"It's just a game. It's just a game."


Natalie first appeared in "Natalie", as an eager fan who encountered Caught on the street. She claimed to have the answer to 1AmTheHelp3r's coffin puzzle, and offered to come help Caught solve it. Despite her solution being incorrect, her suggestions helped Caught ultimately open the coffin. Though she was initially skeptical of Caught's claims that the Slender man was real, she relented in the face of overwhelming evidence at 925 Cranbrook Drive and has since had encounters of her own. She seems to have joined Caught in his hunt for the answers.

Appearance and Behavior

Natalie is a short girl who often wears thick black glasses frames and a white bracelet.. In her few appearances she has often been behind the camera. She previous appeared sarcastic and uncomfortable with Caught's assertions that the situation was real, however over the course of 925 Cranbrook drive she was clearly frightened by the situation and the presence of real blood. After which she seems to have matched Caught's determination to solve the situation. She is somewhat flighty and often follows after Caught in any dangerous situation, but has shown a capability to care for herself when attacked. She notably carries a baseball bat (or other defensive weapon) whenever traveling alone.

Natalie also serves as an unreliable narrator, as she seems to have some sort of unclear past regarding the situation. She has never explicitly stated her interest in Caught's situation beyond having been a fan. Details about her life are murky and she often avoids discussing it outside of her relationship with Caught. However she does visit her childhood home in Running, so it can be assumed that she has some recollection, or at least knowledge of her past.

Prior to CaughtNotSleeping

Natalie, during the live-stream, has insisted that she has never encountered, and in fact still hasn't fully encountered the Slender Man (She eventually does during Running). She has implied that she feels 'comforted' by the presence of cameras, implying a connection to an incident in her childhood where a man broke into their house and (possibly) killed her older brother. During the events of Running, Natalie returned to her childhood home where several pictures of her brother were visible on camera; he appears to have been quite young at the time of his death. Seattle, her current home, may be some distance from the house she visited, given the amount of time required to travel there. Natalie has stated that she is 'not close' to her surviving family.

Interaction with the players

Natalie has only very rarely appeared in the CaughtNotSleeping chat to talk with the viewers, though she seems to trust them far more than Caught or 1AmTheHelp3r, she has expressed reluctance to encourage them to get any further involved.

December 24, 2011 - Natalie discusses Caught's disappearance.

April 9, 2012 - Natalie discusses the events of Willows Peak and the impending visit to the Alley with the chat and leaves with a strict warning about Help3r.

November 10, 2012 - Natalie discusses her plans to visit the Alley and is intrupted by 1AmTheHelp3r and Caught

August 25, 2013 - an unknown source, presumably Natalie, enters the chat and plays "You Are My Sunshine" for the chat