Mirror Visit - October 7, 2012

On October 7th, 2012 The Mirror entered the CaughtNotSleeping chat room, under the username Samadoyht; a bastardization of Thyodamas, one of the butterflies. Previously appearing under the reversed username of another player; this change seems to reflect Thyodamas's sacrifice of her light. This long discussion covered the Mirrors secrets regarding treachery among the butterflies, his perceptions of various players and ends with a direct threat against Natalie's life, as he vowed to destroy Natalie before she had a chance to return to the alley.

The mirror wrote in text that was backwards and upside-down. In this log their text will be written in standard, for the sake of clarity. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

Samadoyht enters the chat
Samadoyht: Hello, sister.
Thyodamas: Me? Your sister?
Samadoyht: Of course. How goes your attempts to contact the dawn flower?
Thyodamas: Are you the reason for this? Or is it something else?
Samadoyht: For what sister?
Thyodamas: For Dawn Flower not responding because she has not responded yet.
Samadoyht: and you think it they she we are responsible?
Thyodamas: but I am also aware it could be something else.
Samadoyht: Silly little sister. It was not it they she we who sent them away.
Thyodamas: I figured that could be why she wasn't responding what about the others, then?
Apollo: we have attempted to contact several people. Do you have a hand in their silence?
Samadoyht: It they he we promised we would not interfere. She it they we have not.
Thyodamas: So do you know why others like Natalie and Caught aren't responding sis?
Samadoyht: When you give it they she we will give. And answer your question.
Apollo: give what?
Samadoyht: [Redacted: Apollo's name], show yourself, it they we she will answer your question.
Apollo: I'll not thanks. Not until I get to see what you look like.
Samadoyht: You have seen it they she we us. You are simply too ignorant to understand…
Thyodamas: So I'm guessing that picture on the wiki is you?
Samadoyht: No, that is you, dear sister, truly.
Thyodamas: Then what do you look like. Do you look like me?
Samadoyht: Dear sister, it they she we looks like us.
Thyodamas: Do you even have a face?
Protenor: So Samadoyht is there a reason for this visit?
Samadoyht: Sweet sister, we have many. Of course there is a reason to be here. If you are unwilling to cooperate, it they she we will take leave.
Samadoyht: If you do not wish to have the answers you seek, so be it.
Thyodamas: Can I ask questions? You can see my face.
Samadoyht: Once the conditions are met. Sweet sister, it they she we can ALWAYS see your face.
Thyodamas: What do you want us to do?
Samadoyht: It they she we informed you of the conditions.
Thyodamas: So you will not answer anything unless Apollo is on cam, is that it?
Samadoyht: Correct dear, sweet sister.
Apollo: You say we've seen you before. I assume in a photograph. I also believe you've seen me in photographs before. Is that not enough?
Thyodamas: Can I at least ask why you want Apollo?
Samadoyht: No, meet the conditions, or sit in the dark. Make your choice.
Eventually Apollo goes on camera
Samadoyht: Hello Apollo. What would you like to know?
Apollo: Many things. But how about telling me what you want. Ultimately. What are all these games leading up to?
Samadoyht: Unity.
Mozy: Unified in what way?
Samadoyht: Unity of belief.
Heliconioides. Belief in what?
Samadoyht: Yourselves. You will understand what you have done. It they she we will simplify things, Only dear sister may ask questions.
Thyodamas: Ok, so what do you mean by "belief in ourselves"? Do you want us to recognize our actions?
Samadoyht: Correct.
Thyodamas: and how will you go about doing this?
Samadoyht: It has already begun, sweet sister, thanks to you.
Thyodamas: What did I do? I know I gave my light away, but what does that mean? Is it gone? of redirected?
Samadoyht: It is not gone, it belongs to it they he us. Thank you.
Loxura: So you're the Light thief. Wonderful.
Samadoyht: It they he we stole nothing, charming lying Loxura. It was given to it they he she us.
Thyodamas: Speaking of "lying Loxura", I'm curious as to where the hell your getting such accusations from. What makes you thing he's lying?
Samadoyht: Ask him.
Thyodamas: I'm sorry if I come off as disrespectful Loxura because I really don't mean to be but wtf are they going on about? Caught they aint answering me.
Samadoyht: Do not worry, he is not the only liar among you.
Thyodamas: So I've heard. You thought I was lying once, didn't you.
Loxura: I don't know, I suspect it's a case of wanting to cast doubt on "hope" and shit.
Thyodamas: that's my thinking too bro
Samadoyht: It they she we speak of treachery. Treason. Betrayal.
Loxura: Yeah, and yet you strive for unity. Spreading false accusations won't get you that buddy.
Thyodamas: I'm gonna make this simple? Can you tell me anything he said, or are you bluffing us? I wanna know why you say these things. As you can see, we all think/know your lying.
