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Natalie was uploaded by Caughtnotsleeping on September 10th, 2011. It is 13:16 minutes long.

Caught encounters an eager fan who is willing to present her own theories on how to open the lid. Caught and Natalie return to the house where the lid is opened but Natalie is shaken by Caught's instances that everything is real.

Additional Information

Solving the Coffin Riddle

Fan Interaction

Several fans seem to have been added to Caught's wall of information.

  • CheckerValentine, W00tT3hNinj4, hehehe88 and SundaySmiles are listed under RoivasSevil.
  • MinorCupcakes, Mesay20y, TheLadnek, AkoolStick, ScionOfTheTree, Xuchilvith, GrungePixie, HOAXstation, HarDHarKoopa, And DeathOfChivalry are listed under the ? Column.
  • llachesiss and WesternWhiteWolf are listed under the 1AmTheHelp3r column.
  • Mesay20yr is referred to as having solved the coffin riddle, except that the solution Caught attempts is incorrect and shocks him rather badly. This shock is not seen on screen, but is mentioned at the beginning of the video.
  • Caught mentions HOAXStation at the end, who has suggested he return to the woods where he found the coffin.


Confirmed Theories

Natalie was visible in the video "Learn to Play." Which has aroused suspicion regarding her involvement and innocence.

Does anyone else think that she didn't believe that what was going on with him was actually going on? To me she seemed to think she was talking to the ""out of character" Caught. That's why she said things like "Why did you do that?" She thought she was talking to the guy who plays Caught, who fabricated everything, not to the guy who is being stalked by Slender man. Up until he electrocuted himself that is. ~ Tiro1000 on Slendernation Confirmed in 925 Cranbrook Dr.

Working Theories and Observations

RoivasSevil responded to this video by commenting "In time all the Helper touches will burn."

Caught mentions the last one being him. He might subscribe to the theory that he is the last bird.

From 0:40 to 0:50, Natalie seems notably disturbed by The Alley. This being despite her seeming to think that it all wasn't real.

Further Speculation

And just what the hell is in that tiny jar? It looks too liquidy to be blood but it has the same color. ~ Crusergirl on Slendernation

It seems possible that the tiny jar could contain the same substance as what was in the jar seen in the Lansing Place videos. ~ Loxura