theunknown Visit - January 28, 2013

On April 19th , TheUnknown came into chat to discuss current events and reveal her findings on The Showtime Killer's latest Murder.

Real names and the name of the victim have been removed for privacy.

April 19th, 2013

the_unknown enters the room.
Chat: Hi Unknown! Why's your name different?
the_unknown: Hey Guys! I have my reasons heh. Things have been…eventful
Allyni: How so?
the unknown: a lot more running.
Charithonia: Caught's awake.
the unknown: I saw! You guys are taking care of him well it seems : ) Thats good
Packet: Why is there more running?
the unknown: I have been running rails…I cant seem to sit tight for more than a day or two anymore
Charithonia: why?
the unknown: not since all that shit happened…
Antiopa: so do you know about what’s been going on?
the unknown: going on?
Charithonia: so you alright? Like physically okay and stuff?
Antiopa: Are you okay? you’ve been gone a few months.
the unknown: Yeah I am all healed up, a little slow on what was my bum leg, but kicking it nonetheless.
Charithonia: that's great! Good to know your okay
Antiopa: I assume you need a general update on everything?
the unknown: yes please
Urbanus: you were the when SFL first showed up.
Allyni: Um the Weaver. He's legit
the unknown: wait really? You guys really tried that? oO
Denitza: yeah and he's got himself a dang herald, name a warren
Urbanus: yeah.
Allyni: She told us about it
the unknown: I was just kinda spit balling…
Urbanus: welp
Chat: well, it worked!
the_unknown: well I'll be…
the_unknown leaves the chat
the_unknown enters the chat
Antiopa: so unknown, how’s that “borrowing internet”?
the unknown: Sorry I am in a diner and it sucks -_-
Allyni: I know that feel
the unknown: so the weaver is legit?
Urbanus: yes ma'am
the unknown: that… is crazy.
Chat: YEP
the unknown: what does it do?
Denitza: it's been protecting Loxura.
Urbanus: it helps people.
Allyni: It's a "force of nature".
Packet: We have no clue other than protecting Loxura.
Denitza: Seemed to knock the hell out of SFL though.
Urbanus: It doesn't have a form, it's more of a will?
Allyni: and it's not going to let Loxura die.
Urbanus: and this dude warren is like his secretary.
the unknown: …I'm sorry?
Denitza : secretary herald harbinger kinda thing…
Urbanus: yeah we were shocked to. Warren came in and dropped a count down.
Allyni: He gets files on the situation and he knows when the Weaver is going to do stuff.
Urbanus: and then when it was up, SFL was in here and it got shit kicked.
Charithonia: He can be a bit annoying but otherwise he's good.
Urbanus: And warren came back afterwards to explain stuff a bit. He pops in every now and then, we get good Dark Place info from him.
Denitza: although he calls it "the vault"
the unknown: wow… I … was not expecting any of this.
Chat: join the club :P
the unknown: that is all pretty great news : )
Allyni: sort of. He's not allowed to tell us EVERYTHING but he knows things.
Denitza: for now
the unknown: for now?
Allyni: and he's helpful.
Urbanus: Loxura is recovering, he's getting use of his arm back.
Denitza: I'm just wary of all the potential energy building up, as are most of us I'd think xD
Antiopa: guys we have to explain Thyodamas's Light too
the unknown: what do you mean?
Allyni: Oh yeah, Thyodamas's Light is alive, and it talks
the unknown: energy building up
Thyodamas: my light has become me. i have a clone. magical spirit clone…except she cant walk…
the unknown:
Thyodamas: she is all smoke.
Urbanus: she's in the dark place.
the unknown: what have you guys gotten yourselves into?
Papilio: What haven't we gotten into Unknown. and hi.
Thyodamas: AND HES KAWAII AS HELL imeanwut
Urbanus: HAHAHA! rene shh
the unknown: Hi : )
Thyodamas: he is kawaii tho
Thyodamas: i wanna pet his face
Urbanus: rene pls
Thyodamas: i havent even seen him but i can sense he is kawaii
CrowMaiden: his name is lasaia
the unknown: haha ok rene no falling for other critters from other worlds
the unknown: thats superman stuff
the unknown: cant have it : )
Urbanus: preach
Thyodamas: fdgoisumsivog;dfjgks;dfgl;sdfjlkg;sdjfk;gjsdl;fkg'dfgkl;s'd
Urbanus: ANYWAY! srs busness
Allyni: N3n3 light is hunting SFL
Allyni: Also your thing too zero
Andre: and YOUr THING natti
CrowMaiden: Help3r tried to kill zero
CrowMaiden: but didn't
Urbanus: have you had a chance too look up more showtime things?
the unknown: actually red that is why I am here
Urbanus: oh really?