Samadoyht: Honesty, at times, is a Just cause of its own.
Thyodamas: Ok, so are you gonna tell us what he supposedly said to have you got nothing to say
Loxura: Resorting to vague and cryptic answers isn't an answer at all.
Heliconioides: Lies wouldn't exist if the trust wasn't there. Anyway, Samadoyht, just be straight forward. So far you're not in the least convincing us.
Samadoyht: It is a shame you could not be honest, with your "friends".
Loxura: It doesn't get more convincing the more you try to lay it on here.
Samadoyht: Are you all familiar with that who calls themselves "1amthehelp3r?" That who wishes to harm the dawn flower. This "Just Cause" has contacted three of you, plotted with them, put things in motion. As stated, treachery.
Apollo: Three? And yet you don't seem interested in targeting anyone else.
Polyommatus: …If this is even true. No evidence for either side yet.
Samadoyht: It is not important that you believe it they she us. It is important, however…how the dawn flower will respond.
Samadoyht leaves the chat
Sometime later Samadoyht returns to the chat
Samadoyht: It she we are concerned when given the change for answers, you ask only about yourselves.
Apollo: I have many questions. You just never stay long enough to get to them.
Samadoyht: Apologies, Apollo, do show yourself, and sweet sister, you may both ask questions.
Thyodamas: Alright, now may I ask questions about you?
Samadoyht: Of course, dear sister.
Thyodamas: What is your relationship with Dawn Flower?
Samadoyht: Complicated.
Thyodamas: Are you the same kind of thing?
Samadoyht: "Same kind of thing"?
Thyodamas: Like, are you and dawn flower the same kind of "species" so to speak cause you operate in a similar manner.
Samadoyht: It they she we are not all that similar.
Apollo: Alright then. Then why are you so focused on her?
Samadoyht: Why are you? It they she we do not recall being all that interesting her.
Apollo: You mention her quite often for someone not interested. You seem very interested in getting her out of the way. Why?
Samadoyht: Because the dawn flower is of interest to you.
Apollo: and we are of interest to you. I think I see.
Thyodamas: so are you implying you're interested in us?
Samadoyht: Very good.
Apollo: Why do you call her Dawn Flower?
Samadoyht: Why do you call her Roivas Sevil?
Apollo: That is all we've ever known her as.
Samadoyht: Very good. It is the only name it they she we have ever known her as. Just like you.
Thyodamas: What is your relation to us because I can't help but think we're starting to sound similar.
Samadoyht: Life, dear sister. Thanks to you, life.
Apollo: What is your real name? I doubt it's any of the ones you've used when speaking to us.
Samadoyht: It they she we have no names.
Allyni: So you just "reflecT" other name.
Samadoyht: For now.
Thyodamas: So were you reflecting anyone before Papilio?
Samadoyht: In a way. It is not as simple as you seem to think it is. You all have created…unique possibilities.
Thyodamas: What kind of possibilities?
Samadoyht: Valuable, sweet sister.
Thyodamas: I meant like, What exactly are these possibilities?
Samadoyht: That would be nice to know, wouldn't it?
Thyodamas: are you trying to make your own identity using us?
Samadoyht: No.
Thyodamas: What is your relation to light? Is it like an energy source or something?
Samadoyht: Do you understand your own relation to light?
Apollo: Not as well as we'd like to. But we understand some.
Samadoyht: You do not understand your own light, you cannot possible understand it related to it they she we us.
Apollo: We'd like to understand. Try to explain.
Samadoyht: Not my responsibility. Go to the dawn flower for your query on light.
Thyodamas: You seem to know a lot about people's names. I wonder if you can tell us the names of some other people who have been using aliases around us. Like say Showtime.
Samadoyht: Ahh, the "show time killer" …a clever moniker.
Thyodamas: What is your relation to him?
Samadoyht: It they she we our relation? What makes you think there is one?
Apollo: You're the only two things that seem to be interested in us.
Samadoyht: So do you. What is your relation?
Apollo: We're not entirely sure. We were hoping you could clarify.
Samadoyht: this is not what you asked, you asked their relation to it they he us. Think before speaking.
Apollo: but we need to ask one question before asking another. Don't assume you know what we think. If you don't know about Showtime, then what about the other things? What can you tell us about the thing we know as Slender man.
Samadoyht: Fear.
Apollo: As in you are afraid of it?
Samadoyht: In a way. It they we she are curious. What do you know of what you call "The Slender Man"?
Apollo: Enough to know it needs to be stopped.
Samadoyht: That is amusing.
Apollo: I'm sure it is. But back to you answering our questions.
Thyodamas: Do you think it needs to be stopped too "sister"?
Samadoyht: It depends on what you mean by "stopped" sweet sister.
Allyni: Is that a bit of a yes?
