RoivasSevil Visit - January 13, 2013

On January 13, 2013 RoivasSevil came in chat to discuss the most recent invents regarding 1AmTheHelp3r's take-down of her channel, as well as her continuing search for Natalie and Caught. She also informed the butterflies that due to theunknown not shutting a door that she opened while present in RoivasSevil's house, the house has been destroyed and RoivasSevil cast out into the dark place. This seems to have limited her ability to protect the butterflies.

RoivasSevil typically comes in chat with a blue camera with small animated butterflies flying around the screen, during this visit, the video feed was heavily distorted. RoivasSevil will not speak until multiple Butterflies are on camera, and have changed their names to their given Butterfly names. RoivasSevil usually speak in a backwards alpha-numerical cipher which has been transposed into regular text for this transcript. The transcript has been edited and user-names have been changed to Butterfly names for the sake of clarity. Personal information has been redacted.

January 13, 2013

RoivasSevil enters the chat
RoivasSevil's Camera is darkened, and the butterflies appear as mere outlines
Nim: cam looks weird to everyone right?
RoivasSevil: Hello my Butterflies
Allyni: Are you aware of what's going on?
RoivasSevil: There is an odd interference…among other issues…What is this interference?
Septentrionis: Are you aware of the "quarantine" on your channel Roivas?
Allyni: Helper cut off your channel, and his own for some reason.
Urbanus: we don't know what he did "G-1467"
Glaucopsyche: Yeah, he's condemned Natalie to the dark place :/
RoivasSevil: Hm…in any case thanks to Eresimus I am able to speak to you now.
Eresimus: I am glad to be able to help Roivas.
RoivasSevil: Normally I contact you from my home here…but something is…wrong with it. All that I had built there is broken…all the trees are dead…it looks worn…
Urbanus: Helper did something. He burned down Natalie's old home. I don't know if that means anything to you.
RoivasSevil: I don't think so…when you helped unknown, you told me that she left…that door open?
Urbanus: on no. I believe she did. Yes.
Apollo: I found a second key. I'm assuming you sent it. Would it help at all in this situation?
RoivasSevil: Without someone there to physically close it, locking it would do little good. In any case, it is doubtful I will be able to return…it seems as the moment, I am just as lost here as Natalie.
Little Butterfly: Is there anything we can do to help rebuild or fix it?
RoivasSevil: Possibly. Thought it took a very long time to construct that place. It would be a very bad thing…a lost cause…but we have you. Even now, some of your voices resonate here. This… passes by like wind, an echo…always in the same direction, I have been following it…I think it is leading me to her.
Papilio: So more singing then?
RoivasSevil: It could not hurt.
Septentrionis: Some of the non-butterflies would like to sing as well, Roivas. Can they help?
RoivasSevil: If your will is to help, it should not matter. We have gone far to pass initial binds of this place. Besides this act all of you, preserve your strength. I can't help but feel that we are going to need it.
Urbanus: What do you think is gonna happen?
Allyni: Do you have an idea as to why Help3r would want Natalie to stay in the dark place?
Glaucopsyche: I got the impression that he thought she was contaminated by the dark place and if she returned she'd on spread it around.
RoivasSevil: Tell me exactly what this helper did, I cannot view anything in this state.
Urbanus: He hacked your channel, put up a vid saying something about a quarantine, then he did the same to his channel, and then he uploaded a video on the CNS channel. He went to Natalie's house, went through her stuff. Apparently he found something he didn't like, saved some tapes and pictures, and burnt her house to the ground.
Septentrionis: He called it G-1467
Samuelis: In the video he stated he found something Natalie was hiding
Allyni: Told her to stay in the dark place because she's a "Liability now"
RoivasSevil: Hm…we will deal with him in time…For now, I will find Natalie.
Inachis: One of the pictures had young Natalie with a blue butterfly, if memory serves. Not sure if that's relevant at all.
Samuelis: Roivas, our friend theunknown had a suggestion for us concerning once Natalie is out.
RoivasSevil: ?
Samuelis: When Natalie is out there is a great chance help3r may go after her. Unknown suggested that might be an opportune time to try to get Caught. But that kind of brings into the question of how we can protect Natalie.
RoivasSevil: Also the question as to where the boy is.
Apollo: Did you say once that the tools might help protect against Help3r? If the singing is helping lead you to Natalie, could something similar point to him?
Allyni: Both his mind and wherever help3r is keeping him.
RoivasSevil: The tools they possess will not. But when we get them both back, I can deliver tools that will.
Urbanus: They won't be in the alley, will they? >_>
RoivasSevil: I believe your singing is helping because it holds significance to Natalie. We have no such information on him. Not to mention, the nature of his situation is very different from Natalie's. He is…broken up, in different spaces. I do not yet know how to deal with that myself.
Hellion: Different parts?
RoivasSevil: Mind and Body.
Septentrionis: Unlike Natalie who is entirely in the dark place.
Little Butterfly: We're not going to get anywhere until Help3r gives up the body.