Urbanus: please don't tell me he killed a girl with my name
CrowMaiden: did someone die?
the unknown: So I have some friends ( really one) who is a seattle paramedic
Urbanus: yeah?
the unknown: so, apparently mid october a patient came in, near death from mal nutrition, and over exposure to something they apparently could not identify
Urbanus: yeah?
the unknown: apparently it was held out of the papers, and hidden or somecrap… they did the same thing with dahmer near the end of his run, not to encourage the killings
Urbanus: you mean like a chemical or something? creepyy
the unknown: so this girl hold on let me find the papers
Urbanus: i swear to fucking god if it's a red head
the unknown: [redacted] Ward, had… well
the unknown: the skin on her legs… was peeled off
-The Chat freaks out with red
the unknown: ???
Glaucopsyche: [redacted] is Urbanus’ name
the unknown: oh…
-The Chat tries to calm Urbanus down-
Papilio: it's not your fault
Urbanus: ohmygod, this is my fault because I posted the layout of my house.
the unknown: wait… you did what?
the unknown: … what is your apartment like? I mean how many rooms?
the unknown: I dont know if I should go on… Im sorry
Urbanus: My apartment has 3 rooms. no, please tell me.
the unknown: how many bathrooms?
the unknown:
Urbanus: two.
the unknown: This girl, was apparently a dance student… she was staying in a dorm that sounds like that.
Urbanus: she was a dancer? Oh fuck me! I danced for three years!
the unknown: The skin… from her legs… apparently was stretched out across the wall…
the unknown: it spelled " the show must go on"
-The Chat recoils in disgust and tries to pacify Urbanus-
the unknown: I'm sorry…
the unknown: I did not know it was so specific to you
Antiopa: unknown, is there anything else to add? Because I have a question I’d like to ask.
the unknown:
Antiopa: Do you know any more about Help3r?
the unknown: nothing more than what I told you
the unknown: I dont want to be incensitive guys
the unknown: but… maybe stop taunting this guy?
the unknown: aparently he has a hard on for you all…
the unknown: best to not fan the flames hm?
CrowMaiden: mhm
-Antiopa explains what happened to her in Seattle-
the unknown: wait…
the unknown: what?
the unknown: o_o
CrowMaiden: she went to seattle, she got drugged by help3r. he almost killed her but didn't
CrowMaiden: took her fingerprints and injected her with something
the unknown: I mean… why?
the unknown: o_O
CrowMaiden: then left her stuff and says she has to remember
Allyni: He injected her with something that "kept her alive"
the unknown: so, you were in the same room with this guy?
the unknown: and you dont remember anything about it?
Antiopa: He acts like he wants me to remember, but he’s not helping at all.
the unknown: I'm guessing you have already washed the clothing you were wearing that day?
Antiopa: Yeah, I have.
the unknown: hm
Papilio: Are you gonna CSI her clothes?
the unknown: Its what I do : )
Antiopa: He gave me a jar, I’ve touched it but you might be able to CSI that.
the_unknown: Hairs, skin resedue, even a scent sample could be useful
Packet: unknown can do anything
the unknown: I would not CSI anything, my buddy Brett would haha : )
Antiopa: he also gave me a USB card with a locked file on it.
the unknown: Tell you what, I will send you a message privately that will have a PO box
the unknown: can someone play the video real quick?
the unknown: there was a video yes?
Papilio: Yeah, I can play that for you right now.
Papilio *started a YouTube-video: ThreeTenThirteen.*
the unknown:
the unknown: was that? (in reference to the hooded figure walking down the street in the video)
The Chat: we think so.
(when Help3r appears in the room with Antiopa)
the unknown: … oh…
the unknown: … ok I am just going to say it…. this person scares the crap out of me…
CrowMaiden: he scares us all unknown
the unknown: how the hell did he even know how to find you?
Antiopa: I don’t know.
the unknown: … the cat
the unknown: have you washed, the cat?
Antiopa: No I haven’t yet!
the unknown: well dont haha
Antiopa: You have to promise me you’ll send her back, though.
the unknown: I will send you a message privately later, with a PO box, and yes of course I will
the unknown: Im sorry, I dont
the unknown: I kind of thought he was a myth like the weaver, back in the day
Andre: surprise surprise, myths are actually reality
the unknown: before seeing caughts stuff
sage: those things have a tendency to turn out tangible around here ,x
the unknown: apparently
the unknown: ok… so has anything ELSE happened o_o
Papilio: Do you know about the thing Help3r and Natti did to get Caught back?
the unknown: no…
the unknown: I know he is back…
the unknown: I didnt know there was a thing
-Allyni gets on mic and explains her actions-
the unknown:
the unknown: the biggest facepalm ever man
the unknown: can I see this thing?
Antiopa: Unknown, if she hadn’t done it, Caught would’ve died.
the unknown: I assume there is a good reason for the things you guys do
the unknown: I am not going to judge.. I just want you safe…
the unknown: yes please?
