A Visit - Novemeber 29, 2013

On November 29th, 2013 Allyni announced that she had received a text regarding the butterfly Hyparete, who has been mysteriously wounded at the house of a friend. In order to protect Laparus against the Mar's brothers, Hyparete had volunteered to take Laparus' pain, and ends up severely injured in the hospital. The friend A, later enters the chat and elaborates on what exactly transpired.

Prior to this visit, the butterfly Hyparete performed a ritual to protect Laparus should any harm befall him on his hunt for the Mars Brothers. Butterfly names will be substituted for usernames; and logs have been edited for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

August 29, 2013

Allyni enters the chat
Allyni: Guys. I just got this text from Hyparete's phone: "Hyparete is hurt, he says it's Laparus."
Loxura: Which means someone else texted, and it's something to do with Laparus…
Segecia: And it's something to do with the ritual.
Guest_24601: To claim Laparus' pain.
Loxura: That…That was NOT something Laparus would have wanted. Fuck.
Urbanus: Does that mean Laparus is hurt too??
Loxura: Likely, but he's probably wondering why it doesn't hurt.
Mari: It means Laparus got hurt but Sage has taken the blow I guess?
Allyni: Ok, I asked who was texting: "A friend, ambulance is here".
Loxura: Can you ask if there are any wounds? I'm guessing no.
Segecia: I don't suppose we know what injury it is?
Glaucopsyche: An ambulance would be standard for that kind of thing though.
Loxura: Yeah, doesn't matter if you look wounded, if you collapsed from sheer pain, you get a ride to the hospital.
Mari: I think considering Hyparete is hurt, Laparus might be fine.
Guest_24601: Two men are down, this is no time to panic. Perhaps an attempt should be made to contact Warren.
Tarquinius: I guess it depends if Hyparete took the injury or just the pain.
Mari: Allyni, you don't have any kind of Warren contact details from when he phoned you?
Allyni: No, the number was blocked.
Loxura: Warren SHOULD know. He sees everything I do. Not sure if he acknowledges it all though. No idea how it works really. But he should know, unless he's busy trying to help as it is.
Eresimus: Also, remember, Warren said he'd talk to us about Laparus when he could/wanted to.
Heliconioides: Have they said anything else??
Allyni: No, not yet.
Guest_24601: If Laparus survives, he's unlikely to be happy about this.
Mari: I don't think he'll be happy about a lot of things we've done.
Loxura: It would not have done so if he couldn't do this.
Eresimus: Laparus will not be eaten, we did a ritual to help Laparus, we need to have faith in it.
Tarquinius: With all the inherent magical mumbo-jumbo surrounding us, some optimism may actually help him.
Apollo: We've done a lot of rituals that didn't do crap.
Heliconioides: Let's all send him our positive hopes?
Tarquinius: *shrugs* I believe Laparus will get out of this because a) It's fucking Laparus and b) because I really want it.
Guest_24601: Either way. It's is more than likely over already.
Apollo: Crap, crap, crap. I can't do anything right now, and I hate that, but arguing about the worry isn't helping me so I'm just gonna pace over here until we hear something because none of thsi is making me any calmer.
Allyni: There's no way to know one way or the other. but I'm going to keep trying to get Hyparete's friend to keep me updated. At least we can keep up with Hyparete's condition.
Guest_24601: Not to raise false hope, but I would call what Hyparete did a miracle.
Allyni: Hang on someone's on the line! I couldn't here anything over the siren but I know I hear him say "bleeding".
Roppop: So he is physically hurt?
Allyni: He sounded really wigged out. I think someone said "hold still"
Guest_24601: If Laparus and Hyparete are dead or dying, then you are the next line of defense. Warren is going to need all of you thinking clearly and straight.
Roppop: I think Laparus might have an idea of what is happening, and might be more careful on not getting hurt.
Heliconioides: Well, he'd do that either way.
Allyni: Oh fucking fuck! New text: "He is in the ER, his leg looks messed up and he's having trouble breathing. He's bleeding from the neck and mouth." I got two more texts: "I don't think he's dying. He was able to tell me to contact you." "I saw it happen." Texting him a thank you and asking what happened. Got another text: "Bleeding was stopped. Something bit him on the neck, shoulder and arm. They are taking him to imaging. I need to contact his family again."
