Mirror Visit - May 14, 2012

On May 14, 2012 A new character (hereafter referred to in this wiki as "The Mirror") entered the CaughtNotSleeping chat room under the username Yusarc; a bastardization of Papilio's username "Crusay". The mirror wrote in text that was backwards and upside-down. In this log their text will be written in standard, for the sake of clarity. This character was originally treated as a non-canonical character until confirmation was received in the form of an intercepted package.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

May 14, 2012

Yasurc enters chat
Yasurc: The sweetest of flesh how beautiful it is to finally find you
Heliconioides: Is this what you warned us of yesterday Cruser (Papilio)?
Yasurc: How much you think you know… you take the sport out of the game…If you cannot see who i am you cannot know how to save her. who is me is she and we
Yasurc: You make this game and play all day we you us they all the same. we you he I they she me them. who is they when they are not them?
Hellion: talking about Roivas possibly?
Yasurc: oh yes, that was a tasty one, we they she are happy now
Yasurc changed nickname to [Redacted: Antiopa's name]
Antiopa: I WILL KILL U
"Apoitna": Antiopa
"Apoitna": we you them they us all know much for this we thank you
There is continued speculation about the canon of this visit
"Apoitna": good to see someone is paying attention, welcome to the game
"Apoitna" leaves the room
tluafruoy enters the room
tluafruoy: when you see your my our smile we you all us will know me to be true
tluafruoy: Oh [Redacted: Antiopa's name] do not be scared, we you us are not afraid
tluafruoy: you told me them they
Tyndarus: least it's a bit amusing at this hour
tluafruoy: thank you. [Redacted: Inachis' name] don't feel neglected you belong to another I we us them will see you yet
Inachis was not actually in chat at the time
tluafruoy: meant uot [sic] interest to us we them you...though, [Redacted: Glaucopsyche's name] we will find when her light be dim. your face is my face
Antiopa: come at me bro
tluafruoy: I we us you them are already with you [Redacted: Antiopa's name] thank you. If you cant see who we you are, you are truly dim, so unsporting.
Heliconioides : So uhm, name with no name, what's your relation to the butterflies?
tluafruoy: you will send her as you gave yourselves to she him them. in advance we thank you. Welcome to the game.
tluafruoy leaves the room

Special thanks to Xilaya for compiling this chat log