Mirror Visit - December 1, 2012

On December 1st, 2012 The Mirror entered the CaughtNotSleeping chat room and agreed to negotiations with the Butterflies for the return of Thyodamas' light. However, after the deal put forth by Samadoyht is refused, he announces that the refusal has resulted in the death of theunknown.

The mirror often writes in text that was backwards and upside-down. In this log their entire text will be written in standard, for the sake of clarity. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

December 1, 2012

Samadoyht enters the chat
Samadoyht clever.
Thyodamas: hi there
Samadoyht Hello, sister.
Urbanus: What brings you here, samadoyht
Samadoyht You are the ones you called to it they she we us, what do you want?
Urbanus: We want Thyodamas's light back, as we've stated
Samadoyht Shame, she gave it to it they she we us.
Urbanus: that considered, she still wants it back
Loxura: No. You forced her to give it.
Allyni: You backed her into a corner
Samadoyht Still acting like the victims it she we see.
Loxura: Yeah, well. It's not like you're the victim here is it buddy?
Thyodamas: It's not an act, im scared of you
Samadoyht Darling sister, that will change.
Thyodamas: No it won't. That doesn't help.
Samadoyht It will not be your choice to make. That will change.
Urbanus: Is there anything we can convince you to let her go?
Samadoyht To begin, lovely sister, and Apollo will show themselves
Apollo: I can't actually. My camera is not working properly today.
Samadoyht Shame.
Samadoyht appears on camera in the form of the angry/evil puppet-Caught
Samadoyht This will suffice, Now sister.
Thyodamas: Ok then
Thyodamas: appears on camera
Thyodamas: so what now?
Samadoyht Why would it they she we give anything to you? Why do you even want it after all, you gave it away so thoughtlessly.
Allyni: She did it for Loxura, and you know it.
Thyodamas: I didn't want him to get hurt.
Stelenes: She sacrificed herself because she's the most selfless person I know.
Samadoyht Selflessness has its costs.
Allyni: It was wrong of you to trick her like that. She didn't deserve that.
Samadoyht You keep saying it they she we tricked her? How so?
Thyodamas: You told me you wanted to talk, I didn't know I would be forced into that kind of deal.
Interrogationis: You lied, for one.
Samadoyht It they she we lied?
Interrogationis: You couldn't take their light, so you made her give it up.
Stelenes: More like hide the truth
Urbanus: Withholding information is as good as lying.
Allyni: She wants her light back
Samadoyht Do you really think it they she we could not do what was claimed?
Interrogationis: Not at that time, no.
Allyni: Who's to say? But you still had not right to put her in that position
Loxura: It doesn't matter. The manipulation would work either way.
Samadoyht Sister was given a choice herself, of the liar. She chose, he was spared.
Loxura: And that whole situation was a trap. And you know it.
Stelenes: A choice she can't refuse
Urbanus: We didn't ask you to here to bicker about what has already happened.
Samadoyht Selflessness has its costs. She it they we would know.
Loxura: And how would you know what selflessness is? All I've seen you do so far is for your own gains.
Stelenes: You took advantage of Thyodamas's good nature
Samadoyht Indeed. Soon she will understand.
Allyni: You took advantage of her and that was wrong and we want you to give her light back.
Urbanus: Please give her light back.
Loxura: You've put her through enough.
Samadoyht So this is why you called to it they she us? Childish whining?
Loxura: We want you to release her light.
Hesperiaris: Not childish whining, fair concerns.
Samadoyht Sister, you look so different here. How are you?
Thyodamas: Scared for my sanity and my life, and feeling like a failure
Stelenes: Keep strong.
Samadoyht Do you think it she we could not have taken both of you, because the (Dawn Flower) says so?
Loxura: Three people, chosen by us, will do a ritual. In return for you releasing and returning Thyodamas' Light.
Samadoyht Oh, the liar wants to take command now?
Thyodamas: I trust him.
Samadoyht You want it so badly…your kind…you only appreciate something when you lost it. Perhaps it they she we should ease this plan for you all. After all, you can't miss something that is not there.
Interrogationis: That is definitely not a thing you should do.
Thyodamas: I don't want to go.
Samadoyht's screen goes dark
Loxura: Get back here you bastard.
Allyni: Don't hurt anyone. It's a simple offer, that is all
Interrogationis: Why settle for one person's light when you could have three?
Hesperiaris: Surely it would benefit you more to give back Thyodamas's, in exchange for these rituals?
Samadoyht ,,"I am born of the 夜明けの花""
Samadoyht's video returns
Thyodamas: I don't know.
Allyni: Don't change the subject. We were talking about offering three of us for Thyodamas's ligth, we choose who.
Loxura: So what say you Desk Lamp?
Samadoyht I say, precious liar, You just killed your friend.
Samadoyht leaves the chat
Samadoyht returns to the chat
Stelenes: If you don't trust Loxura, then trust me.
Samadoyht What fun! A trade then.
Urbanus: 3 of us for her.
Allyni: We pick.
Samadoyht no.
Urbanus: No?
Samadoyht It they she we want the liar. The other two, you may choose. Also, the liar is to do something…special.
Urbanus: Elaborate?
Samadoyht It is your lucky day, it they she we want NOTHING to do with you.
Allyni: Nothing to do with Loxura?
Samadoyht Suddenly the liar is so silent…
Loxura: Only because I'm waiting for you to make sense.
Samadoyht Sister, show yourself. Then it they we she will do so.
Hesperiaris: Clarification on two things: Nothing to do with who, and what is this special thing you want the liar to do?
Samadoyht Before a mirror, fog it with your breath, place a hand in the fog, look at you and say "I am nowhere".
Loxura: And what effect will that have?
Samadoyht It they she we will be rid of your annoyance. The liar spoke so loudly of how it would have done the same for you sweet sister…A liar indeed.
Loxura: How will you be rid of me?
Samadoyht It they she we will not know you, see you, remember you. It is…elegant.
Loxura: Interest. Am I really that bad? What effect with this have on me? If any?
Samadoyht None. She it they we simply will not want you. She it they we will forget we ever did.
Loxura: So you did want me? Why?
Hesperiaris: So this thing you want him to do, is simply to blind you to him? To make it so you can't notice him anymore?
Samadoyht She it they we will be the only ones.
Urbanus: wow you must really hate him.
Samadoyht You have as much time as it took sweet sister to save you. When that time is up, this deal expires.
Urbanus: A half hour?
Hesperiaris: That is far too short of a time, good sir.
Samadoyht It was not for her.
Samadoyht And you all speak so highly of selflessness.
Hesperiaris: Thyodamas is better than us, though.
Thyodamas: No one was there to back me up. I was alone. 30 minutes it gave me, I think I chose in about 3.
Hesperiaris: Selflessness is the problem here. We'll have to choose the other two, and that will end up with us arguing. There's this whole thing we'll have to do. It'll take at least a week to even decide.
Samadoyht Not an option.
Loxura: Give us a week to sort out who else may be doing it.
Samadoyht You have one half hour. I am sorry, dear sister, I will miss you.
Samadoyht leaves the chat
After 30 minutes, Samadoyht returns to the chat
Loxura: My answer, to your counter proposal. Is No.
Samadoyht Caccee Foss.
Butterflies: What?
Samadoyht Born twenty years ago. Survived by her parents, and sister. Moved to New York at the age of thirteen, then again to Washington, at seventeen.
Samadoyht You call her "the unknown"
Samadoyht I hope you said a proper goodbye.
Samadoyht leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log