Denitza: So I mean, did the guy just see these wounds suddenly appear on Hyparete?
Allyni: He might think I won't believe him. I'm assuming so :( He kind of dodged my question. Asking him what happened again. New text: "He never charges his phone. His mother is on her way." He dodged me again. Another text: "Once he's out and his family gets here I'll talk to you guys." And another: "A tad freaked out."
"A" enters the chat
Allyni: Polyommatus?
A: Hello.
Chat: Hi
A: Are the Butterflies here?
Allyni: Um, yeah?
A: I'm Hyparete's friend.
Allyni: OH HI!
Denitza: Sorry we have to meet under these circumstances D:
A: Erm, Hi.
Allyni: *hugs friend*
A: Oh, Hey.
Allyni: How is he?
A: He's alive and in a pretty bad mood as you can guess.
Jannelle: haha typical Hyparete.
Loxura: Hello Person on the other side of the text.
A: Hello. I'm not really sure where to start.
Allyni: Take your time.
A: I'm not with him, I had to come home for some things, his mom and grandmother are with him. Uh. Well, we were just kind of talking and playing a game, he just sort of grunted. There was a few popping sounds and he doubled over. Apollo?
Apollo: Yes?
A: I recognize that name.
Apollo: heh, you must be Hyparete's friend.
A: He's talked about you a lot.
Apollo: It's nice to meet you.
A: Actually a few names look familiar.
Apollo: So how's he holding up?
A: Sorry, I got side-tracked. Well, According to the doctor, several ribs were broken. Two on the left and one on the right. he just kinda swore and did his little laugh. Then he started bleeding bad from the neck. His silver deck is ruined.
Guest_24601: How did the wound look?
A: It literally looked like something bit him. Like Freddy Kruger style.
Tarquinius: So there were teeth marks or?
A: Too much blood to tell. There's three of them too.
rawritslivy: Three bites?
A: His shoulder and arm. The doctor says the one on his arm got muscle. This was all around three or something. Then he kind of broke my table. Said it was Laparus, he's mentioned him before. Is this all making sense?
Chat: Yes.
A: Ok.
A leaves the chat
A enters the chat
Chat: Welcome back.
A: how do you people use this thing (TinyChat)?
Chat: Heh, struggle.
A: It kind of sucks. Uh. Sorry, I wrote this stuff down but now I can't read my handwriting. Uh, there's more. He's bleeding internally.
Chat: Shit.
Apollo: Have the doctors said how things are going on their end? How close to being stabilized he is?
A: Well, they said he shouldn't have been conscious. Oh.
Apollo: But he was, which is hopeful. Hyparete is tough, heh. Tougher than he gives himself credit for sometimes.
A: Yeah, he's built like a Hariyama. Or at least a Snorlax. Sorry, getting sidetracked again, wrist is sprained, but he might have done that going thor on my kitchen table. His knee is dislocated. Might need surgery to fix that cause of previous stuff. Um good news everyone!
Chat: Yes?
A: I think I'm out of bad news.
Chat: Yay.
Allyni: *hugs* I'm sorry you had to deal with that man. Thank you some much for bearing with us.
Chat: Thank you for talking with us.
A: Yeah, I had to come home and get y anxiety edicine. They had to give him a lot too.
Apollo: No blame for the anxiety eds, dude. Needed those myself tonight.
A: It's been a long time since I've seen him like that. And he was mad.
Allyni: heh, at least he had spunk.
A: never actually seen him angry. Um, sorry let me look at the sheet. He says no rituals or anything. And if you had heard from Laparus.
Allyni: No not yet.
A: Ok. Doctor says he'll be there for a couple weeks. I'm going to try and get my old laptop working so he doesn't go crazy.
Chat: Send hugs to him.
A: I'm sure hugs from you will get an interesting reaction from him.
Jannelle: Tell him jan says he better blind the docs with tie dye.
A: You know about that? He was wearing one of them when it happened.
Chat: Of course he would.
A: Ok. I'm going to check up again and get some rest.
Allyni: Ok. You earned it man.
Chat: Thanks for updating us.
Apollo: It eases our nerves.
A: Lol, he made me.
A leaves the chat

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