RoivasSevil Visit - February 24, 2012

On February 24, 2012 RoivasSevil came in chat and discussed the contents of Laparus's box.

RoivasSevil typically comes in chat with a blue camera with small animated butterflies flying around the screen. RoivasSevil will not speak until multiple Butterflies are on camera, and have changed their names to their given Butterfly names. RoivasSevil usually speak in a backwards alpha-numerical cypher which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and usernames have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

February 24, 2012

RoivasSevil enters the chat
Lycaena: ARE YOU OKAY?
RoivasSevil: Hello my butterflies. Things are not well. Not at all. Dear Lycaena how you have grown.
Lycaena: How so?
RoivasSevil: you see me much better then when we first met <3
Lycaena: <3333
RoivasSevil: =D You are all coming into your roles well. You choose your role, and thus well you perform at it. You will grow with time. =D In all seriousness, there are things we must discuss. In my haste to give you truth, I have made a terrible mistake. That which does not see has seen some of you, I am truly sorry. I want to go back.
Lycaena: I'ma guess Laparus, Little Butterfly and Glaucopsyche.
RoivasSevil: …apologies…this is difficult…there are many things I am not to say, but I do. Not only those you mentioned.
Chat: If you can't say who, then can we ask why?
RoivasSevil: I cannot say and you did nothing wrong. It was I who acted in error. I am truly sorry. </3 The address's allow me to warn you. Thus a new door has been opened. My mistake made you vulnerable, this door, can help to correct it. By providing you truth, I accidentally showed you to an end. Now there is a new threat.
Chat: Does it have anything to do with "The Showtime Killer"?
RoivasSevil: <3 all that can be said arrived to my Laparus.
Lycaena: So we have to wait for Alexandrae to scan the message…
RoivasSevil: You have more then you understand <3<3<3 you can't handle the answer!!!
Papilio: I want all of the answers through, regardless the consequences.
RoivasSevil: As do I dear Papilio.
Chat: (Some mention of giving RoivasSevil addresses)
RoivasSevil: I cannot ask for this. And this little control over the execution of such things. To know where you are, is only a link to myself, nothing more. I said that which cannot see.
Chat: Showtime?
Aricoris: Ok, I got one. Roivas, the things you sent that box, how did you choose those items?
RoivasSevil: I did not choose them, they were chosen by me.
Aricoris: Wait, I think that makes sense. Roivas, were the context of the box chosen subconsciously.
RoivasSevil: Yes.
Aricoris: I have a thought…the stuff in the box is like Roivas feelings everything Roivas does is about emotion. Am I right Roivas?
RoivasSevil: Your question is much larger then you understand.
Chat: Why was Pieridae's butterfly sent through PM?
RoivasSevil: Because you are being watched more closely than the others.
Pieridae: What does my butterfly name mean?
RoivasSevil: He who never chooses to hide, thus hides the true power that lies within. How is my Glaucopsyche?
Papilio: Freaking out.
RoivasSevil: Papilio you have cats. Do you have bells for them to wear? It is good you are moving. You have more on your plate than you realize.
Lycaena: Caught, Showtime Killer, Laparus, keeping Natalie out of trouble. Help3r deciding to tolerate us » and some of us being exposed to bad things…
RoivasSevil: More. We have reached the end, sleep sweetly my Butterflies.
RoivasSevil leaves the chat.

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling this chat