Mirror Visit - September 12, 2012

On September 12th, 2012 The Mirror entered the CaughtNotSleeping chat room, under the username Yusarc; a bastardization of Papilio's username "Crusay". Responding to Thyodamas' request for more information regarding his deal with the Butterflies.

The mirror wrote in text that was backwards and upside-down. In this log their text will be written in standard, for the sake of clarity. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

Yusarc enters the chat
Wollastoni: Spill it buddy we've got a game to play
Yasurc: By all means, leave, your assistance is not required.
Laparus: All of us?
Yasurc: [Redacted: Thyodamas' name] called for clarification, what is unclear?
Apollo: Several things. First she'd like to know how private this conversation is supposed to be.
Yasurc: Clarify.
Apollo: Is she allowed to be in another conversation at the same time? Will she be allowed to tell us what was said afterwards?
Yasurc: While it they she we speak with her, there is to be no other contact.
Apollo: And afterwards?
Yasurc: Afterwards she may do as she wishes. "Best friends" keep no secrets.
Apollo: Second, she wanted to know what the conditions of the communication reinstatement would be
Yasurc: Conditions?
Apollo: Who will we be allowed to talk to? Can they talk back? Will it be permanent?
Yasurc: It is as simple as it they we implied. She it they he we will pose no interference to any of your communication. You would need more to offer for that promise to be made.
Wollastoni: What else is there to offer?
Yasurc: You have nothing to offer.
Apollo: What are they limits then? How long until the communication blocks are re-instated?
Yasurc: Two moons.
Canon_thought: Two months, or two days?
Yasurc: Silly it they we us…you have days…yes, months.
Loxura: You see Yasurc. This is why we don't trust you. You didn't tell us that before.
Apollo: Alright, the third thing she wanted clarified was how does she know that she can trust you to not lie?
Yasurc: We all have our secrets. Don't we, Loxura. You, more than most. Secret talks, and scheming meeting behind the backs of your friends.
Lycaena: Well, that, and I'm more inclined to trust Loxura than flippy turn-ways.
Yasurc: As well you should, but notice his silence. Regardless, this is not the task at hand.
Loxura: Yeah, sure Mirrors. Whatever you say buddy. I thought you were above arrogance?
Yasurc: Not arrogance, I simply know. That is all. Eventually, they all will. But not today. Is there anything else that is unclear?
Apollo: Did we adequately answer how Thyodamas would be able to trust you to not lie about your promises?
Yasurc: How can it they we trust that you will keep yours?
Thyodamas: If you swear to keep your ends I'll keep mine as best I can.
Yasurc: She it they we have never lied to you before, why start now.
Loxura: You don't like, you just leave out important details. Because that's so much better. Not.
Stelenes: It's better to just spit it out.
Yasurc: Yes, lets. After all we are "best friends".
Hyparete: Can we have a show of good faith? To ease our concerns?
Loxura: I say they show good faith first. They stole from US, remember.
Yasurc: Because something is addressed to you, does not mean you own it. It they we took what is rightfully ours. What do you propose? As you recall simple man, it they we did not take the picture. Think before you speak. It is embarrassing for you all. A moment for it she they we to contemplate.
Yasurc leaves the chat
Yasurc returns to the chat moments later
Yasurc: Remove the scrawling from your mirrors, place a hand on the surface. Provide proof you have done this. They it she we will let [Redacted: Papilio's name] go.
Loxura: Who are you asking to do this?
Yasurc: A sign of good faith. Everyone. You claimed you wanted mutual signs of trust, if you lied, this conversation is over.
Papilio: Guys, I have yet to see myself in any real danger.
Thyodamas: I wanted your opinion and now I'm not sure if its even a valid move anymore. So the question still stands, should I do it?
Laparus: Thyodamas, it's up to you. I think we've actually been offered something fair.
Thyodamas: Alright, I'll do it.
Glaucopsyche: I mean, we said earlier that any one of us would put our lives on the line for each other. Papilio's ALREADY THERE, and it's a better move to leave one person rather than putting more others at risk.
There is some heated debate over the validity of the deal. Papilio expresses disapproval of the idea of putting others in danger over, what she considers, a fairly minor threat
Yasurc: How exciting! Does anything else need clarification?
Canon_Thought: Yeah, my earlier question.
Yasurc: Which is?
Canon_thought: What does the rituals do for you? What do you gain from what I did?
Thyodamas: The one where he said "I can see you, you can see me" to the mirror. Also, Yasurc, I have to say this first: I've accepted the conversation thing and I'd like to do it on Friday.
Yasurc: Friday then. He it she we are not unreasonable. Til then he we look forward to speaking with you, [Redacted: Thyodamas's name]. Goodbye, "best friends".
Yasurc leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log