RoivasSevil's Boxes

Sometime early in the existence of the Butterflies, as a sign of good faith, Butterfly Laparus decided to submit his personal home address to RoivasSevil. This action was rewarded with a package in the mail pertaining to another butterfly and a threat that they were being faced with. Since then one other package has been received; (seemingly) following the same pattern. RoivasSevil has implied that, as a family, each member of the Butterflies has a counterpart whom they are intended to protect. RoivasSevil seems to use the packages as a way of cluing in specific Butterflies as to whom they are meant to protect and the threat they are meant to protect them from. The contents of the packages are not chosen by RoivasSevil actively, but rather are 'felt' into existence, or chosen via pure emotion. They also often contain some sort of puzzle amounting to the Butterfly in need of protection. It is notable, perhaps, as pointed out by Laparus, that the packages seem to have no apparent mailing address. Also, that the packages are not immune to tampering and sabotage, as seen in Little Butterfly's box (package #2)

Laparus's Box (Package #1)

Laparus received his box on February 22, 2012. The box was small and square with a red envelope attached to the top, reading "To My Laparus" in calligraphic code. Inside was a note: "Protect her" and a butterfly necklace. The package contained a hanging lantern filled with blonde hair; a small butterfly jar with brown dingy liquid in it that, according to RoivasSevil, was "once living" and is similar to the jar of liquid that Caught deflect The Slender Man with. Also included was a small fairy figurine, and a nose ring. The packaging consisted of small strips of newsprint with bold letters, most notable "Show", "Time" and variations on the word "Killer".

This package was referencing fellow butterfly Glaucopsyche; (who is blonde and has a septum piercing). The newsprint regarding the Showtime Killer, was a warning that Glaucopsyche was being targeted by this particular antagonist and Laparus was assigned to protect her. RoivasSevil has also indicated that she has been preventing the Showtime Killer from finding the Butterflies.

The contents of the box can also be seen here.

Little Butterfly's Box (Package #2)

Little Butterfly received her box on July 23, 2012. It's was a long cylindrical package, with the message "We you they us she have taken what is rightfully ours. If you wish to receive it, you will do as we say. Without it the message goes unheard." burned into the outside. This is a message from the mysterious antagonist Mirrors, or Yusarc, who had entered the chat only twice prior to intercepting the package. All missing contents from the package were presumably stolen. Inside was a golden arrow (in reference to Little Butterfly's archery) with butterflies burned into it; a black key was tied to the point of the arrow, and a note was attached. The note read "She isn't safe. There are more dangers than we have realized. You must not-", with the remainder of the note torn away. Also missing was an entire corner from a puzzle that was used as fodder for the package along with several torn photos of fellow butterfly Papilio. The puzzle represents a distorted image of Papilio, but an entire corner and both eyes are missing. At the bottom of the package was a blue butterfly necklace.

This package was in reference to the Butterfly Papilio who seems to be threatened by The Mirror. The Mirror intercepted the package and burned a message on the outside, as well as stealing several of the contents. After opening the package, The Mirror gave Little Butterfly a time limit for solving the puzzle inside. This time limit was indefinitely suspended by viewer CanonThought who performed a ritual involving breathing on a mirror and repeating the words "I see you, you see me". After solving the puzzle, The Mirror demanded five more people complete the ritual to return the stolen content. Not only was this offer refused, but many viewers performed a counter-ritual of writing "I can't hear you, you can't get me" on their mirrors at home. Eventually the Mirror and the Butterflies agreed to an exchange that involved the trading of the box contents for a single conversation with the Butterfly Thyodamas.

The remainder of the package was left with Little Butterfly in the middle of the night in the form of a mirror. Once opened, the mirror contained the remainder of the puzzle pieces, showing a misty form behind Papilio (later revealed to be The Mirror) and the remainder of RoivasSevil's message: "She isn't safe. There are more dangers than we have realized You muse not…do as it says"

The contents of the package can also be seen here and here