial killers, not vault fuckery, none of that.
Urbanus: I don't think we're anywhere near that point right now tbh.
Lilly: Not as things are. Things can change.
Urbanus: And things don't fix themselves over night.
Lilly: Hell, things are changing.
Glaucopsyche: "Change" seems be to be a major buzzword these days.
Lilly: If they were not changing i could not be here.
Maraho: What do you mean Lilly? Or can you not say?
Lilly: I think it's best you draw some connections for yourself. At least at this moment.
Maraho: Fair enough.
Urbanus: I think we all hope this can end good for everyone at some point but it's still a distant future I think.
Lilly: Have you ever wished, to return to an earlier time? A time when things were…better?
Urbanus: Yes.
Glaucopsyche: Not particularly but I can understand the feeling.
Maraho: If I did return to that earlier time though…I would not know everyone. I think about that a lot. No, I would not return.
Urbanus: That's true. If I went back, I wouldn't meet you lovely folks.
Lilly: I have been…on the edge of some goal I can't…recall at the moment…I think tonight is a step forward…I think…
Chat: That's good.
Hyparete: You just have to remember?
Charithonia: Like you going home kinda goal or recalling more things type goal?
Lilly: Being myself type goal.
Septentrionis: I think I understand.
Lilly: I will tell you what I think…I think everything you have done to help has required you to show yourselves, because it has to do with more than just knowing. The same as how you can be shown things you can't be told. I think I know what it wants…more specifically a way you can give it just enough to help.
Urbanus: Wouldn't giving it things be counter productive?
Lilly: It will take time for me to make it work…if it will work at all. Could be pointless. If I say to look left while something happens to the right I have given you a useless idea. I…have to be careful how I say things…
Urbanus: Fair enough.
Lilly: Haha shit man. This is wacky.
Denitza: We know a thing or two about whack.
Septentrionis: That's how things usually go around here.
Lilly: Maybe we should aim for the beginning.
Septentrionis: Beginnings are always a great place to start.
Lilly: Have you ever wondered, how RoivasSevil came to be?
Chat: Yes.
Urbanus: u ok there? Lilly?
Lilly: Went a bit too far with that one…
Maraho: You ok?
Lilly: I'm fly like a white guy.
Hyparete: Actively restricted in what you can and can't say?
Glaucopsyche: Yeah things listen.
Lilly: I have to thank you all, you have helped me reach a place I though was lost to me.
Septentrionis: Well we do love helping however we can.
Lilly: Heh…I think RoivasSevil will be gone a while as will I after tonight. It is time I stopped hanging on the edge, and got to the finish line.
Glaucopsyche: Good luck with that!
Urbanus: How long is a while?
Lilly: I don't know. If I stay like this, where I can't even talk freely it won't help much.
Glaucopsyche: I don't think there's any way to measure or predict this kinda thing.
Septentrionis: Will you let us know if you need anything? Even indirectly?
Lilly: I don't think I can push past this last stretch without help.
Charithonia: So what can we do?
Lilly: I'm just stalling because when I say what needs to be done, I will be hurt. So I'm being a chickenshit.
Chat: Understandable.
Selene: I don't suppose there's anything we can do to prevent you getting hurt? =C
Lilly: I need you to know the butterflies, you all, your strength does not lie in RoivasSevil at all. You have everything you need.
Charithonia: :3 But how does that help you exactly.
Lilly: That does not, I just need you to know that…if I don't come back…
Hyparete: This sounds like a big goodbye.
Urbanus: Ey, if I'm expected to come back from Seattle, then you're coming back too. Suck it.
Denitza: You're coming back if I have any say in the matter.
Eresimus: You'll come back, even if we need to go get you.
Lilly: Just promise me, no matter what happens, you will stick together.
Denitza: Raise you from perdition myself if need be.
Lilly: Fight, always fight.
Chat: Of course we will.
Lilly: Good. If anything ever threatens the family, anything, take care of it. Protect each other.
Glaucopsyche: It's what we do best.
Lilly: Okaies, here we go.
Chat: Good luck!
Lilly: Tell him a terrible secret, and I will show you a solid truth. I will show you were RoivasSevil is.
Lilly leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log