RoivasSevil Visit - December 24, 2012

On December 6, 2012 RoivasSevil came in chat to congratulate the family on their victory over the Mirror and to announce that Thyodamas's light had escaped. Also RoivasSevil vowed to find Natalie within the Dark Place, followed by recovering Caught.

RoivasSevil typically comes in chat with a blue camera with small animated butterflies flying around the screen. RoivasSevil will not speak until multiple Butterflies are on camera, and have changed their names to their given Butterfly names. RoivasSevil usually speak in a backwards alpha-numerical cypher which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

December 6, 2012

RoivasSevil enters the chat
RoivasSevil: Hello my butterflies
Thyodamas: Hi =3
Chat: How are you?
RoivasSevil: Tired.
Croesus: Ha, not surprising.
Thyodamas: I would think so @__@
RoivasSevil: Hello forgotten one. Congratulations are in order.
Urbanus: Can you see her?
RoivasSevil: No, but her light, is free.
Thyodamas: HELL YEAH I'M OUT >W<
RoivasSevil: You all have done very well. My beautiful family. Her light is somewhere here…but it is free. Without it the creature, well, let's just say, bitch got owned. =3
Loxura: So we have to figure out a way to tie it back to Thyodamas
RoivasSevil: It ventured deeper into this place…where I can not follow…but it should not be a problem anymore.
Eresimus: Could samadoyht go after Natalie now though in anger???
RoivasSevil: It could try, but it is weak along…it would do no good. Basically…We win =3 Also those it took…I can now see again…
RoivasSevil: …all but Apollo…
Eresimus: The picture…Doesn't hurt to mention…
RoivasSevil: One thing at a time. The broadcast…how the creature has been communicating…I don't think it has control over it anymore.
Chat: The videos? Is that why we saw _?
RoivasSevil: Yes, the videos.
Allyni: So maybe Thyodamas' light will take over the channel?
RoivasSevil: Possibly Allyni. As I said, we win =3 Some things more than others, but a combined effort. I assume the things you all saw, are the things the forgotten one's light felt the most.
RoivasSevil: I don't know…I have never seen this before. I am not used to winning.
Loxura: If my plan works for Caught, we can try to do the same thing for Natalie and Rene's light?
RoivasSevil: So now, I will go after Natalie.
Allyni: Yay! Is there anything we can do to help?
RoivasSevil: Since the freaky fucknugget is crying in a corner somewhere, I should be able to find her.
RoivasSevil: =3 Also, Hyparete <333 feel better.
Hyparete: Thankies <3
RoivasSevil: <3 We have come a long way…You should all be very proud. Tasty sweet victory =9 I have an idea. One last goodbye to this bastard. Hand on a mirror, state the name I gave you and say: "You will remember this pain" Just in case it ever things about coming at my family again. No time limit.
Urbanus: Is there any way for it to get strong again?
RoivasSevil: There are always is until it is dead. But one thing at a time. It is very very hurt at the moment. Absolutely, do not forget. Never forget what this thing did to us. Never forget how we beat it back.
Eresimus: Roivas, is there anyway for those waiting on names to help, besides burning flowers?? The ground is a bit frozen in my area.
RoivasSevil: To those not yet given names, call out to Natalie…it can't hurt. =3 So, what's it like being bad asses?
Urbanus: I dunno Roivas, you tell us!
RoivasSevil: What became of theunknown? She is not where I left her, I assume you got her out.
Loxura: Where did you leave her exactly? What was that place?
RoivasSevil: It is my place.
9802: the whole darkness room thing though…
RoivasSevil: The door…A room to all I have lost
Eresimus: Unknown and Little Butterfly unlocked it.
RoivasSevil: Oh…
Croesus: Will that cause problems?
RoivasSevil: That door has not been opened for a very long time…I don't know
Allyni: Is it bad to you? How does it make you feel?
RoivasSevil: I will take care of it, not a problem.
Hyparete: I assume you named us after the butterflies you saw outside?
RoivasSevil: You are the butterflies. There was a time, that place was dead…like everything else here. Now I have you.
Loxura: Can we lead Caught and Natalie to the room?
RoivasSevil: No. I brought the unknown there. It is hidden, i doubt they would be able to find it. It is, I think, just a matter of finding them.
Loxura: If we could get Caught to go towards a certain point would that help you find him?
RoivasSevil: Natalie may hear you, the boy…I doubt it. You have to remember the circumstances. Natalie was brought there by fuckwhistle mcgee. The boy however…was taken by a stronger source…and in a different way.
Allyni: Slendy, right?
RoivasSevil: As far as I know, but if that were the truth his body would be dead by now. Honestly…I do not understand what has happened to the boy. Speaking of which…What is his current condition?
Loxura: Help3r is looking after him.
RoivasSevil: Oh…hm…Well, first things first, I will get Natalie, then we will deal with the boy.
Croesus: Well, at least we know Caught's hair will be kept trimmed while he's catatonic. Helper is good at that T_T
RoivasSevil: =3 You have questions?
Urbanus: Question 1: We've noticed you seem a little different then when you left, is there a reason for that?
RoivasSevil: ?
Urbanus: You're becoming more like us. Snarky, playful? Your emotions seem stronger
RoivasSevil: Hm…well, I feel more…alive?
Urbanus: Help3r said something about our infection becoming "unstable"
RoivasSevil: I am Jenga? You all fucked =3
Urbanus: But yeah, you just seem like you're having stronger emotions, and that could come off as unstable to some.
RoivasSevil: I don't know, am I more emotional? I guess…I have not given it much though…
Urbanus: I wouldn't say that you're like, over emotional, just like, you're reacting stronger than we used to expect you to. You used to be so reserved.