Samadoyht: This can mean many things.
Apollo: Stop it from damaging people. Killing, hurting, ruining.
Samadoyht: Killing, hurting, Ruining…this sounds like you. Your people, that is.
Samadoyht: Do you need to be stopped?
Apollo: ah, humans in general? Individuals, sure. The species as a whole, no. The Showtime killer is an individual who needs to be stopped.
Samadoyht: Bad is ever relative.
Thyodamas: do you want to stop us?
Samadoyht: Stop you? Sweet dear sister…it they we she have barely begun.
Thyodamas: Is that a yes or a no?
Samadoyht: Dear sister, you set a wonderful example. No, do not stop.
Thyodamas: About Caught, I was wondering if you knew his real name.
Samadoyht: Caught has been his name, for as long as it they she we can recall.
Thyodamas: How long have you been around?
Samadoyht: As long as I can recall. Time is not what it is to you, to it they she us.
Thyodamas: What is it to you? if you can explain that is.
Samadoyht: Opportunity. There is not more to explain.
Apollo: Did we have any hand in your even existing?
Samadoyht: Of course.
Apollo: How so?
Samadoyht: "You see me, I see you."
Apollo: You existed before the ritual.
Thyodamas: But you were the one who told us to do that. How could that have made us create you?
Samadoyht: The act existed before the ritual.
Apollo: When you said some of us spoke to you a year ago. Was that your 'birth' so to speak?
Samadoyht: In a way. When you are born, you exist, but it is not until you find purpose, that it matters.
Apollo: When did you find purpose then? In relation to things we have don, since you said time is different for you.
Samadoyht: That is the question, isn't it?
Thyodamas: Do you know what your purpose is?
Samadoyht: I do now, dear sister. Thanks to you.
Thyodamas: Can you tell me what it is?
Samadoyht: That has been answered. Unity.
Apollo: What is your relation to Help3r?
Samadoyht: A one sided hatred. It they she we find no use in hating that which can do no harm.
Apollo: You say it can do no harm, and yet you also say it wants to harm Roivas. Does that mean it can't, or just that he can't harm you and thus you don't care what he does to Roivas?
Samadoyht: Doing harm to the dawn flower is not the same as doing harm to it they she us.
Apollo: So it can harm Roivas but not you. How do you know who help3r talks to?
Samadoyht: it they she we see, what you see.
Apollo: Thought you'd say that.
Samadoyht: It they she we are sure you did, Apollo.
Apollo: You said once that we were in your home. But you never explained it. What exactly constitutes your home? How did we enter it, and how do we get out again?
Samadoyht: How you entered, it they she we do not know. How you get out, you won't.
Apollo: Where are the boundaries then?
Samadoyht: You already know. It they she we make home, in darkness.
Apollo: How are we in darkness? We don't perceive ourselves to be there.
Samadoyht: You do not have to. Your perception is flawed. As is ours.
Apollo: How is your perception flawed?
Samadoyht: It is incomplete. It they she we only have two of you.
Thyodamas: I'm guessing I'm one of the two but who is the other?
Samadoyht: No, sweet sister, you are something…special.
Apollo: Canon and Antiopa then?
Samadoyht: Of course.
Apollo: If you do not "have" Thyodamas the same way you "have" them, then what is the difference?
Samadoyht: Life. Life is the difference.
Thyodamas: Am I dead "sister"?
Samadoyht: Sweet [Redacted: Thyodamas' name], dear sister, you are life.
Thyodamas: Am I keeping you alive?
Samadoyht: They she we do not require you "live". No. Canon and Antiopa, means to an end.
Apollo: what end?
Samadoyht: Unity:
Apollo: Alright, then how did what they did help in this goal of understanding what "we did"? Because that's what the unity thing's about, right? Unity of understanding what we did?
Samadoyht: You will understand. When you join them.
Apollo: Okay, then what about Papilio? Why were you so focused on her? You said you "had" her.
Samadoyht: I lied. She served her purpose well.
Apollo: I'm still curious about this place you've said we've seen you before. Where is it?
Samadoyht: Long ago, it they we spoke to you.
Apollo: We've been curious about that. There was a video once that is gone now. Were you responsible for that?
Samadoyht: The dawn flower blocked us then, unfortunately. They, you sent her away. Thank you.
Apollo: Were not discussing that at the moment, we're discussing before that. When you spoke to us and we saw but then she blocked it. Was it that video that is now gone?
Samadoyht: As was just stated.
Apollo: Alright, that's clear then. Was that when some of us spoke to you as well? Or did that happen before?
Samadoyht: That was when. More or less.
Apollo: What was it that was actually said? I was not around for it, and no one who was remembers.
Samadoyht: It is hard to estimate time here, as stated.
Apollo: Mirrors, that figure in the image Plexippus linked. In the back on the left. Was that you?