Antiopa: Unknown, I’m just curious: Where are you?
the unknown: Mid west
the unknown: the home of the WORST apple pie on the planet
the unknown: -_-
-Papilio plays Allyni’s video-
the unknown: wait is that writing on your hands?
Allyni: square on my left hand and a triangle pointing toward the ceiling on my right.
the unknown: odd. and this was supposed to do what?
Allyni: It was supposed to wake him up.
the unknown: hm ok
Antiopa: her light is dead now
the unknown: and that worked?
Allyni: yup. it’s in Rule #6
the unknown: well… good? I cant really say I understand that stuff
Papilio: Yeah we were told she’s got some kind of hollow inside her that other things could try to take over.
the unknown: oh boy.
Allyni: but so far, I’m O-KAY!
the unknown: :D
the unknown: :DDD
Antiopa: apparently Help3r said I was dying too, but now I’m not.
Packet: But you're not dead so it counts
the unknown: thats all that matters kid
Packet: Not dead is better than dead
the unknown: If almost ok is no good
the unknown: Im boned
the unknown: haha
gibberish: Maybe that’s what he was trying with zero.
the unknown: wait…
the unknown: when did this happen?
Antiopa: march
the unknown: when did he go after her
Packet: 3/13
the unknown: and when did he address you natti?
Allyni: April 1st
the unknown: … when did the video go up of him almost killing you? what date
Antiopa: March 24th
the unknown: heh. thats funny
Allyni: why is that funny?
the unknown: and you said he talked to you for like two weeks before having you do your thing ?
the unknown: what if he was distracting you all…
The Chat: from what??
the unknown: he doesnt kill Zero
the unknown: then he starts talking to you
Allyni: But when he talked to me, I had to keep it a secret from everyone else.
the unknown: exactly. diversionary tactic
the unknown: no one was thinking about you, talking to him, if he just almost killed her- if he did truly " almost kill" her
the unknown: Im saying Im sorry hun, but you could have been a diversion
the unknown: something for everyone to pay attention to
Allyni: Zero might’ve been the diversion?
the unknown: yes
the unknown: meanwhile, he talks to you
the unknown: I dont know that for sure
Packet: If we pay attention to here we dont notice natti mising
the unknown: thats my thought
Antiopa: great, so Help3r could’ve been lying and I wasn’t dying?
Packet: help3r lies we knowmthat
the unknown: but you also said you have a usb drive with some locked folder
the unknown: so, who knows? does helper lie?
the unknown: I have read your logs, I have not seen lies
Glaucopsyche: it's hard to know if someone lies when they never tell you anything :T
the unknown: haha, fair
the unknown: from what you have provided that I have read, helper seems a bit too OCD to lie straight up
Urbanus: Unknown, do you know the specific date the girl came into the hospital?
the unknown: I dont have that sorry…
Urbanus: this is a really crappy birthday present.
the unknown: its your birthday?
Urbanus: on sunday.
the unknown: im so sorry ;__;
the unknown: I didnt mean to
the unknown: I didnt know it was specific to you..
siokyuu: i throw candy at you and tow you through butterfly gardens sunday
Urbanus: : unknown, meet my sister.
the unknown: Hello sister : )
siokyuu: Hello
Antiopa: unknown, I just thought of something. let me show you
the unknown: yes?
-Antiopa holds up the jar Help3r sent her-
Papilio: You should send her a sample of that
the unknown: I can send it off and figure out what it is chemically
Papilio: like a small bit or something
the unknown: Send it off with the cat when I give you the PO box
the unknown: so there are more details about this murder
the unknown: but I dont know if you guys want to know that now
Antiopa: It would be helpful. Considering we’re not protected anymore.
Papilio: I think it’s up to Red, considering the situation.
Urbanus: I want to know more.
the unknown: are you sure?
Urbanus: : yeah.
the unknown: ok..
the unknown: I told you the skin was used to relay the message
the unknown: thing is, the way it was cut, well the victims legs were only cut in one place at the upper most part of the thigh
Urbanus: what you mean like at her hips?
the unknown: yes
Urbanus: : so you mean like right here?
-Urbanus shows off where her shorts end-
the unknown: yes
the unknown: that means, its likely the skin was pulled off from the top
the unknown: and cut into strips after
The Chat: : ewgross :(
the unknown: its more work that way…
the unknown: for the killer
the unknown: the only reason to do that, would be if the victim was still alive as it happened.
the unknown: oh and I was wrong I do have a date, the victim was found on the 13th of January
Urbanus: : that was probably the day I posted it.
-The Chat determines that this is the date Roivas revealed her house was destroyed-
Antiopa: : do you have more info, unknown?
the unknown: No thats it
the unknown: I am sorry
-The Chat calms Urbanus down with various pets-
the unknown: Actually I should be going. I need to hop a bus and keep moving
the unknown: Stay safe you guys.
The Chat: bye, unknown! stay safe!
the unknown: I will.
the_unknown left the room.