Need A Quick Catch Up? - Arc Summaries

These are basic summaries and links to the events of CaughtNotSleeping plot arcs, including those involving the central videos, side plots and interactive ARG events. They comprehensively list the events to date as well as links to pertinent logs or videos. These are merely summaries and not exhaustive lists of all events. For a complete listing of all events, please visit the The A.R.G. Timeline

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The Main Arc

Caught, an otherwise unnamed protagonist comes to the internet in search of answers to an increasingly bizarre series of symptoms and events that begins as a case of insomnia and spirals out of control. As two mysterious, and seemingly opposing, 'advisors'; 1amTheHelp3r and RoivasSevil begin competing for his attention, Caught vows to follow them deeper into the rabbithole in search of answers.

The Butterfly Arc

RoivasSevil, one of the two 'advisors' to Caught, contacts several players who seem sympathetic to her; and asks for their assistance and support in aiding Caught. RoivasSevil dubs them 'Butterflies' and reveals that with each new applicant she gains strength and ability to commicate with both Caught and her followers. The Butterflies have served to aid RoviasSevil manifest objects in the real world as well as gain form in the realm in which she exists. These people she has dubbed her family but has also admonished that her family can never leave.

The Showtime Killer Arc

The Mirror's Arc

The Searching For Loxura Arc

The Sacrifice of Light Arc

The Mar's Brother's Arc