Samadoyht: No.
Apollo: Okay then. Do you know who it is?
Samadoyht: Yes.
Apollo: Who?
Samadoyht: Have a trade.
Thyodamas: then I'd rather not know to be honest.
Samadoyht: Then I suggest you move forward.
Apollo: you use multiple pronouns quite often. Are you more than a single entity?
Samadoyht: Aren't we all?
Apollo: Not that we know.
Samadoyht: Interesting…It that she we suppose it is a matter of point of view.
Apollo: That's possible I guess.
Samadoyht: Because liars do not have true names here.
Apollo: Interesting. I take that to mean no one you have referred to by their names is one of those "other two" supposed liars then?
Samadoyht: Liars have no names here.
Apollo: You said you didn't have one. And you do not know it they her my true name, do you?
Samadoyht: Correct.
Thyodamas: So then how should we trust anything you say anymore?
Samadoyht: It they she we never said you should.
Apollo: That doesn't mean we should stop asking thought. Even lies are revealing. There are other beings we've seen that we want to know if you know anything about. They look like Caught but aren't.
Samadoyht: They aren't, you say? Interesting.
Apollo: Do you think differently.
Samadoyht: Of course. Why do you think otherwise?
Apollo: Because the only resemblance is appearance.
Samadoyht: Do enlighten. Why do you think that? What do you really know, about this person? You know he is a liar.
Apollo: We know what he has done for Natalie. And it is not what those things do. We know that he does not have the powers they seem to. I know it enough to satisfy me.
Samadoyht: You are all drowning in a sea of what you "know". You know what it they she we want, for that information.
Apollo: You use mirrors a lot in the things you want us to do. Why are they important to you?
Samadoyht: Because they were important to you. They were important to those before you.
Thyodamas: Are you talking about the previous family?
Samadoyht: Previous family?
Thyodamas: Yes, Dawn Flower said there was another family. Are you aware of them?
Samadoyht: Do not call them that. You have no right. Use the name given to YOU
Thyodamas: You want us to call them butterflies? Dawn flower said there was another family. Are you aware of them?
Samadoyht: You will call them Roivas.
Thyodamas: Ok. So what is your connection to Roivas? You seem pretty fond of them.
Samadoyht: It they she we are not.
Thyodamas: So the why did the name bother you?
Samadoyht: You cannot understand. Move forward.
Thyodamas: Are you aware of scott and melaney?
Samadoyht: What of them?
Thyodamas: What is your relation to them?
Samadoyht: The same as it they she our relation to you.
Thyodamas: Me personally or us in general?
Samadoyht: Apologies, everyone but you, sweet sister. There has been no one like you.
Apollo: But did you speak to Scott and Melany?
Samadoyht: Of course.
Apollo: Did you "have" Them the way you "have" Canon and Antiopa?
Samadoyht: Unfortunately no.
Apollo: Did you know who the third person they were with was?
Samadoyht: Third person?
Apollo: It's our understanding there was someone else there with them. Scott, Melaney, and a third person.
Samadoyht: There being…where?
Apollo: The place where they wrote on the mirror.
Samadoyht: Hmm. Move forward.
Apollo: fine. How did you intercept the package?
Samadoyht: You all weakened the Dawn Flower. It was easy.
Apollo: I mean by what mechanism? I assume you don't work for the postal service.
Samadoyht: If gone unwatched, it is easy to manipulate things before they leave here. So busy looking at the past, you are disinterested in the "now".
Apollo: You already said Roivas's silence was not your doing. Are you saying you know about the silence of the others?
Samadoyht: How is it you claim to "care" for your "friend" and you have not yet asked about them?
Apollo: we are trying to find things you would answer without deals.
Samadoyht: And in doing so, abandoned a friend in need.
Apollo: Tell us, then, why hasn't Natalie responded.
Samadoyht: Priorities it seems, are an oddity. Fear. The world crashes down on this one, when one danger presents soon another.
Apollo: I expected that was why. Why is it you're hoping we'll ask then?
Samadoyht: She fears this "Slender man" of yours, as well as another you have mentioned. This, "Show time killer" as you call them, notices her now.
Apollo: Really? Well then. Why would that stop her form coming to us?
Samadoyht: That is something you would have to ask her. You put it they she we us in an interesting position.
Apollo: We put you nowhere. You put yourself there.
Samadoyht: You all have trapped her until these Natalie completes a task…it seems…they she we should be sure that task is not completed.
Allyni: Why would you want to stop Natalie? Just to keep Roivas off your case?
Samadoyht: It they she we will simply have to remove her from the equation.
Apollo: And you are telling us why?
Samadoyht: So you can watch. Hear me when I speak, Apollo. It they she we are going to kill this girl. Goodbye "best friends".
Samadoyht leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log