RoivasSevil: I may have misspoken entirely…he might not be here at all. He may somehow be locked inside himself. I just don't know. It goes against convention that he would be able to resist being pulled here at all.
Urbanus: Well, Caught's not exactly normal, is he? By rights, he should be dead.
RoivasSevil: No. No he is not.
Apollo: Speaking of locks, this key I have, it did come from you, right?
RoivasSevil: yes.
Apollo: Do you know what it's for?
RoivasSevil: I don't.
Apollo: Okay, I guess I'll just hold onto it until we find something to unlock. And remember to lock it back up again when we're done.
RoivasSevil: Or something to lock.
Inachis: Do you know if the protection against showtime etc. still works in your current state?
RoivasSevil: It does not.
Inachis: Yes, Roivas. I may have accidentally left a message for showtime on Caught's channel. With my home address…whoops.
RoivasSevil: -_-
Hellion: If I may? Roivas, I am a non-butterfly who has, in the past, not trusted you, but I seek to try. I have a question concerning a past video of yours.
RoivasSevil: ?
Hellion: In the video "Goodbye", you said you were in the house, upstairs. In what way? Was this some trickery, or were you there, physically?
RoivasSevil: Physically, no. But there nonetheless.
Hellion: Could I ask you to elaborate?
RoivasSevil: I am here, but yet I am with you now. Physical placement does not operate to your constrictions, when you are here. I have no form, as you do. "Physicality" is a memory, though as much should be clear by now…I appear as an out ling, because that is all that exists.
Leilia: Are you capable of possessing people/taking other people on as vessels?
RoivasSevil: haha, I am not a ghost. rattles chains I doubt I could, and even if it were possible…I don't think I want to drive around in some else's body.
Alcon: Roivas, what does my name mean?
RoivasSevil: Alcon, you have the energy and fervor to be a person free to act fully of your own will, but you must be able to control your actions as well.
Allyni: When you were put in the Dark Place, were you left there in body like Natalie or by "Mind"?
RoivasSevil: Completely, just like Natalie.
Septentrionis: Is there a way we can get you out as well if we can Natalie out?
RoivasSevil: There are lost causes. There is nothing left of me to take. I have made peace with that.
Septentrionis: Roivas, may I know the meaning of my name?
RoivasSevil: Septentrionis, you are kind, in that you are strong. You must listen to who you are. You have great talent and tremendous power, if only you would not work so hard holding them back.
Septentrionis: Thank you.
RoivasSevil: <3
Philenor: Roivas, can you tell me what the meaning of my name is?
RoivasSevil: Philenor, you fear loneliness, and search for friends in everyone. Do not worry, rather you must find what is important to you and fight for those things.
Philenor: So true. <3 Thank you Roivas.
Weiskei: Hi! Could you tell me the meaning of my name?
RoivasSevil: Weiskei, you search for reasons to remain cheerful. This is good. Don't be afraid to express yourself completely when the time comes.
Dido: Roivas, can you tell me what my butterfly name means?
RoivasSevil: You're words are more powerful than you imagine, do not hide from them. But take caution in how they are wielded.
Dido: I will, thank you Roivas <3
RoivasSevil: <3
Eresimus: Could I have my meaning?
RoivasSevil: Eresimus, you are wise to consider your actions thoroughly but don't be afraid to explore avenues that you are not so familiar with.
Croesus: Roivas, What's the meaning of my butterfly name?
RoivasSevil: You are delicious. Like butter. Just kidding. Croesus, you are joyful. You bring light to a dark situation, but don't be afraid of caution in the midst of danger, even playful jokes can have serious consequences.
Thyodamas: May I ask how the search for my light is going?
RoivasSevil: I am not searching for that. I cannot see it. To find the forgotten one's light…she will have to do the searching.
Leilia: Does it only have to be her, or can we help her?
RoivasSevil: I see no reason you cannot help.
Thyodamas: Alright then, any suggestions on how to go about doing this or am I on my own for this one?
RoivasSevil: I have no idea. Her problem is alien to me. I cannot stay with the current state of thing , I must keep moving. I will find Natalie. When I do, I will return.
Septentrionis: Is there anything we can do to help you personally Roivas? To give you a place to rest?
RoivasSevil: You can do nothing of the sort. This is, what it is. I do not know what has taken my home…just…be careful, my butterflies.
Thyodamas: If my light is still lost, would it be possible for Natalie to hear the singing?
RoivasSevil: I do not know.
Allyni: Is there any way for us to protect ourselves against showtime?
RoivasSevil: You could start with not giving out your address/personal information -_-
Leilia: I'll ask Loxura and Laparus to break Inachis's legs :X
Thyodamas: Oh! Speaking of Loxura, do me and Loxura have a connection like the one Laparus and Glaucopsyche have? Or had at some point.
RoivasSevil: Sweetheart, I would not know…I cannot see you. </3
Thyodamas: It's alright, I'll ask later if/when you can see me <3
RoivasSevil: Be safe my butterflies
Septentrionis: May the rain never stop for you, Roivas <3333
Chat: Stay out of trouble!
RoivasSevil: For all you know I invented trouble. <3
Leilia: I hope not. >_> Otherwise you got some explaining to do. More than you already do. D;
RoivasSevil: You get some splainin to dooo babaloo indeed. Thank you, always. My family.
RoivasSevil leaves the chat

Special thanks to Killsthebeat for compiling the chat log