Natalie Visit - November 10, 2012

On November 10, 2012 Natalie entered the chat to discuss recent event and her intentions to go to the alley. After some discussions regarding her views on 1AmTheHel3pr, theunknown, and how the viewers can help her; 1AmTheHelp3r entered the room and Natalie left the chat. She returned to say that 1AmTheHelp3r had returned Caught, who had wandered off, and who was in a comatose state. However after removing Caught's headphones, he rose and attacked Natalie until she could subdue him. Natalie left, vowing to visit the alley.

Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

April 9, 2012

Natalie enters the chat
Natalie: I've been kind of sick lately.
Apollo: Yeah, it's been…a really crazy few months. It's really good to see you again, we've been worried.
Natalie: So, uh, I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Phlogea: Is there anything you'd like to ask us?
Natalie: I'm going to the alley. I know I've said that before, but I'll be there. I need a little time to sort out some things, but I don't have any other options or leads, so I've gotta buckle down and do it.
Urbanus: We're doing everything we can think of to make sure you're safe.
Natalie: Thanks, I appreciate that.
Little Butterfly: Did you get the message about Help3r?
Natalie: I did. I've gotta be honest, I'm not really interest in it. I'm not sure he would.
Apollo: I don't like him either, but if he keeps you safe through this…
Natalie: I'm not sure if it would.
Phlogea: Do you at least still have ol' Franklin?
Natalie: I do have Franklin. Nobody's taken him yet.
Phlogea: Don't you also have a pickaxe?
Loxura: You should name that too…
Natalie: I should name the pickaxe. He's Julliard, big brother to Franklin. I heard about you guys sending Roivas to the alley. I appreciate it. Hopefully it'll all be for good.
Apollo: You still have my number right?
Little Butterfly: Oh yes, and mine?
Natalie: When I go, I'll let you know ahead of time and give someone the number. If I stop texting, call me and make sure everything's alright.
Laparus: If you stop texting that bottle is getting used. Just sayin.
Phlogea: Quick questions: do you still have any of the knives from that coffin?
Natalie: They're probably around here somewhere, I don't know where Caught left them.
Loxura: Anything in particular you want to talk about, that's been on your mind?
Natalie: I came to check in, let you guys know what's going on. If there's anything you guys want to know, go ahead.
Laparus: Natalie, are you watching something?
Natalie: Why?
Laparus: I'm just hearing noises in the background.
Apollo: Have you been able to see any of the stuff that's been happening on our end?
Natalie: Yeah, somewhat. I've heard some of what you guys have been going through.
Urbanus: Mirrors has been kinda blocking a lot, the dick.
Natalie: I've heard about that. Are you guys safe?
Apollo: I think so. But we might get cut off again soonish.
Natalie: I don't plan on being in the alley very long. Even during the day, it's not a nice place.
Samuelis: WE're here to back you up. Always.
Natalie: I appreciate that. And I'll try to stay as safe as possible. I don't know, I feel like if Roivas is still out there. I'll be out there soon, I just have a few more things I have to take care of.
Phlogea: If you need here, she does have a name that she can apparently hear anywhere.
Natalie: She has a name?
Samuelis: Dawn Flower
Apollo: Yeah, mirrors keeps calling her Dawn Flower. Gets real mad when we use it.
Natalie: Yeah, Dawn Flower, I heard about that.
Laparus: We have been approached by somebody calling themselves the Unknown. They say they were the girl Caught was talking to in hospital. She has been doing her best to help us out. We have a new friend, they call themselves "theunknown". They're a legitimate friend, not just some douche-bag fucking with us. Unknown says she's the girl who was with Caught in the hospital. She says she wants to pay back for him helping her. She's been dealing with similar issues to you, but not as extreme. She's trying to find things out about showtime for us.
Natalie: She sounds like she could be of use. Do you know what she looks like.
Laparus: We do not know. But in her situation, we can understand her not wanting us to know. She's also asked me to send her one or two items from the box I received from Roivas for her to take a look at them and see if she can figure out where they came from. She's also heard rumors about Help3r.
Natalie: What sort of rumors?
Laparus: There have been certain deaths involving cranial injuries and little glass bottles of liquid left at the scenes.
Natalie: Would these be brick-induced injuries? Is that what we're getting at?
Laparus: That's I think, what we may be looking at. Yeah. Blunt force trauma to the head.
Natalie: I can't-I don't trust him. I really - he feels, everything about him feels very bad to me. I wouldn't be surprised that he'd be involved in something like that. I don't trust him, and I wouldn't ask him to take me to the alley.
Laparus: I can understand that. I have a lot of respect for Help3r, but I don't think he and I will ever like each other.
Natalie: Don't have any proof that he's trying to protect me, he might be trying to protect Caught but I don't know about that either.
Laparus: Yeah, Caught is a bit of a mystery. Actually, he did say he suspects he knows where Caught is.
Apollo: He recognizes that you two are important to each other, though, and he believes that's worth something.
Natalie: It is worth something, I mean, being alone in a situation like this, it doesn't work. But at the same time, I feel like if he knows where Caught is, why doesn't he bring him back? I don't know.
Laparus: He may not be able to, or he may just be "oh, well, he'll learn from the situation blad-de-blah-de-blah I'm Help3r"
Natalie: Whatever lesson he thinks he's trying to teach us, I don't find it as important as us trying to stay alive. I don't know what he's doing, I don't know what he thinks he's doing, but I don't trust him. Whatever he's doing, it's not to benefit us, at least from what I can tell.
Laparus: According to Help3r, Help3r cannot see what Mirrors is doing. And apparently, that's not a thing. We tried to show him and he couldn't see them. And he got scared.
Natalie: Because of - ?
1AmTheHelp3r enters the apartment and then walks back out
Natalie: I gotta go, I don't know when I'll be back.
Natalie follows Help3r out of the room.
Natalie returns visibly upset
Pieridae: Natalie, are you ok?
Natalie: I'm ok. Um. He brought back Caught. he dropped him when he came in. Um, I'm ok, I'm ok. He's uh, he's ok. He's got his open, he's breathing and everything. He's got headphones on.
Natalie removes Caught's headphones.
Natalie: I don't know I'm just freaking out…
Caught stands, grabs Natalie and starts screaming. Natalie eventually subdues him and he goes back into a comatose state.
Natalie: This has to stop. I will go to the alley soon enough, I'm fine.
Laparus: Natalie, has that happened before?
Natalie: I got the headphones back on. I will go to the alley as soon as I can, this has to stop. I'll go to the alley, I've gotta go.
Natalie leaves the chat

Special thanks to Banana for compiling this chat log