Allyni: Above all else, make sure you feel healthy.
RoivasSevil: Don't worry Allyni, I have great lines =3 Hell, I am all lines =$ I am, feeling tired, but good.
Urbanus: Question 2: How was Anna's light affected bu her saying "I see you, you do not see Caccee Foss" in front of a mirror?
RoivasSevil: I can see her, but she is…distorted somehow…shifting…very…unnatural. Ever have a dream where you recognize a person, as someone you know…but they look…wrong? It's kind of like that.
Loxura: Since Mirrors is out of the way, do you know anything new about Showtime?
RoivasSevil: I don't know…I have been a bit busy =3
Urbanus: About Showtime, we did have Unknown looking into him a little bit.
RoivasSevil: Dealing with mary sue legless crunchy face. I have not been paying much attention to showtime.
Urbanus: He has been poking around a bit.
RoivasSevil: Let him keep poking, just give us a chance to poke back. "Show must go on" my ass…I will kick his ass before intermission. And get myself some gummy bears.
Hesperiaris: uh, on the topic of showtime. Unknown said there was a girl murdered on the day after Glaucopsyche was made a Butterfly.
RoivasSevil's screen darkens
RoivasSevil: Ok. Now I'm mad. We will take care of it. Keep learning as much as you can.
Apollo: Thank you, Roivas, for saving Unknown <3
RoivasSevil: Don't thank me Apollo. That, is thanks to you.
Leilia: Roivas, was Apollo's ritual the reason Unknown was saved?
RoivasSevil: Yes. That let me find her, and take her to this place. Where she could heal, safely.
Thyodamas: Speaking of what rituals did, I should tell you that mirrors go a lot more pissed than I though it would and apparently while the puppets were beating unknown up they kept going "What does it mean"
Urbanus: Mirrors was pissed over the ritual Thyodamas did for you.
RoivasSevil: I told you it would be.
Urbanus: Can we ask what the ritual did?
Leilia: Do you know what they were asking about when they were saying "what does it mean"?
RoivasSevil: Her light. That woke it up. Gave it the will to fight back. Let it know it had the right to fight back. Then some of you helped t to escape. Now…it is free. I think I know what the creature was trying to do. If mirrors forgot Loxura, the light would have forgotten as well…her light would think she was given up for nothing…it would not have fought back. It would belong truly to mirrors…it was a lose lose…crafty I will give you that. One hand we lose unknown. Other hand the light is lost. But you all are boss. We lost nothing =3
RoivasSevil: This is not to say we are out of the dark…this…was a close one. When I left…last time…I did not think I was coming back.
Apollo: Yeah, we kinda all went a bit crazy and just started making stuff up to try and help.
RoivasSevil: I'm glad you did…
Leilia: So…what about Caught and Natalie?
Urbanus: Why do you think the mirrors "puppets" look like caught?
RoivasSevil: I will find Natalie, then we will deal with the boy. As for the puppets, I do not know. Glaucopsyche…you're sweater…is huge =3
Croesus: Roivas, you so cray cray.
Urbanus: Do you know why mirrors has the puppets? They've been around a while.
RoivasSevil: I still don't understand a lot of how the creature operates.
Urbanus: This might be a touchy subject. In fact, I'm sure it is. But you said "I will not let this happen again". So, mirrors went after the old family as well, then?
RoivasSevil: There has never been a family like you all. I lost my family.
Urbanus: Other than sheer size, what makes your family different?
Apollo: Do you mean, like, genetic/birth family?
RoivasSevil: You are a family drawn together by circumstance. The family I lost…I always knew.
Loxura: SO you and Caught, were/are related? In some way?
RoivasSevil: In some way. Yes.
Urbanus: Were you like, adopted as an infant, maybe?
RoivasSevil: I do not want to talk about this…
RoivasSevil's video dims
Urbanus: Okay we won't talk about it!
RoivasSevil: In a way…I really do not want to think about this…this…is a good day…I just want to enjoy that.
Loxura: So Roivas, what's your place like? Like, how does it look to you?
RoivasSevil: There are trees…lots of trees. And flowers. It is nice, when I can find my way back here. Sadly I can do little good from this place. So I don't often see it anymore.
Hyparete: You can't always get back?
RoivasSevil: The dark place is large…I get lost a lot. Everything looks the same, in a way…
Loxura: Roivas…What does the sky look like there?
RoivasSevil: Blue. Clear. But still, it's wrong…and it always will be.
Apollo: Roivas, I have some stuff I made you several months ago, a present. But I don't know how to send it to you still. Is there any way I can get it to you?
RoivasSevil: Put it on a train, be sure you don't know where it is going. I will find it <3
Urbanus: not sure if Roivas is serious, or fucking with us.
RoivasSevil: I am serious. Does not have to be a commercial train. Just toss it in a passing train car. I like trains…I will find it.
Urbanus: Do you remember the symbol we showed you? You couldn't tell us what it was, but can you tell us what it does?
RoivasSevil: No clue. It just makes me feel very sick…
Urbanus: It was left next to bodies (supposedly ones that Help3r killed) with jars of what seemed ot be water.
RoivasSevil: I don't know, sorry.
Urbanus: Can you tell us why you don't like being called Dawn Flower? We never meant to offend when we used it.
RoivasSevil: Because that is what numb nutless calls me. I don't like it.
Urbanus: Do you know what it means, or why bitchwad calls you that?
RoivasSevil: I don't, it just always has. I must go. Prepare to find Natalie. Remember my butterflies, this is a wonderful day, you have done very well. <33
Chat: Bye Roivas!! <3
RoivasSevil: Thank you…for being…my family =3 <3333333333333

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat log