Mirror Visit - June 10, 2013

On June 10th, 2013 The Mirror entered the CaughtNotSleeping chat room for the first time since his apparent "defeat" in December. The collective chat refused to allow him opportunity to speak and after a brief exchange of words, he left with a thinly veiled threat towards Butterfly Allyni.

The mirror often writes in text that was backwards and upside-down. In this log their entire text will be written in standard, for the sake of clarity. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

June 10, 2013

Samadoyht enters the chat
Chat: WHAT?
Samadoyht Hi there, "friends."
Chat: We're NOT your friends.
Samuelis: You apparently didn't "remember this pain" too well, did you?
Croesus: Is it they she we in pain? :D I hope so.
Urbanus: Guys, don't fucking tell it anything.
Loxura: Guys, I'm just gonna say this: Don't. Just don't.
Samadoyht It they he she we have missed you all as well, so very much.
Samuelis: Well we didn't miss you. At all.
Polyommatus: Yeah, long time no see. Why are you back here?
Samadoyht It she we they would like to know…How are the liars ribs?
Loxura: Honestly, I wouldn't know, because I haven't killed you yet.
Samadoyht Your nervous systems well being depends on the current state of other beings? I find that hard to believe. As do I, and I, and I. Myself as well.
Loxura: Various insults
Samadoyht It they we she thinks, your creativity in insult has not improved.
Loxura: Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm heartbroken! What will I do with my life now?
Croesus: Sammy are you so terrified of getting your arse kicked again that the only fight you can pick is with us?
Samadoyht Kicked by whom?
Loxura: We don't judge, really. If they're kicking you, it's fine.
Samadoyht It they she we will admit, she we they underestimated you before.
Loxura: Thanks for telling us. Bye now!
Samadoyht She it they we guarantee you, you will want to hear what she it they have to say.
Chat: Then say it and leave.
Samadoyht You really are very good at delivering your friends to doom liar.
Loxura: Oh, does that mean you get to go to your doom soon too, friend?
Chat: Just say your thing already?
Samadoyht It they she we have changed it she they our minds. Shall return in time, until then, enjoy the pain your arrogance has afforded your friend. Perhaps then you will be more…diplomatic. I see you [Redacted: Allyni's name]
Samadoyht leaves the chat

Special thanks to those who compiled this chat log