Mirror Visit - July 25, 2012

On June 25, 2012 The Mirror entered the CaughtNotSleeping chat room under the username Yusarc; a bastardization of Papilio's username "Crusay". The Mirror spoke to the Butterflies regarding the content of the Intercepted Package and gave them instruction and a task regarding the information it contained.

The mirror wrote in text that was backwards and upside-down. In this log their text will be written in standard, for the sake of clarity. This character was originally treated as a non-canonical character until confirmation was received in the form of an intercepted package. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

July 25, 2012

Papilio: Glad to see you accepted my invitation.
Yasurc: Invitation?
Papilio: I tried to extend an invitation to chat and apologize for before.
Yasurc: Your initial response was likely appropriate. Why are you here?
Papilio: I am here initially to help Caught. That's initially why I helped create this chat room.
Yasurc: You misunderstand. Why are you in our they us we their home?
Papilio: As far as I was aware, I'm in my own home.
Laparus: How have we entered your home?
Yasurc: She they he they we live, no where. You know much less than she they we assumed.
Urbanus: Is it dark there?
Yasurc: We they he she only sees what you see
Urbanus: Can you elaborate on that?
Yasurc: We she they could, but will not.
Papilio: Why is your name my name backwards?
Yasurc: Why is your name my name backwards?
Papilio: Is it just me, or is this a coincidence?
Yasurc: There are no coincidences.
Papilio: Is the text flipped for you when we speak?
Yasurc: She we they he does not see "text"
Papilio: Why are you here?
Yasurc: You should be asking what you need from us she her them. Do no misunderstand, he she they we are not your friend.
Laparus: We want to be friends with everyone, though. We're a very friendly group.
Yasurc: Impossible.
Papilio: What do we need to do?
Yasurc: You will see when you complete the message from the ดอกไม้ยามเช้า (Trans: Flowers at Dawn)
Chat: Do they think that they puzzle is finished?
Yasurc: We she it they know you do not. You have three more days, and we he it their offer will expire. Good Luck, "Friends".
Yasurc leaves chat. There is brief discussion.
Yasurc enters the chat
Yasurc: …A negotiation. Since we are friends. You do for we she he them us, you will have all the time you need. One of you, will perform a service. Which one, is up to you.
There are offers to do it
Laparus: Do we need to chose before you tell us what we're doing?
Yasurc: We had not thought of having you choose a candidate before hearing of the service…that is interesting…
Laparus: I think I just gave them the idea.
Yasurc: You did. Thank you. Best "friend".
Papilio: Is any on person better than another?
Yasurc: Calm yourselves, I will tell you the task.
Laparus: Can anyone do it?
Yasurc: Anyone. Comply, or we he they she will not only give you a deadline, and part of your property will be destroyed.
Yasurc: One of you will breathe fog onto a mirror. Wipe it clean and say the words "I see you, you see me." For all to see.
Glaucopsyche: Is it going to fuck up the person who does it?
Yasurc: Too bad [Redacted: Glaucopsyche's name], we will not tell you. So are you all having a good day? Best friends. This has been amusing, comply within twenty four hours. Goodbye for now, best friends.
Yasurc leaves the chat. CanonThought, within moments, posts a response.
Yasurc enters chat.
Yasurc: I see you, [Redacted: CanonThought's name]. Very good, take all the time you wish.
Yasurc leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log