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Out of options was uploaded by CaughtNotSleeping on June 11th, 2012. It is 5:29 minutes long.

After an inexplicable opening involving butterflies Caligo and Denitza, and multiple hidden frames; Natalie begins to emotionally explain that Caught has been awake following his brutal attack in 26 2326919 1115262422. However she also explains that he is "Not all there" and has not spoken except for a single incident which Natalie captured on audio. Natalie vows to venture to the alley in search of answers.

Additional Information

Slender Man Appearances

  • There is visual distortion at 0:16, 0:18, 0:22, 0:24, 0:40
  • There is audio distortion at 0:41 (and remaining throughout most of the video).
  • There is missing video throughout the clip at 2:12

The Alley

RoivasSevil has mentioned several times, both in Butterfly Chat and in 422 26922 1922922 21129 2126 that Caught and Natalie were to visit the Alley from 21129 21269 922518224. Caught had initially refused this advice leading to the events of 26 2326916 1115262422 and Aftermath. RoivasSevil has indicated that tools were to be found in the alley which will serve as sight and as weapons for Natalie and Caught. Given the nature of Caught's injury or, rather, incapacitation, Natalie seems to have opted to retrieve these objects alone.

The Hidden Videos

The video opens with a distorted video of butterflies Caligo and Denitza. Word of The Fans says that this was not planned or expected. Caligo can be seen gaining blue eyes near the end of the video as the world darkens. It's been speculated that this was the work of RoivasSevil, or some sort of pre-uploaded footage. Amidst this video is several hidden images including images of a playground merry-go-round, and blood in the base of a sink. These can be viewed here and here.

The Hospital Audio

This is, according to Natalie, the only time Caught has spoken since the events of 26 2326916 1115262422. She indicates that there is a woman in the room but was sleeping during the period that Caught spoke and the woman seems to have since been moved. RoivasSevil also implies that Caught was not the one in danger, rather the girl was.

Since then a new character was introduced in the A.R.G. portion of the game named theunknown. She has claimed to be the woman from the hospital, stating that she had been admitted following a suicide attempt after losing her sister to the Slender Man. theunknown has served as a guide and informant for aspects of the A.R.G. The phrase "You Just Have To Remember" has also gained some significance in the story as a way of pulling people back from the brink of desperation or other Slender Man related afflictions.


Confirmed Theories

Caught's mind has been trapped in the Dark Place Confirmed by RoivasSevil chat

Working Theories and Observations

It seems that there might be exactly 40 lights, representing the 40 butterflies.

The screen with blue dots is similar to an effect that displays when RoivasSevil is in trouble or under stress when talking to the butterflies.

What Caught says is backwards, when played forwards he says "You just have to remember."

Further Speculation

Dot's are theorized to be the butterflies 'light'. ~ Hyparete on Unforum

The lights closely resemble the floating lights in the Dark Place, which are implied to be memories in A hole in the ground.